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Laser Therapy to Help Stop Smoking

Published : 2012-11-14 - Updated : 2015-09-09
Author : Disabled World - Contact: Disabled World

Synopsis: Information on low-level laser treatment that stimulates nerve endings and touted as a way to help quitting smoking .

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Can laser therapy really help you to quit smoking? According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 1 in 5 Americans is a current cigarette smoker, and the majority of them smoke every day.

When you smoke a tobacco product, you artificially tell your brain to release endorphins. Basically laser therapy stimulates the nerve endings telling your brain to release a flood of endorphins which helps you over the initial 3 to 5 day hurdle of major withdrawal symptoms.

Tobacco smoke contains many chemicals known to cause cancer and the long term effects of exposure include increased risk of heart disease, lung cancer, asthma and other respiratory diseases. Addiction to nicotine, just one of the deadly ingredients of tobacco, is extremely difficult to kick. Cigarettes are one of the most addictive products known to man.

Low-level laser therapy for smoking cessation operates similar to the ancient healing art of Acupuncture.

The laser energy is applied to specific areas on your face, wrist, hands, and ears. The only sensation felt is a warm, pulsating and sometimes tingling feeling, there is no pain involved in laser therapy. Some people may only feel a calming sensation from the laser.

The stimulation from the laser treatment builds up from 12 to 24 hours, levels off and slowly dissipates over a period of 4 to 6 weeks.

There is usually only one 30 minute treatment required, however if you experience an unmanageable desire to smoke, a laser enhancement treatment may be given.

During the session trained technicians often provide you information to help deal with the psychological issues such as what do I do now that I don't smoke. For the average smoker the cost is less than buying cigarettes for a month.

Research has shown alcohol is the main reason for people to relapse and become smokers again, even years after treatment. People are more relaxed, feel more confident, and think they can handle just one cigarette. The second most common reason for relapse is stress.

Currently there is limited research showing that laser therapy will assist some smokers to quit. However, a U.K. research team found smokers that had 4 laser treatments over two weeks were more likely to quit than smokers that had 3 treatments. And those in the 3 treatment group had better success rates than a control group that were given fake laser treatments. After 6 months, 55% of the 4 treatment group was smoke-free, compared to 19% of the 3 treatment group and just 6% of those treated with fake lasers quit smoking.

On the other hand a doctor from the Mayo Clinic has stated that there is no credible medical evidence that shows laser treatments to quit smoking actually work at all!

Perhaps the best incentive is "Ouch! I just spent $300 to quit, so I had better not smoke and waste the money."

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