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Dangerous Adverse Drug Reactions

Published: 2009-03-22 - Updated: 2017-05-02
Author: Dr Jenny Tylee

Synopsis: If you take or intend to take medically prescribed drugs you need to be aware of the potential for medication reactions in the body.

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Medical drugs are far from safe and there are often adverse reactions in the body associated with taking drugs.


Adverse drug reactions are reactions that are unintended or undesired. If you take or intend to take medically prescribed drugs you need to be aware of the potential for these reactions in the body.

Many people believe that taking medical drugs is the only option open to them. However, in many situations, this is not the case and there are a wide range of effective alternatives that do not have the adverse reactions on many medical drugs.

There are five main groups into which these adverse reactions can be placed. Those that:

In addition to these groupings there are individual reactions such as:

There are a number of factors that will influence the possibility of adverse drug reactions. These include:

The disease state itself can contribute to drug side effects. For example:

Symptoms associated with adverse drug reactions can be divided into three groups:

The symptoms generally subside when the drug which caused the reaction is withdrawn. An allergic response (or hypersensitivity) to a drug forms the majority of side effects or adverse drug reactions.

These allergic responses generally follow a particular pattern:

The reaction can lead to the following:

These allergic reactions are often seen with the use of antibiotics in particular penicillins. However, they can occur with the use of any drugs.

Many drugs that are in common use have the side effects of:

This list of side effects is however far from extensive as many adverse reactions are possible. Some other common side effects are:

There are many possible adverse reactions to medical drugs.

If you are taking medical drugs or are intending to take them you need to be aware of these possible reactions as well as the toxic effects of the medication. The list of possible side effects is very lengthy and extends for the annoying to the life threatening.

Many people believe that taking medical drugs is the only option open to them - this however, in many situations, is not the case.

There are often effective alternatives to the use of pharmaceutical medication. However, if you are currently taking pharmaceutical medication it is not wise to cease that medication without the supervision of a health professional.


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