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Trampoline Safety Guidelines

Published: 2010-08-14
Author: TP Toys
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Synopsis: Home garden trampoline rules and guidelines to ensure safe play for children. Trampoline Safety guidelines from TP Toys - Garden Trampolines can be great to keep kids active and having fun, but rules and guidelines must to followed to ensure safe play.

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Trampoline Safety guidelines from TP Toys - Garden Trampolines can be great to keep kids active and having fun, but rules and guidelines must to followed to ensure safe play.


Garden trampolines have been increasing in popularity in the past few years as more kids are enjoying the thrill of jumping. Kids love to jump because its fun, whether it be on your bed, on the sofa or on a trampoline, a trampoline really is the most enjoyable and acceptable jumping platform. A garden trampoline gives them a safe place to jump and gets them out of the house and playing outside in the fresh air.

However it is important that safety issues are considered carefully as using your trampoline without due regard to them can result in serious accidents. Jo Stagg from ROSPA (the royal society for the prevention of accidents), said "Trampolines can be enjoyed safely if you follow some simple guidelines", parents need to make sure the fun is harmless by following these guidelines so that children can still let off steam safely.

It is very important for parents to choose carefully whilst purchasing a trampoline. It is highly recommended that they make sure the trampoline comes with proper safety pads that cover all the springs and hooks properly. Some models even have safety nets as part of the design ( which goes around the edge of the trampoline like a netting cage and ensures your child doesn't fall off. These features can also be bought as extra accessories on the tp trampolines accessories page. (

A simple set of rules imposed on your children (after having purchased your trampoline) can help avoid a lot of serious injuries.

1. Children must be supervised

2. Remove accessories which may catch (watch, bracelets, necklaces, etc..)

3. Bounce in the middle of the trampoline

4. One person at the time

a. Studies have shown that multiple person use is potentially dangerous and the major cause of accidents (75%of injuries) on trampolines because it causes collisions and falls due to the bounce of one person destabilizing another. This happens through a phenomenon called "kipping" where jumping at the same time causes the transfer of kinetic energy to the lightest person causing them to gain greater propulsive force and height.

5. Do not attempt dangerous jumps such as somersaults or advanced moves without qualified supervision to avoid serious head or neck injuries.

6. Choose an area for your trampoline free from hazards (2.5 meter clear zone all around) on soft ground so that it can absorb some of the energy.

By following these simple rules and guidelines, parents can ensure children's safety whilst they benefit from the major health advantages trampolines provide and the fun that they give.

TP Toys is the UK's leading manufacturer of outdoor toys and has built its business on delivering fun for kids and peace of mind for parents and recently acquired children's outdoor clothing mail order retailer Muddy Puddles. Over the years they have established a network of independent specialist Centers of Excellence throughout the country. TP toys can also be purchased from John Lewis and other stockists in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

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