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Vitamins: List of Types and Health Benefits Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Vitamins - Types, Sources and Benefits category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

  1. Vitamin D and Alzheimer's Disease
    Researchers have discovered there is a link between vitamin D and the way the brain works - Published: 2014-08-15
  2. Daily Multivitamin Can Reduce Cancer Risk
    Clinical trial reveals daily multivitamin mineral to prevent cancer in males has shown an 8 percent drop in overall cancers during a 13 year study period - Published: 2012-10-19
  3. Seniors May Need More Vitamin D to Prevent Mobility Difficulties
    Older adults not receiving enough vitamin D from diet supplements or sun exposure at increased risk of developing mobility limitations and disability - Published: 2012-06-13
  4. Cancer Patients and Vitamin D Deficiency
    Study shows more than three quarters of cancer patients have insufficient levels of vitamin D - Published: 2011-10-04
  5. Vitamins and Minerals May Prevent Age Related Diseases
    Examining moderate selenium and vitamin K deficiency to show how damage accumulates over time as a result of vitamin and mineral loss leading to age related diseases - Published: 2011-06-01
  6. High Vitamin-D bread May Solve Vitamin-D Insufficiency
    Scientists are suggesting a new vitamin D-fortified bread made with high-vitamin D yeast - Published: 2011-02-24
  7. Can Vitamin B12 Help Reduce Cardiovascular Disease
    Groups most at risk of Vitamin B12 deficiency are the elderly vegans and vegetarians those who have had gastric surgery and those who abuse drugs and alcohol - Published: 2010-11-07
  8. Vitamin D Deficiency Puts IBD Patients at Greater Risk of Osteoporosis
    Vital that those caring for IBD patients evaluate for vitamin D nutritional deficiency - Published: 2010-10-18
  9. Vitamin C Improves Emotional State of Hospital Patients
    Simple treatment may counteract widespread problem of subnormal vitamin levels in acute-care patients - Published: 2010-09-23
  10. Individual Vitamin D Needs
    Vitamin D needs depends on skin tone and amount of sunshine received and foods you eat - Published: 2010-06-19
  11. Vitamin D Better Quality of Life for Seniors
    Vitamin D is important at every age and will help enhance the quality of life as we enter our senior years - Published: 2010-04-25
  12. Vitamin D Reduces Heart Disease and Diabetes in Seniors
    High levels of vitamin D in older people can reduce heart disease and diabetes - Published: 2010-02-18
  13. Putting Limits on Vitamin E Intake
    Indiscriminate use of high-dose Vitamin E supplementation does more harm than good - Published: 2009-12-30
  14. Winter Vitamin D Deficiences and Your Health
    Multiple health benefits of vitamin D has renewed interest in this multi-purpose nutrient - Published: 2009-11-23
  15. Vitamin B Pills Have No Effect on Heart Disease
    B vitamin supplements should not be recommended for prevention of heart disease - Published: 2009-10-14
  16. Vitamins for Vision
    Vitamin A is one of the single most important vitamins for good eyesight - Published: 2009-05-06
  17. Vitamin D Deficiency - Increased Inflammation in Women
    Vitamin D deficiency may negatively impact immune function and cardiovascular health and increase cancer risk - Published: 2009-04-08
  18. Vitamin D Linked to Cognitive Impairment
    Researchers have identified a relationship between Vitamin D and cognitive impairment in a large scale study of older people - Published: 2009-01-22
  19. Vitamin D Health Benefits Research
    Intake of vitamin D may prevent or delay the onset of diabetes and reduce complications for those who have already been diagnosed - Published: 2009-01-12
  20. Vitamin Deficiency
    Health problems can arise from diets that have a vitamin deficiency and anemia is one of the first problems - Published: 2009-01-11
  21. Essential B Vitamins
    B vitamins are essential for energy and play an important part in the functioning of the nervous system - Published: 2009-01-07
  22. Vitamins for Hair and Nails
    Examines vitamins that assist in healthy hair and nails improve overall circulation and provide an antioxidant for the body - Published: 2009-01-07
  23. Do Kids Need to take Vitamins
    Adding vitamins to kids diets ensures they get the nutrients they are missing in life - Published: 2008-12-31
  24. Discount Vitamins A to K
    Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K serve as the basic foundation for this wide variety of crucial organic substances - Published: 2008-12-28
  25. Inositol for Healthy Nervous System
    Inositol is a member of the vitamin B complex family being referred to as vitamin B8 but is not strictly a vitamin - Published: 2008-12-19


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