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Things to do in Hospital for Children and Adults

  • Publish Date : 2009/06/26 - (Rev. 2019/02/04)
  • Author : Disabled World
  • Contact : www.disabled-world.com


Hospitals can be very boring places - This is a list of things you can do when bored in hospital.

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Whether you are a child, teenager or an adult, hospitals are boring places at the best of times. Disabled World has put together a list of fun activities and things to do in hospital to pass the time during your stay.

Most hospitals already have a few things you can do to pass the time, like hospital libraries and tv rooms, but it's best to find out before you go into hospital what they have in the particular hospital you will be an inpatient in, so you know what to bring with you for your stay.

Things for Children to do in Hospital

  • Hand held video games, Walkman, discman or ipods are great time passers, bring one from home or have your parents buy you a new one (being in hospital is a good time to get what you want)
  • Play our fun and easy online yahtzee game with instructions and no download needed - loads of fun for all the family.
  • Depending on the child's age, coloring books and a box of crayons will keep children amused for awhile.
  • For older children that have a laptop, or can borrow one, there is lots to do including playing pc computer games and writing a diary or stories.
  • Play our Bubble Shooter game that is free to play, includes hints and tips to get high bubble shooter scores.
  • Bring some books to read by your favorite author, or magazines devoted to topics and hobbies you enjoy
  • Puzzle books like word find games and suduko will keep your mind occupied.
  • Bring a board game or two. Playing board games like checkers, backgammon, or even chess and monopoly, will help pass the time for 2 or more hospital patients.

Things for Adults to do in Hospital

  • Read those books you always wanted to read but could never find the time to.
  • Play our free online Cribbage game with great graphics sound and voice where you play against Jake the computer Crib player.
  • Bring a deck or two of cards and play solitaire or card games with other patients.
  • Hobbies and crafts like knitting or model making are great pastimes.
  • Portable DVD players are now very inexpensive and can be handheld and listened to using earphones. Have your friends and/or family bring you several old or new release movies regularly.
  • Play our fun and easy online yahtzee game with instructions and no download needed - loads of fun for all the family.
  • If you have a laptop you can start writing that best selling novel you always wanted to.
  • Crossword puzzle and other mind teasing games are always a favorite pastime in hospitals. If you find puzzle books expensive then you could go online and print out your own Sudoku, crossword, and other word puzzles.
  • If you have Internet Access in Hospital
  • For example Wi-Fi wireless internet access is available throughout UW Hospital and American Family Children's Hospital as a complimentary service for patients, families and visitors. View more hospitals with Internet access.
  • Bring your laptop, or borrow/rent one. (Ask the hospital first as some hospitals have strict standards in regards to laptops, but they may allow GameBoy type handheld video games.)
  • Play our Bubble Shooter game that is free to play, includes hints and tips to get high bubble shooter scores.
  • Chat to friends and/or family via Live Messenger. If your laptop has a built in webcam you can say hi to friends, family, and your children at home.
  • For adults wishing to chat you can join free online chat rooms such as Disabled World's Health and Disability chat rooms to communicate with others with health problems and disabilities, and even talk with other people in the same or different hospitals around the world! (18+)
  • Children can chat via Starbright World an online social network for teens with chronic and life threatening medical conditions to connect with other teens that are at home or in the hospital. You can log on and get to know other teens in the chat room, blogs, bulletin boards, and more. Starbright World is a product of the Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation.
  • Download movies and songs online to watch and listen to.
  • Email your friends.
  • Start an online diary or blog.
  • Solve cross words and other puzzles online.
  • Surf interesting websites, go to coolsiteoftheday.com and visit some of the interesting websites they have listed.
  • Join Myspace or Facebook, create an interesting profile, and tell the world about yourself.

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