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Human Growth Hormone (HGH) for Anti-aging

Published: 2018-11-05 - Updated: 2020-12-24
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Synopsis: HGH has an effect on almost all our tissues and organs, it enhances growth of various organs and tissues, muscle and bone, and increases protein synthesis. Located in the center of our heads there sits a rather tiny but very powerful gland called the pituitary gland. Normal secretion of HGH occurs in a daily cycle, like a tide. It varies with exercise, sleep, stress and nutrition.


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You may feel 30, but your body keeps reminding you you're not. You fatigue easily. Your bones and joints hurt more often. The only part of your body that's thinning is your hair...

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Aging occurs due to the growth of the tissues and other elements in side the body. With increasing age, physically and mentally healthy adults gradually become less fit and more vulnerable to illness and death. However, these changes happen at different rates in different people.

What if you could reverse some of the physical effects of aging, looking, feeling, and performing 10, even 15 years younger?

What if you could burn fat without dieting or exercising; increase your muscle mass without exercise; improve your sexual stamina and performance; enhance your athletic performance and endurance; have younger, more youthful looking skin; eliminate cellulite deposits; dramatically support refreshing deep sleep; build stronger and healthier bones; improve your cholesterol and triglyceride levels; strengthen your heart while lowering blood pressure; even improve your hair growth and texture; improve mood, memory and concentration abilities; strengthen your overall immune system; and likely add years to your life?

Sounds like a bit much? Not to Mark Tyler and scientific researchers alike. A married father of three children and a partner in a law firm in Arizona, Mark seemed to have it all.

"I woke up one day and I looked in the mirror and saw an old man at the ripe old age of 44," Mark says, "I could not believe how tired and old I looked. I was not so concerned about the vanity wrinkles, but the weight gain and the overall lack of energy I felt. I knew right then and there I needed to find something to turn back the hands of time. That's when I started getting into anti-aging supplements like natural HGH secretagogue formulas. The results have been amazing."

What is HGH?

Located in the center of our heads there sits a rather tiny but very powerful gland called the pituitary gland. Human growth hormone (HGH) is one of 7 hormones secreted by the pituitary. Growth hormone, like thyroid hormone, has an effect on almost all our tissues and organs. As the name implies, it enhances the growth of various organs and tissues, especially muscle and bone. Basically, human growth hormone increases protein synthesis. Proteins are the major building block out of which our body is made. Normal secretion of HGH occurs in a daily cycle, like a tide. It varies with exercise, sleep, stress and nutrition.

Everyone naturally secretes HGH in their bodies from the day they are born with levels reaching their peak in the body during adolescence, which then slowly decreases with age. As we get older, HGH continues to slowly decline to the point where the body makes a small fraction of what it did at the age of 20. This deprives the body of what it needs for tissue, bone and muscle regeneration. This depletion of HGH is soon recognized by the familiar signs of aging, such as increased body fat, lack of vitality and energy, decreased muscle mass, wrinkling of the skin, poor immune health and poor general health.

Main pathway in growth regulation by the endocrine system, mediated by growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1).
Main pathway in growth regulation by the endocrine system, mediated by growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1).

Can Regenatropin and DHEA Truly Combat Father Time?

A few years ago, an article in the New England Journal of Medicine reported the opinion that the most effective anti-aging remedy for slowing (or reversing) the aging process would be to replenish growth hormones to proper levels. As a result, anti-aging specialists turned to a variety of natural secretagogue hormone replacement therapies. Perhaps the most promising of them all is Regenatropin. This popular "anti-aging" product combines large doses of growth hormone-releasing amino acids with the latest advances in secretagogue nutrient technology. The clinical research findings on Regenatropin have been truly astonishing.


Another supplement that has shown great promise is DHEA.

There is now strong evidence that DHEA is an anti-aging hormone for some people. A recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association (2004; 292:22438) showed that supplementing with DHEA can partially reverse the accumulation of abdominal fat and the insulin resistance that frequently accompanies advancing age. Previous research has supported findings that DHEA can improve bone density, muscle mass, strength, skin texture, libido, and erectile function in older people.

HGH Releasers

HGH Releasers, the least expensive of HGH products, basically provide the building blocks of the 191 amino acid human growth hormone (L-group amino acids such as L-valine and L-arginine). They are not actual HGH in the sense that they are still a few laboratory processes away from being called actual HGH.

Though touted as a less-expensive alternative to prescription Human Growth Hormone injections they should not be confused with actual HGH. They are more like stimulants that encourage the natural release of Human Growth Hormone from the pituitary gland in the brain.


These releasers effect a natural production and release of the HGH. If they succeed in such stimulation , they initiate a sucession of events that retard the bodily aging process and reverse certain symptoms. Noticeable effects are:

There are specialized blends of homeopathic HGH, growth factors, and potent amino acid releasers which are better packaged to stimulate greater production of human growth hormone by the anterior pituitary gland in the brain.


Sytropin is one of very few HGH releasers that combine homeopathic HGH with proven growth factors and potent amino acid releasers to maximize the effectiveness per each dose. (All Sytropin ingredients comply fully with the FDA's GRAS listing requirements for HGH products, and have been shown to have no known complications or side effects.)

Sytropin is one of the only HGH supplements available today that combines both releaser amino acids, and true secretagogue human growth hormone (within FDA regulations) into one powerful supplement.

Sytropin combines potential with actual power, stimulation with catalysis, and initiates a start-up so gentle yet effective that you can rest assured of the very optimum results, given a little patience of course!

The B vitamin, niacin, L-arginine, L-lysine, L-glutamine, L-ornithine, glycine have also been given the status of being natural Human Growth Hormone Releasers.

A Word of Caution

HGH depletes potassium and restricts the actions of insulin. Hence, diabetics and borderline diabetics are advised to use HGH releasers with care. L-Arginine and L-ornithine may either improve or worsen diabetic conditions, aggravate existent psychoses, and in some cases may even reactivate latent herpes viral infection. Persons who have ever had ocular or brain herpes should not use these products.

HGH release is better when releasers are taken on an empty stomach before exercise or at bedtime. When it comes to dosage it is ideal to start with about 25% of target quantity and increase intake gradually over a period of a few days to minimize the occurrence of occasional minor side effects like nausea. It has been also suggested that HGH release may be improved if 1 to 3 grams of choline and 1/2 to 2 grams of pantothenic acid are taken simultaneously.

Ups and Downs of HGH Use

Some people are just desperate to grow taller, have more toned physiques, and bigger muscles. Most of these people prefer to rely on things like exercise and a wide range of diet supplements, but there is a recent development that is gaining ground.

In recent times, people have started to look into the use of more natural methods to relieve everything from chronic pain to depression, with the area of human growth being no exception. While there are numerous herbal remedies and treatments being touted as a good way for someone to grow taller and bigger the natural way, there is one other alternative. This alternative is the use of the natural human growth hormone (HGH) that the body produces, albeit introducing it in an artificial manner.

HGH has been touted as an excellent supplement for people who want to grow taller or want to improve their muscle fitness. HGH are produced in the pituitary gland of any human body and are responsible for cell reproduction and growth in various areas of the body. HGH production in the body peaks around puberty, after which it enters a slow state of decline.

This is the explanation as to why people seem to grow rapidly during the teen years, though other hormones also play a role. According to studies, directed and controlled distribution of the hormones can result in increased growth in those areas. HGH spray use is often cited as the most effective way to maintain or prolong a person's growth spurt.

The spray is also marketed as being an alternative to some types of cosmetic surgery, such as botox injections and face lifts. This is because HGH also has a variety of side effects that can slow down the aging process, but only if the HGH is used on a regular basis.

Most testimonials state that people who use HGH also experience side effects that make them feel younger and more vigorous. Supposedly, the use of HGH also brings back the exuberance and stamina that people experienced during the peak HGH production period of the body. In simpler terms, regular use can make someone feel like a teenager all over again, albeit without the effects of the increased levels of testosterone or estrogen.

However, there are side effects associated with prolonged use of HGH, as well as the possibility of an overdose. One of the rarer side effects caused by HGH is Creutzveldt Jacob Disease, which is a rare brain condition that has a high percentage of fatalities.

While the disease rarely occurs during periods where HGH production is naturally high, studies have shown that artificial use of the compounds can cause the disease to take root. It has also been observed that this, along with other side effects, are more likely to appear if one uses the recombinant DNA variety of HGH. To put it simply, the HGH sprays that are chemically derived from natural growth hormones are more likely to have side effects than the ones that merely replicate the chemical composition and structure of those hormones.

There are also numerous other side effects associated with the use HGH, though most of this information is compiled from consumer reports and experiences. Some have reported minor things, such as muscle spasms, in areas where the HGH use has been focused. Others have complained of cramps whenever exposed areas were physically exerted. Some have reported minor instances of sexual dysfunction after initial use of HGH, bringing about questions about possible effects on one's sexual health.

Finally, there have been reports that prolonged use of HGH can bring about aggressive tendencies similar to the ones caused by continued use of steroids.

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