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Vitamins: List of Types and Health Benefits Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Vitamins - Types, Sources and Benefits category. Though some documents may have since been updated, or revised, they are still listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Vitamins: List of Types and Health Benefits Publications

2018-05-29 : Study Finds Most Popular Vitamin and Mineral Supplements Provide No Health Benefit : New study suggests most common vitamin and mineral supplements have no consistent benefit for the prevention of cardiovascular disease, heart attack, stroke or premature death.

2017-05-02 : Widespread Vitamin D Deficiency Likely Due to Sunscreen Use and Increase of Chronic Diseases : Clinical review results reveals 1 billion people may have insufficient levels of vitamin D due to chronic disease and inadequate sun exposure related to sunscreen use.

2014-08-15 : Link Between Vitamin D and Alzheimer's Disease : Researchers have discovered there is a link between vitamin D and the way the human brain works.

2012-10-19 : Daily Multivitamin Can Reduce Cancer Risk : Clinical trial reveals daily multivitamin mineral to prevent cancer in males has shown an 8 percent drop in overall cancers during a 13 year study period.

2012-06-13 : Seniors May Need More Vitamin D to Prevent Mobility Difficulties : Older adults not receiving enough vitamin D from diet supplements or sun exposure at increased risk of developing mobility limitations and disability.

2011-10-04 : Cancer Patients and Vitamin D Deficiency : Study shows more than three quarters of cancer patients have insufficient levels of vitamin D.

2011-06-01 : Vitamins and Minerals May Prevent Age Related Diseases : Examining moderate selenium and vitamin K deficiency to show how damage accumulates over time as a result of vitamin and mineral loss leading to age related diseases.

2011-02-24 : High Vitamin-D bread May Solve Vitamin-D Insufficiency : Scientists are suggesting a new vitamin D-fortified bread made with high-vitamin D yeast.

2010-11-07 : Can Vitamin B12 Help Reduce Cardiovascular Disease : Groups most at risk of Vitamin B12 deficiency are the elderly vegans and vegetarians those who have had gastric surgery and those who abuse drugs and alcohol.

2010-10-18 : Vitamin D Deficiency Puts IBD Patients at Greater Risk of Osteoporosis : Vital that those caring for IBD patients evaluate for vitamin D nutritional deficiency.

2010-09-23 : Vitamin C Improves Emotional State of Hospital Patients : Simple treatment may counteract widespread problem of subnormal vitamin levels in acute-care patients.

2010-06-19 : Individual Vitamin D Needs : Vitamin D needs depends on skin tone and amount of sunshine received and foods you eat.

2010-04-25 : Vitamin D Better Quality of Life for Seniors : Vitamin D is important at every age and will help enhance the quality of life as we enter our senior years.

2010-02-18 : Vitamin D Reduces Heart Disease and Diabetes in Seniors : High levels of vitamin D in older people can reduce heart disease and diabetes.

2009-12-30 : Putting Limits on Vitamin E Intake : Indiscriminate use of high-dose Vitamin E supplementation does more harm than good.

2009-11-23 : Winter Vitamin D Deficiences and Your Health : Multiple health benefits of vitamin D has renewed interest in this multi-purpose nutrient.

2009-10-14 : Vitamin B Pills Have No Effect on Heart Disease : B vitamin supplements should not be recommended for prevention of heart disease.

2009-05-06 : Vitamins for Vision : Vitamin A is one of the single most important vitamins for good eyesight.

2009-04-08 : Vitamin D Deficiency - Increased Inflammation in Women : Vitamin D deficiency may negatively impact immune function and cardiovascular health and increase cancer risk.

2009-01-22 : Vitamin D Linked to Cognitive Impairment : Researchers have identified a relationship between Vitamin D and cognitive impairment in a large scale study of older people.

2009-01-12 : Vitamin D Health Benefits Research : Intake of vitamin D may prevent or delay the onset of diabetes and reduce complications for those who have already been diagnosed.

2009-01-11 : Vitamin Deficiency : Health problems can arise from diets that have a vitamin deficiency and anemia is one of the first problems.

2009-01-07 : Essential B Vitamins : B vitamins are essential for energy and play an important part in the functioning of the nervous system.

2009-01-07 : Vitamins for Hair and Nails : Examines vitamins that assist in healthy hair and nails improve overall circulation and provide an antioxidant for the body.

2008-12-31 : Do Kids Need to take Vitamins : Adding vitamins to kids diets ensures they get the nutrients they are missing in life.

2008-12-28 : Discount Vitamins A to K : Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K serve as the basic foundation for this wide variety of crucial organic substances.

2008-12-19 : Inositol for Healthy Nervous System : Inositol is a member of the vitamin B complex family being referred to as vitamin B8 but is not strictly a vitamin.

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