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Recalls, Warnings and Advisories Publications
Title of
Updated / Revised
FDA Restricts Sale and Distribution of Essure2018/04/092019/04/30
FDA Warns About Illegal Use of Injectable Silicone for Body Contouring and Associated Health Risks2017/11/142017/12/24
FDA Warning: Potential Contamination in Multiple Brands Of Drugs, Dietary Supplements2017/08/142020/02/07
FDA Warning: Elevated Levels of Belladonna in Certain Homeopathic Teething Products2017/01/302017/06/25
Laundry Detergent Pods Deadly Risk for Children2014/11/102021/10/19
Toxic Hair Straightener Products Under Recall Still Sold in U.S.2014/03/20
Recipients of Hip Implants Strongly Encouraged to Receive MRIAnnouncement2014/03/142024/05/22
FDA Phase Out Chlorofluorocarbon Inhalers2013/10/302021/10/10
Cyclosporiasis (Cyclospora Infection): Symptoms, Prevention, Treatment2013/09/202021/08/29
Seniors Targeted by Illegal Medical Alert Phone Scams2013/07/04
Fungal Infections Associated with Contaminated Steroid Injections2013/06/262020/01/21
Health Dangers of Small Powerful MagnetsAnnouncement / Notification2013/05/242023/10/02
EZ Breathe Atomizer Recall2013/05/112013/10/21
Mixing Grapefruit and Medication Can Have Serious Adverse Effects2012/11/262021/06/27
Diabetes Devices Can be Damaged by Airport Security Scanners2012/10/26
Financial Scams that Target Seniors2012/08/142021/08/09
Dry Skin Lotions Can Result in Serious Health Risks2012/08/112021/08/10
Mercury Vapor Danger from Broken Fluorescent Lights2011/07/072022/02/18
Tips to Protect Against Excess Radiation Exposure2011/06/232017/05/29
Consumer Product Safety Act Canada2011/06/22
Dangers of Portable Pools2011/06/21
Cosmetic Use Including Hair Dye Can Cause Serious Adverse Effects2011/05/312015/03/31
Preventing Botulism from Honey in Children2011/03/282015/04/19
Infant Formulas Contain Fluoride - Avoid Mixing with Fluoridated Water2011/03/11
Acetaminophen: FDA Warnings and Usage Information2011/03/042022/05/19
Bath Salts - For Bathing or the Latest High2011/01/17
More Than 500 Food and Product Recalls and Advisories in Canada for 20102010/12/29
DePuy ASR Hip Implant Recall Information2010/12/062013/06/12
FDA Warns Consumers Not to Use Vigor-252010/11/21
DePuy ASR Hip Replacement Recall: 12,000 Patients Will Need Revision Surgery2010/11/03
Hyland's Teething Tablets May Pose Risk to Children2010/10/24
Possible Increased Risk of Thigh Bone Fracture With Bisphosphonates2010/10/14
Abbott to Voluntarily Withdraw Meridia® (Sibutramine) in the U.S.2010/10/10
DePuy Hip Replacement Recall Information2010/10/082010/11/03
Brazilian Blowout Hair Straightening Product Concerns2010/10/05
Banning Drop-side Cribs2010/09/292022/09/02
FDA Takes Action to Regulate Electronic Cigarettes2010/09/09
New Food Recall Every Week - Your Family at Risk2010/09/07
Grandparent Scam Thwarted by RCMP2010/08/30
Grocers Follow FDA Advice and Stock Pasteurized Shell Eggs2010/08/30
Recalled Eggs Check Numbers on Egg Carton2010/08/24
Egg Recall List - Eggs Recalled Due to Salmonella Symptoms2010/08/192013/03/24
Trampoline Safety Guidelines2010/08/14
Risks of Eating Raw Sprouts2010/08/122018/03/15
FDA Warns Consumers of Serious Harm from Drinking Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS)2010/08/01
Diabetes Drug Byetta Linked to Kidney Problems by FDA2010/07/25
Swimming Pool Products can Cause Health Issues2010/07/22
Malaria Drug Should Not be Used to Treat Leg Cramps - FDA Warning2010/07/082010/09/25
National Mortgage Fraud Sweep Takes in Two Birmingham Fraud Rings2010/06/22
Dangers of Heat Stroke to Children in Vehicles2010/06/02
Memorial Day Weekend Deadly for ATV Riders2010/05/31
Direct Access Genetic Testing - Consumer Caution2010/05/14
Children's Cold and Allergy Medicines Recalled2010/05/01
Initiative to Reduce Infusion Pump Risks2010/04/27
Healthcare Reform Scam Alert2010/04/08
Increased Risk of Muscle Injury with Zocor FDA Warns2010/03/21
Lead and Cadmium Hazard in Children's Jewellery Warning2010/02/072017/11/06
FDA Drug and Health Alerts2010/02/04
2 Day Diet Slimming Product Serious Side Effects Warning2009/10/03
Cardiac Risks Associated with Cesium Chloride2009/09/172010/06/26
Risks of Drinking Raw Milk2009/09/172010/01/17
Codeine after Removal of Tonsils Warning2009/08/202012/04/29
Candles Are a Source of Carcinogens and PollutionAwareness, Appreciation2009/08/192024/05/03
Asthma Drug Xolair May Increase Risk of Cardiovascular ProblemsAnnouncement / Notification2009/08/142024/02/19
Lead-Based Consumer Paint Remains a Global Public Health Threat2009/08/042010/06/30
Nutural Slim Weight Loss Pills Warning2009/07/092011/01/17
Avoid Cross Contamination When Using Reusable Grocery Shopping Bags2009/07/09
Iron Supplements Warning2009/06/102014/03/23
Camphor Products May Cause Seizures in Children2009/05/06
FDA Warns Consumers to Stop Using Hydroxycut Products2009/05/022010/10/13
Recall of Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover2009/04/282009/04/29
Recall of Dietary Supplements Found to Contain Sibutramine2009/04/222016/06/13
Prescription Cough and Cold Drug Products Recall2009/04/202009/04/21
Toxic Chemicals in Scented Laundry Products and Air Fresheners2009/04/20
Recall Alert Gourmet Deluxe Mixed Nuts containing Pistachios2009/04/192010/06/27
Turkey Soup Products Recalled - Undeclared Allergen2009/04/172009/04/21
Pain Pump and Local Anesthetic Lawsuits2009/01/132013/07/12

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