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Tips to Protect Against Excess Radiation Exposure

  • Published: 2011-06-23 (Revised/Updated 2017-05-29) : Author: Dr. David Blyweiss
  • Synopsis: Growing concern about the possible effects of excess exposure from different types of radiation.

Main Document

"Foods grown in iodine rich soils are simple and preventative foods with high levels of iodine you can incorporate into your diet to keep radiation levels down..."

As media coverage on radiation increases in the U.S., there's growing concern about the possible effects of excess exposure from different types of radiation.

Not only is the U.S. distressed by the Japanese Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant leak, the WHO/International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields, those emitted by cell phones, as being carcinogenic.

The World Health Organization recently concluded that heavy cell phone use increases the risk of certain brain and salivary tumors.

Research from the Journal of American Medical Association has also shown that talking on a cell phone for less than an hour a day can increase your brain activity in the area closest to the phone's antennae., a leading media company, suggests that consumers, who are worried by this hazard, buy cell phones with low absorption rates.

So What's the Average Person to Do?

For ionizing radiation poisoning, the type of radiation emitted by nuclear leaks, David J. Blyweiss, MD recommends increasing your intake of iodine naturally through your diet to fight the toxic effects of radiation and protect your glandular tissues like your thyroid, ovaries, prostate and breasts.

"Any iodine in your diet will be protective against the destructive radioactive iodine that is one of the by-products of uncontrolled nuclear fission reactions," says Dr. Blyweiss.

"Foods grown in iodine rich soils are simple and preventative foods with high levels of iodine you can incorporate into your diet to keep radiation levels down," Dr. Blyweiss says.

"Four major components your diet should be comprised of are antioxidants, like Vitamin E (as mixed tocopherols/tocotrienols) and C, Selenium, and Co enzyme Q10; as well as any other nutrients, testing may reveal you to be deficient in," he says.

Along with natural foods, Dr. Blyweiss recommends taking natural supplements like Kelp Powder or tablets, Chlorella, Calcium, Phosphatidylcholine, and Glutathione to help your body protect itself.

"While these supplements can help protect against the unimaginable, the best advice I can give you is to stay calm," Dr. Blyweiss says.

Along with a healthy diet, for non-ionizing radiation poisoning, Dr. Blyweiss suggests not using your cell phone when it has a weak signal, text versus calling whenever possible, keep it at least five feet from your bed, use an ear-piece, and people age 20 and younger should limit their cell phone use since their brain is still developing.

Dr. David Blyweiss has over 25 years' experience studying the science of nutritional medicine and is a functional medicine specialist His experience as a clinical pharmacist and medical doctor gives him insight into the use of nature's herbs, vitamins, minerals, and other healing nutrients.

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