Nursing Profession: Personality Profile of Nurses Study

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Published: 2016/03/20 - Updated: 2021/06/15
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Synopsis: Study reveals nurses possess unique personality profile that distinguishes them from rest of population and allows them to adapt to challenging field. 83% of the nurses recognize that the greatest resource they can offer to others, particularly those in need, is companionship (compared to 60% of the general population). 89% of the nurses are good multi-taskers, and are able to adapt to a dynamic and unpredictable work environment (compared to 66% of the general population).

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Nurses are often hailed as unsung heroes - and for good reason. They have to deal with illness, death, grieving family members, an often love-hate relationship with doctors, and an inflexible healthcare system that ties their hands and limits their ability to help. But nurses are a resilient bunch, according to a recent study conducted at PsychTests. No matter what challenges they face, these healthcare heroes never stop fighting the good fight.

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The ability to stay tough in the face of hardship without losing that softer, caring side is something that nurses do better than anyone else.
The ability to stay tough in the face of hardship without losing that softer, caring side is something that nurses do better than anyone else.

Collecting data from 784 people who took their Nursing Aptitude Test, PsychTests' study reveals that nursing is not a career path for the faint at heart:

Emotional Control

Conflict Resolution

Values & Ethics



As if saving lives isn't enough, nurses also make it a point to commit acts of kindness on a regular basis, including:

"There's a reason why the number of nursing students who enter the program tends to dwindle the further they get into the program, with some experts estimating a dropout rate of at least 50%. Without question, it's a demanding field," explains Dr. Jerabek, president of PsychTests.

"As we've discovered in our study, those who do graduate, find a position and stick to it are unique. Nurses are hardworking, comfortable taking on a lot of responsibility, possess the fortitude needed to deal with some rather stomach-churning tasks, and have a knack for building a rapport with others. Most importantly, the ability to stay tough in the face of hardship without losing that softer, caring side is something that nurses do better than anyone else. They are a truly special group of people."

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