Compassion Supporters Help with Medical Cannabis Cultivation for Disabled

Medical Marijuana and Cannabis

Author: Sensi Organic Solutions
Published: 2012/01/11
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Synopsis: Fixed income Rhode Island residents and patients suffering from serious medical conditions get help cultivating their medical marijuana.


New Group of True Compassion Supporters Help Disabled with Medical Cannabis Cultivation - Rhode Island non-profit Sensi Organic Solutions empowers low-income disability patients with free growing equipment.

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Fixed income Rhode Island residents and patients suffering from an array of serious medical conditions now have additional help cultivating their medical marijuana through a small and unique non-profit organization named Sensi Organic Solutions. Patients with medical marijuana cards who are receiving Social Security Income can contact Sensi Organic Solutions for assistance in obtaining the start-up equipment necessary to begin cultivating their medicinal herb.

Founders Kyle Capalbo and Ricardo Mclean formed Sensi Organic Solutions as a Rhode Island non-profit in 2010. A medical cannabis patient himself, founder Kyle Capalbo understands firsthand the constant struggles patients often face to fulfill their medical cannabis needs, even though they reside in a medical marijuana state such as Rhode Island. "When we assist a patient in obtaining his or her equipment, we envision that person not having to worry on a daily basis where to find good, safe medicine," says founder Capalbo.

Medical cannabis is a safe and effective treatment option for many debilitating conditions and painful diseases, including cancers, autoimmune diseases, and AIDS. When a doctor indicates medical grade cannabis to treat and alleviate severe and chronic symptoms, compassionate patient care translates into providing that patient with a safe, secure supply of the medication. With this true compassion in mind, Sensi Organic Solutions helped its first patient realize self-sufficiency when they gave free growing equipment to a paraplegic on SSI.

S.O.S. made two important discoveries during its formation. The first was that a safe and constant supply of medical cannabis is best achieved through organic, self-cultivation. Second, the true compassion group learned of an entire segment of the patient population in Rhode Island that wanted to self-cultivate, but that could not afford to because of prohibitive equipment costs.

As its name indicates, S.O.S. offers these patients an organic solution that is unique to the state, and to its SSI recipient clientele. The organization provides qualified applicants with free equipment, and sends a delivery team out to the approved applicant's home, also free of charge. An S.O.S. subsidy provides the following equipment: Nutrient-rich organic soils, Grow light, Plant ballast, and Pots. Feeding schedules are provided to the client as well.

Rhode Island is among 16 states with medical marijuana programs that allow patients to possess up to 2.5 ounces of medical grade marijuana, and to cultivate as many as 12 plants. There are over 29,000 federally disabled individuals receiving Social Security Income in the state. While the exact percentage is unknown, any medical marijuana patients within this group are particularly vulnerable to start-up cost barriers associated with growing a medicinal garden.

Sensi Organic Solutions aims to lift those barriers, and says it will institute fundraising efforts including retail sales of branded items on its website, promotional seminars, and other events such as Reggae concerts. Presently, the organization is operating out-of-pocket.

About Sensi Organic Solutions - The mission of Sensi Organic Solutions is to provide free growing equipment to Rhode Island medical marijuana patients who receive SSI. By absorbing initial equipment costs for these fixed-income patients, Sensi Organic Solutions brings the kind of hope and deep relief associated with the successful gardening of this medicinal herb. Members of the organization also promote the psychological benefits a cultivator gains through the horticultural process of tending and maintaining the herb garden.

S.O.S. firmly believes that self-cultivation equals self-sufficiency, and incorporates a key operational motto: Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime. We will provide the pole and lure.

To learn more about their efforts, and to find out how you can help, visit, or send your direct inquiry to the media contact listed on this press release.

President and founder Kyle Capalbo and VP and co-founder Ricardo Mclean operate on the principle of True Compassion, an organizational doctrine they created to fully express the passion and dedication Sensi Organic Solutions brings to providing those in need with a dignified, controlled, and safe means for procuring their medical marijuana.

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