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Quebec Patients Have Legal Access to Medical Marihuana

  • Published: 2010-07-14 (Revised/Updated 2017-12-24) : MEDME SERIVCES LTD..
  • Synopsis: MedMe Services has been providing medical marihuana to individuals across Canada for over a year.

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MedMe Services has been providing medical marihuana to individuals across Canada for over a year.

As compassion clubs are shut down in Quebec and a lengthy court process begins, patients are wondering where to turn to find the medication they have come to rely on to relieve their pain or the symptoms of a variety of medical ailments. While it is commonly believed that the only approved source of medical marihuana is from Health Canada, there is a company that is working within Health Canada's guidelines and is able to supply several strains of medical marihuana to individuals with a Medical Marihuana Access Card, ensuring safe, reliable delivery of medicine to the patients who need it.

Based in Victoria, BC, MedMe Services has been providing medical marihuana to individuals across Canada for over a year. Patients are able to order their medical marihuana directly from MedMe and the company offers support as well as advice on which strains work best for which ailments. Patients can receive up to a month's worth of medication, which is shipped by courier.

"There is still a great deal of misinformation regarding access to medical marihuana. At one time Health Canada was the only place to legally access medical marihuana but this is no longer the case. Our medical marihuana is not the same product as Health Canada is providing," says Ian Layfield, MedMe founder. "We also hear about concerns that it will take a long time to be approved and to receive the medication. With MedMe, any patient who has the support of their doctor simply needs to have the necessary forms completed and they can obtain their medication immediately. We work with clients to help them through the process. We try to make people aware of their options."

MedMe is proud to be the first private company that has had invoices accepted and reimbursed by private insurance companies. MedMe prices are equivalent to Health Canada pricing and because invoices are sent with every order, they may be submitted to insurance companies for reimbursement as with any other medication.

MedMe is legally able to provide medical marihuana for ailments including chronic pain, AIDS, Alzheimer's, arthritis, cancer, glaucoma, sleep disorders, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury and epilepsy. As per Health Canada regulations, MedMe clients must be approved under the MMAR card program to possess medical marihuana. MedMe offers support for patients in filling out the forms and advice on talking to your doctor about medical marihuana.

MedMe has bilingual staff and can answer questions or take orders in English and in French.

MedMe provides medical marihuana to patients who are legally permitted to use medical marihuana under Health Canada's Medical Marihuana Access Regulations program. MedMe strives to provide the highest quality medication while providing information and support to patients. MedMe is fostering innovation and advances in the industry through collaboration with doctors, researchers, government, clients and their communities. For further information about the MMAR program please visit

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