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Surgery and Operations Publications
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Updated / Revised
Targeted Muscle Reinnervation Shown to Reduce Amputee Pain and Phantom Limb Sensations2018/11/082019/02/09
Brain Surgery - Should Patients be Asleep or Awake2017/11/03
Arthroscopic Knee Surgery - Often Done - Often Unnecessary2016/06/08
Outpatient Spine Surgery More Prevalent and Safer Than EverInformative2016/06/072023/09/11
Assessing Patient Response to Painful Stimulation During Surgery2016/05/132016/05/20
Pain and Disability Reduced After Bariatric Surgery2016/04/062020/02/06
Discussing Surgery: Patients Prefer iPads to Doctors2016/03/142020/07/04
Endoscopic Spine Surgery Safe and Effective2015/08/04
Study: Spinal Surgery in Patients Over 802015/02/082021/09/08
Rihanna and Taylor Swift Music Eases Kids Pain after Surgery2015/01/08
Complications After Thigh Lift Surgery Usually Minor2015/01/01
Gallbladder Removal Surgery Operation2014/12/272019/03/07
Perioperative Surgical Homes - Improving Quality - Reducing Costs2014/12/14
Common Knee Surgery May Lead to Cartilage Loss and Arthritis2014/12/04
Diabetes and Health Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery2014/11/30
Operation Walk USA: Orthopaedic Surgeons to Provide Free Hip and Knee Surgeries2014/11/262016/09/24
Memory Loss after Surgery and Anesthesia2014/11/052018/02/22
Over 50% of Patients Opt Out of Bariatric Surgery2014/11/032020/12/01
Orthopaedic Surgery for People Over 802014/07/17
Knee Replacement Surgery Increase Linked to Obesity2014/06/072021/07/06
Neurosurgeons Speak out Against Laser Spine Surgery2014/04/232015/02/08
Some Hand Function Restored to Quadriplegic2012/05/152022/03/20
Are All Hip Replacements the Same2011/11/30
Childhood Anesthesia Exposure from Multiple Surgeries May Cause Later Disability2011/10/132014/12/14
Copper Reduces Risk of Infection by Over 40%2011/07/012015/04/19
New Sealant Gel Effective in Closing Spinal Wounds After Surgery2011/06/21
Surgery Deaths Drop for High Risk Operations2011/06/03
Demand for Long Lasting Joint Replacements2011/05/28
Obesity Not Always Protective After Surgery2011/04/182022/04/19
Disc Replacement Advantages over Fusion Surgery for Neck and Back Pain2011/03/23
Minimally Invasive Surgeries: Laser Suturing2011/02/282022/05/22
Knee Replacement Surgery: Time Consuming and Costly in Obese Americans2011/02/192022/05/29
Waking During General Anesthesia Surgery or Operation2011/01/212022/06/25
Need Emergency Surgery? Take a Number2010/11/23
Laparoscopic or Keyhole Surgery Information2010/11/11
Keyhole Bowel Cancer Surgery is Safe and Effective2010/11/07
Postoperative Vomiting2010/11/04
CyberKnife Radiosurgery for Early-Stage Breast Cancer2010/10/312018/01/26

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