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Concierge Medicine: Providing More Personalized Health Care

  • Published: 2014-01-03 (Revised/Updated 2017-06-28) : Thomas C. Weiss (Disabled World).
  • Synopsis: Information and definition of Concierge medicine which focuses on preventative care planning and a number of additional advanced personalized health care services.
Concierge Medicine

(Direct care) - A relationship between a patient and a primary care physician in which the patient pays an annual fee or retainer. This may or may not be in addition to other charges. In exchange for the retainer, doctors provide enhanced care. Other terms in use include boutique medicine, retainer-based medicine, and innovative medical practice design. The practice is also referred to as membership medicine, concierge health care, cash-only practice, direct care, direct primary care, and direct practice medicine. Concierge physicians care for fewer patients than in a conventional practice. All generally claim to be accessible via telephone or email at any time of day or night or offer some other service above and beyond the customary care. The annual fees vary widely, from US$195 to US$5,000 per year for an individual, with the lower annual fees being in addition to the usual fees for each service and the higher annual fees including most services.

Main Document

Quote: "Concierge medicine creates a partnership between a person and their concierge doctor, one that leads to better overall health and vitality."

Concierge medicine is a program offered by a private doctor that features direct access to the physician. Concierge medicine focuses on preventative care planning and a number of additional, advanced and personalized health services.

A concierge doctor provides a person with the tools they need to manage lifelong wellness. Concierge doctors have adopted a medical practice business model known as concierge medicine. Concierge medicine might also be referred to as:

Chart showing reference names to concierge medicine
About This Image: Chart showing reference names to concierge medicine
All of these references share the same basic theme - advanced personalized health care. Each concierge doctor; however, may offer a different selection of services.

The basic elements of modern concierge medicine include direct care, personalized care, affordable care, and quality care.

Each of these elements of concierge medicine offers benefits for people and their family members. Concierge doctors have the ability to design their own unique health care programs and most of them are usually centered around these basic elements. Every private doctor will offer a set of advanced services, not usually included in traditional health care coverage. Within these services the doctor will dedicate the time and access needed to personalize the services to each of their patients.

Personalized health care is the very keystone of any concierge medical practice.

Concierge medicine was created as an alternative to the traditional model, a model which leaves many doctors not only overwhelmed, but many patients unsatisfied. Concierge doctors provide people with the time they deserve - the time to create a personal plan for a long and healthy life.

Health Care Takes Time

Traditional medical practices are many times forced to retain thousands of patients, something that usually causes overcrowding. A concierge doctor limits the number of people in their practice to the optimal size so they can provide people with the highest level of health care. The result is a smaller and more intimate practice; one that provides more time for the doctor to listen, more time to communicate, and more time to heal.

A concierge doctor offers a personalized set of services that deliver an advanced preventative care plan, one that goes beyond what your current health care plan provides. Concierge medicine is designed to provide you with this added quality by allowing the doctor to take all the time they need to examine your lifestyle, customize diagnostic testing, examine your diet and medical history, and to create a plan specific to you without being hindered by a third party's restrictions or requirements.

Access, in combination with time, results in a personalized health care program of the highest quality.

A concierge doctor takes the time needed to review and follow up with each of their patients personally. The majority of concierge doctors are directly accessible to their patients through phone calls, email, or even video chat - some of them on a 24/7 basis. Concierge medicine patients also have the ability to book appointments on the same day, benefit from extended office hours and in some instances even receive house calls.

Preventative Care and Concierge Doctors

Preventative care is vital in the fight against serious health complications. It is one of the most important steps a person can take to insure a long and healthy life. Concierge doctors offer comprehensive personal preventive care programs designed specifically for people to give them the peace of mind they deserve. Preventative care is your best defense against future illness. It is important to have a plan in place that is specifically tailored to you.

People are not guidelines and need to be assessed on an individual basis by their doctor in order to insure all relevant factors have been taken into consideration when creating a preventative care plan. A concierge doctor is aware of this and works to make sure you get the individualized time you need to receive a comprehensive analysis and plan of care. A concierge doctor has the ability to evaluate the internal and external components working at the ground level where illnesses start to prevent or mitigate a genetic predisposition or chronic condition. Concierge medicine creates a partnership between a person and their concierge doctor, one that leads to better overall health and vitality.

Cost Versus Services

Affordable concierge medicine practices are becoming increasingly popular with people who value personalized services and access to top doctors. Concierge medicine focuses on optional advanced medical services that are not covered by traditional health care insurance plans. A person receives services the concierge doctor defines as a part of their specific membership plan or program.

Payments for concierge medicine services are paid directly to the doctor. Concierge doctors provide advanced personal medical care that is above and beyond the services covered by say - Medicare. The person pays the concierge doctor directly for the additional medical services. The fees are often times structured as a yearly membership fee to the concierge medical practice, although some concierge doctors might provide a monthly billing program.

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