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FDA News and Approvals Publications
Title of
Updated / Revised
Cognoa ASD Diagnosis Aid Approved for Marketing by FDAProduct Release, Update2021/06/032024/05/16
Neurolutions IpsiHand Upper Extremity Rehabilitation System2021/04/242022/01/03
Safety and Effectiveness of Consumer Hand Sanitizers2019/04/112020/03/21
Generic Version of EpiPen Approved by U.S. FDA2018/08/19
Scammers Target Consumers with Fake FDA Warning Letters2018/07/132019/04/30
FDA Approves Glucose Monitoring System with Sensor and App for Adults with Diabetes2018/06/212019/02/08
Automated Insulin Delivery and Monitoring System for Younger Pediatric Patients Approved by FDA2018/06/212019/02/08
US FDA Authorizes First Fully Interoperable Continuous Glucose Monitoring System2018/03/29
Statement From FDA Commissioner on Steps to Facilitate Efficient Generic Drug Review to Enhance Competition, Promote Access and Lower Drug Prices2018/01/032018/03/15
FDA Permits Marketing of Device to Treat Diabetic Foot Ulcers2017/12/282018/03/15
U.S. FDA Approves Gene Therapy for Treatment of Cancer and Life-threatening Diseases2017/09/222017/09/27
U.S. FDA Approves Radicava (Edaravone) to Treat ALS2017/05/06
U.S. FDA Approves Ocrevus (Ocrelizumab) to Treat Multiple Sclerosis2017/03/30
Researchers Want More Transparency From the US FDAReports and Proceedings2017/03/182023/09/19
FDA Approves Noctiva for Frequent Night Urination Treatment2017/03/07
FDA Approves Emflaza (Deflazacort) to Treat Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy2017/02/09
Lawsuit Urges FDA to Protect Hair Salon Workers and Consumers from Formaldehyde2016/12/14
FDA Approves First Drug to Treat Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy2016/09/20
FDA Challenged to Support Claims Regarding Electronic Cigarettes2013/02/20
Ethical Dilemmas Contribute to Weakness in FDA Postmarket Oversight2012/08/232021/08/05
Insomnia Drug Intermezzo Approved by FDA2011/11/25
Cialis to Treat Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Approved by FDA2011/10/13
Boostrix for Tetanus, Diphtheria and Pertussis in Seniors2011/07/10
FDA Approves Lazanda (Fentanyl) Nasal Spray for Breakthrough Cancer Pain2011/06/30
Global Strategy to Help Ensure Safety and Quality of Imported Products2011/06/20
Injectable Gel to Treat Fecal Incontinence Approved by FDA2011/05/28
Toxoplasmosis Parasite Infection Test2011/05/242019/01/16
Sutent for Rare Type of Pancreatic Cancer Approved by FDA2011/05/22
Q Fever Test for Military Serving Overseas2011/05/222022/03/28
Edurant FDA Approved HIV Treatment2011/05/202022/03/29
FDA Approves Victrelis for Hepatitis C2011/05/14
FDA Approves Tradjenta (linagliptin) for Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes2011/05/03
Horizant for Restless Legs Syndrome FDA Approved2011/04/10
FDA Proposes Draft Menu and Vending Machine Labeling Requirements2011/04/01
Yervoy Ipilimumab Treatment for Late Stage Skin Cancer2011/03/282022/05/02
Zostavax Vaccine to Prevent Shingles - FDA Approval2011/03/25
FDA Approves Edarbi for High Blood Pressure2011/02/262022/05/22
Neuralstem Receives FDA Orphan Designation for Spinal Cord Stem Cells for Treatment of ALS2011/02/14
FDA Approves Viibryd to Treat Major Depressive Disorder2011/01/22
Natroba (Spinosad) Head Lice Treatment for Children and Adults - FDA Approval2011/01/18
FDA Warns Consumers Not to Use Fruta Planta Weight Loss Products2011/01/01
FDA Approval for Axiron (testosterone) Topical Solution CIII2010/11/272016/06/13
Extension of FDA Review for Cladribine Tablets for Treatment of Relapsing Forms of Multiple Sclerosis2010/11/262017/02/13
FDA Approves Cymbalta for Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain2010/11/07
FDA Approval of First Drug to Treat Tuberous Sclerosis Complex2010/10/302017/06/26
PRADAX Approved for for Stroke Prevention in Canadians with Atrial Fibrillation2010/10/27
New Oral Contraceptive Also Raises Folate Levels2010/09/25
Oral Drug to Reduce MS Relapses FDA Approved2010/09/22
FDA Approves New Drug for Gout2010/09/15
FDA Approves Pediatric Use of Chemical Poisoning Treatment2010/09/09
Actavis Receives FDA Approval of Atomoxetine HCl Capsules for ADHD2010/09/02
FDA Approves Ella Abortion Drug as Emergency Contraceptive2010/08/152023/02/10
Public Outcry for FDA Reform2010/08/132022/03/22
FDA Approves Vaccines for 2010-2011 Influenza Season2010/07/31
New York State Approves Quest Diagnostics Fragile X Syndrome Test2010/07/30
Implantable Miniature Telescope Improves Sight of AMD Patients2010/07/08
Circadin Approved in EU for Treatment of Primary Insomnia2010/07/05
FDA Approves New Treatment for Advanced Prostate Cancer2010/06/18
FDA Clearance of Lactate Test2010/06/15
FDA Advisory Committee Recommends Approval of FTY720 Fingolimod for Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis2010/06/12
FDA to Review Dental Amalgam2010/06/10
FDA Approves New Injectable Osteoporosis Treatment for Postmenopausal Women2010/06/01
LensAR Laser System Receives FDA Clearance for Use in Cataract Surgery2010/05/18
FDA Clearance for Redsense Safety Device for Home use During Home Hemodialysis2010/05/18
Equal Rigor in Assessing Food Claims and Drug Approvals2010/05/12
U.S. FDA Approves Natazia, a New Oral Contraceptive for the Prevention of Pregnancy2010/05/08
FDA Approved VIMOVO for Arthritis Patients2010/05/032018/01/26
FDA Approval of Asclera to Treat Varicose Veins2010/04/242010/05/29
Device Manufacturers to Include Information on Pediatric Populations2010/03/31
Once-Daily MIRAPEX ER Approved by FDA for Parkinson's Disease2010/03/23
FDA Approval of Differin (adapalene) Lotion for Acne Treatment2010/03/222010/06/25

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