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Rehabilitation & Hospitals: Health & Disability Information Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Rehabilitation and Hospitals category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2017-03-23Hospice Care Comparison Study
2017-01-26Nursing Homes Falling Behind With End-Of-Life Directives
2016-11-09Country and Health System Factors on RN and MD Personnel Production
2016-04-22Urgent Care Centers - Alternative to Emergency Rooms and Physician Visits
2016-03-20Nursing Profession: Personality Profile of Nurses Study
2016-03-06Factors Affecting Hospital Retention Rate of Nurses
2015-09-16Method Allows Nurses to Spot Delirium Quickly
2015-08-18Dangers of Hospital Merger or Consolidation
2015-06-03New Guide for Animal Visitations in Hospitals
2015-03-16Inappropriate Prostate & Breast Cancer Imaging
2015-02-06Nurse and Nursing Assistant On the Job Injuries
2015-02-03Health Net Sued for Bait and Switch of Doctor and Hospital Networks
2015-01-27Over 50% of Patients on Ventilators Have Ability to Communicate
2015-01-12Closing Loopholes Allowing Physicians to Refer Patients to Enterprises in Which they Have Financial Stake
2014-12-09Hospice Use In and Out of Nursing Homes
2014-11-26Health Technology Hazards in Hospitals
2014-11-25Health Begins at Home - Canadian Nurses Association
2014-11-22How Psychological Counseling Can Lead to Improved Happiness and Health for Seniors
2014-11-12Testing Seniors for Drugs - Doctors Charging Medicare Millions
2014-11-11Mistreatment Between Nursing Home Residents
2014-11-10Spirituality and Patient Recovery Time
2014-11-01Penalties and Fines for Hospitals that Treat the Poor
2014-10-28Choosing a Quality Hospice in Your Area
2014-09-25US Doctors Pay Compared to Surgeons Wage
2014-09-23Influence of Online Doctor Ratings for Finding Physicians for Children
2014-08-15California Hospital Blood Tests Vary from $10 to $10,169 for Identical Test
2014-08-08Hospitals Fined $529 Million for Serving Medicare Patients Twice in 30 Days
2014-05-24Hospital Visits for Irregular Heart Beats Rising
2014-04-19Elder Care Alliance Implements I'm Still Here Approach in All Its Communities
2014-04-18Virtual Rehabilitation Designed to Aid Stroke Therapy Patients
2014-01-03Concierge Medicine: Providing More Personalized Health Care
2013-12-03Convalescent, Retirement and Recuperative Home Care Montreal Area
2013-11-18Community Health Centers Will Drop 1M Patients Without Sufficient Support
2013-10-23Lack of Common Courtesy Among Doctors-in-training
2013-10-18Study Shows Female Doctors are Better than Male Doctors
2013-04-20Antibiotic Resistance and Hospital Outpatients
2013-02-13Regulation of Hospitals Supported by Study
2012-12-12Craig Hospital - Spinal Cord and Traumatic Brain Injury Care and Rehabilitation
2012-10-10Fighting Physical, Mental Decline After a Hospital Stay
2012-07-11Patient Autonomy Support Critical to Improving Health
2012-04-09Doctors Don't Always Tell You the Whole Truth
2011-08-22Cancer Nurses Unintentionally Exposed to Chemotherapy
2011-07-25Mobile Devices Pose Security Risks for Patients
2011-06-19Nurses Overtime Equals More Than 11,000 Full-Time Jobs
2011-06-16Hand Palm Used for Patient Identification
2011-06-15Seniors - Reducing Avoidable Re-hospitalizations
2011-06-13Hospital Pay for Performance Program
2011-06-09UK Hospital Mortality Rate Index
2011-06-06Not All Hospitals Treat Seniors the Same
2011-05-15Emergency Department Use for Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
2011-04-28Preventable Medical Errors
2011-04-02Reverse Face to Face Regulation
2011-03-07Immediate Knee Replacement Rehabilitation Shows Benefits
2011-03-03List of Measures for Nursing Homes
2011-02-08Best Nursing Homes List
2011-01-27Difficult Patients More Likely to Experience Worse Symptoms
2011-01-25Advantages of Nursing Homes Over Home Care
2011-01-15Medicaid Pays Nursing Homes Less Than Minimum Wage
2011-01-15Detecting Changes in Behavior in Nursing Home Patients
2010-11-29Diagnosis Uncertainty Increases Patients Anxiety Level
2010-11-03Modifying Hospice Eligibility for Dementia Patients
2010-10-27Canada Needs to Improve End of Life Care
2010-10-27How to Research a Medical Specialist or Doctor
2010-10-13Hospital Readmission - Influencing Factors
2010-10-12Baby Boomers Creating a Doctor Shortage to Care for Geri-Boom Population
2010-09-30Assisted Living Facilities: The First Step to Evaluating Quality
2010-09-30Doctors Need to Help Patients Prepare Better for Health Decisions
2010-09-17Spaulding Celebrates 40 Years of Remarkable Recoveries
2010-09-13Hospice Benefits for Terminally Ill Children
2010-08-25Up to 25% of Patients Report More Physical Problems a Year After Surgery
2010-08-25Shorter Wait Times in the ER
2010-08-17Inability to Access Own Medical Records Top Concern
2010-07-31Urgent Attention Must be Paid to Medical Error Rate
2010-07-30Saving Yourself From Medical Mistakes
2010-07-24Delays in Moving Admitted Patients Out of ERs Blamed for Length of Stay in Hospital Emergency Rooms
2010-07-22US Wait Times Average of 4 Hours 7 Minutes in Emergency Departments in 2009
2010-07-16Saving the ER for Emergencies
2010-06-30Pay-for-Performance Hospitals - Study
2010-06-10Nursing Home Residents Enjoy Videoconferencing with Family
2010-04-09Physicians Face Ethical Conflicts with Religious Hospitals
2010-03-31Staying in Hospital Tips and Advice
2010-03-14Senior ER Patients Getting Wrong Medicines
2010-02-19Better Care for Palliative Patients
2010-02-16Rising Popularity of Home Care
2010-01-29Restore Access to Rehabilitative Services for Medicare Beneficiaries
2010-01-29Researching Doctors - Doctor Background Check
2010-01-15Improving Wait Time for Childrens Surgery
2010-01-13APDA Launches Parkinson's Rehab Resource Center
2010-01-06Superbug Risk Increases when Sharing a Hospital Room
2009-11-30United Cerebral Palsy of Ohio - Empowering People with Disabilities
2009-11-30Risky Medical Treatments Not Accepted by Patients
2009-11-05Rehab Products Services to Over 100 Million Health Plan Members
2009-10-28ICD - the International Center for the Disabled
2009-10-16Healthcare Associated Acquired Infections
2009-09-08How Accurate are Hospital Report Cards
2009-08-27The WHO Surgical Safety Checklist
2009-08-23Majority of US hospitals will have Smoke-free Campuses
2009-08-19Nonprofit Nursing Homes Provide Better Care
2009-08-07Fumbled Handoffs can Lead to Medical Errors
2009-07-21Home Help for Elderly - Bestowing New Life
2009-07-16Uninsured Account for Nearly 20 Percent of Emergency Room Visits
2009-07-12Compare Hospital Ratings
2009-06-26Things to do in Hospital for Children and Adults
2009-06-25Health Care Outcome Boost Needs Better Studies
2009-06-25Hospitals with Internet Access
2009-06-22Neurosurgery with Transcranial MR-guided Ultrasound
2009-06-03Hospitalized Patients Need Better Understanding of CPR and Outcomes
2009-06-01Pay-for-performance May Benefit Doctors Who Care For Very Sick
2009-04-21Hospital Care Varies for Children with Urinary Tract Infections
2009-04-14Online Doctor Ratings - Examining a Physicians Credentials
2008-12-23Hospitals Third Biggest Cause of Deaths

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