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Vitamins and Minerals Publications
Document TitlePeer ReviewedPublishedUpdated
Study Finds Most Popular Vitamin and Mineral Supplements Provide No Health BenefitN/A2018/05/292019/05/16
Lack of Vitamin D Likely Due to Increase of Chronic Diseases and Sunscreen UseN/A2017/05/022021/03/21
Link Between Vitamin D and Alzheimer's DiseaseN/A2014/08/152021/11/16
Daily Multivitamin Can Reduce Cancer RiskN/A2012/10/192021/07/10
Seniors May Need More Vitamin D to Prevent Mobility DifficultiesN/A2012/06/132021/09/03
Cancer Patients and Vitamin D DeficiencyN/A2011/10/04
Vitamins and Minerals Help Prevent Aging DiseasesN/A2011/06/012022/03/19
High Vitamin-D bread May Solve Vitamin-D InsufficiencyN/A2011/02/24
Can Vitamin B12 Help Reduce Cardiovascular DiseaseN/A2010/11/072011/01/25
Vitamin D Deficiency Puts IBD Patients at Greater Risk of OsteoporosisN/A2010/10/18
Vitamin C Improves Emotional State of Hospital PatientsN/A2010/09/23
Individual Vitamin D NeedsN/A2010/06/19
Vitamin D Better Quality of Life for SeniorsN/A2010/04/25
Vitamin D Reduces Heart Disease and Diabetes in SeniorsN/A2010/02/182016/06/13
Putting Limits on Vitamin E IntakeN/A2009/12/302011/02/14
Winter Vitamin D Deficiences and Your HealthN/A2009/11/232018/03/15
Vitamin B Pills Have No Effect on Heart DiseaseN/A2009/10/14
Vitamins for VisionN/A2009/05/062010/06/27
Vitamin D Deficiency - Increased Inflammation in WomenN/A2009/04/082018/03/15
Vitamin D Linked to Cognitive ImpairmentN/A2009/01/22
Vitamin D Health Benefits ResearchN/A2009/01/12
Vitamin DeficiencyN/A2009/01/112010/01/17
Essential B VitaminsN/A2009/01/072012/09/19
Vitamins for Hair and NailsN/A2009/01/072015/03/31
Do Kids Need to take VitaminsN/A2008/12/312009/08/31
Inositol for Healthy Nervous SystemN/A2008/12/192018/06/10

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