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Medical Marijuana and Cannabis Publications
Title of
Updated / Revised
Legal Cannabis Set to Grow Scientific Research and Development2020/06/142020/10/14
U.S. Medical Cannabis Protections Extended to 46 States2018/03/272019/04/02
Medical Cannabis Proves Much Safer than Opioids for Seniors with Chronic PainResearch, Study, Analysis2018/02/132024/06/11
Medical Marijuana for Pain Treatment in Elderly PatientsInformative2016/09/212023/10/03
Medical Marijuana for Children with Epilepsy2015/08/112021/08/04
Cannabis Infused Health & Fitness Drinks2015/02/26
Marijuana Munchies: What Causes the Hunger2015/02/182020/10/08
Researchers Discuss Cannabis Use in Therapeutics2015/02/142021/09/04
Medical Marijuana for Children with Developmental and Behavioral Disorders2015/02/052020/10/14
Grow4Vets: Helping Veterans Through Medical Marijuana2014/09/29
FDA Approval of Medical Marijuana - Studies Explored by Experts2014/06/04
Medical Marijuana More Effective in Treating Fibromyalgia Than Drugs 2014/04/212021/08/02
Palm Beach County Medical Marijuana School2014/04/142021/08/07
Steps to Help Medical Community with Medical Marijuana Use in Canada2014/04/062021/08/11
Medical Marijuana not Recommended for Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, or Fibromyalgia Symptoms2014/03/09
Family favors Cannabis Oil Over Chemotherapy for Child with Brain Tumor2014/02/20
Veterans with PTSD: Medical Marijuana Treatment Options2014/02/012021/09/08
Marijuana has Potential for Autoimmune Disorders Treatment2013/11/25
Use of Marijuana for Epilepsy Control2013/11/212021/08/27
Multiple Sclerosis and Marijuana Use Studies2013/10/252021/08/30
Canada Proposes New Marihuana Regulations for Medical Purposes2012/12/192014/03/09
Medical Marijuana for Arthritis Pain2012/11/082021/07/03
Marijuana Not Associated with Adverse Lung Function2012/01/15
Compassion Supporters Help with Medical Cannabis Cultivation for Disabled2012/01/11
Cannabis Science Brand Extracts Successful Cancer Treatments2012/01/062013/06/14
Improvements to Marihuana Medical Access Program2011/06/20
New Software to Track Medical Marijuana Plants2011/06/16
Protecting Patient Rights in Medical Marijuana Cases2011/06/03
Medical Marijuana Sales to Reach $1.7 Billion in 20112011/03/24
Cannabis Ingredient Helps Cancer Patients Regain Appetite and Taste2011/02/23
Colorado's Medical Marijuana Laws - Workers' Compensation2011/02/18
Medical Marijuana in Nursing Homes2010/11/03
Medical Cannabis Business - Shareholders Update2010/10/29
Medical Cannabis University Launches2010/09/17
Smoked Cannabis Reduces Chronic Pain2010/08/30
Marijuana Medical Benefits in Final Stages of Review2010/04/15
California Marijuana Legalization2010/03/12
Herbal Highs for Pain Relief2010/01/312013/06/14
Colorado Medical Marijuana License Negotiations2010/01/06
Weeding out Marijuana - Drug-free Cannabis Plants2009/09/15
Marijuana rivals mainstream drugs for HIV/AIDS symptoms2009/05/31
Marijuana Smoking Increases Risk of COPD for Tobacco Smokers2009/04/142015/03/18
Daily Use of Cannabis Predisposes to the Appearance of Psychosis and Schizophrenia2009/03/25
Legalization of Marijuana in Canada2009/03/192011/06/20
Medical Marijuana Viewpoint2009/03/192013/06/14
Medical Marijuana Regulations in Canada2009/03/192010/06/27

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