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Medical Tourism: International Healthcare Locations and Information Document List

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Medical Tourism Publications

Those Traveling Abroad for Plastic Surgery Can Bring Home Serious Complications
Initial medical tourism surgery may be cheap, but can place significant burden on US public health systems when patients return from abroad with complications.
Publish Date: 2018-03-31

World Medical Tourism Market is Expected to Reach $143.8 Billion by 2022
Major factors that boost the market growth include, affordability, availability, and accessibility of superior quality healthcare services.
Publish Date: 2016-04-21 - Updated: 2018-05-25

World Health Tourism Congress to Contribute Towards Global Growth
Medical tourism is a rapidly growing global industry with around 30 health care provider countries around the World offering as much as 50% savings to medical travelers.
Publish Date: 2011-06-05

Medical Tourism Comes of Age in the United States
An estimated 550,000 Americans traveled abroad last year to take care of their medical needs.
Publish Date: 2011-03-22

Medical Tourists Should Beware of Drug-Resistant Superbug NDM-1
The World Health Organization has issued a warning to medical travelers regarding drug resistant superbug NDM-1.
Publish Date: 2010-09-22 - Updated: 2014-04-30

Why Bow Legs and Knock Knees Lead to Deforming Arthrosis
Bow legs and knock knees are deformities that can lead to knee-joint movement abnormality and result in deforming arthrosis.
Publish Date: 2010-06-21 - Updated: 2018-05-25

Best Locations to Live and Retire Overseas
An ever increasing number of Americans and Europeans are being lured abroad by a lower cost of living and higher quality of life.
Publish Date: 2010-06-02 - Updated: 2022-03-19

Americans Living Abroad - A Growing Trend
More Americans are retiring abroad to locations like Central America.
Publish Date: 2010-06-02 - Updated: 2016-03-27

Oxinium Knee Replacement - Medical Tourism
One of the newest technologies in total knee replacement is called the Oxinium knee replacement joint.
Publish Date: 2010-05-27

Global Orthopedic Surgery - Medical Tourism for Health
International medical procedures treatments and surgeries abroad are expanding among the American and British healthcare markets.
Publish Date: 2010-05-27

US Doctors Traveling Abroad to Treat Medical Tourists
U.S doctors to treat patients in International Hospitals of quality standards.
Publish Date: 2010-04-29 - Updated: 2010-05-27

Medical Tourism Big Draw for Boomers
It is estimated that almost half a million US citizens traveled to Europe or Mexico for treatment last year.
Publish Date: 2010-03-04 - Updated: 2010-06-27

Medical Tourism - Ethical Dilemmas
Medical tourism in Latin America needs to be regulated to protect consumers, according to researchers.
Publish Date: 2009-10-07 - Updated: 2010-05-27

Health and Medical Tourism Cuts Surgery Wait Time
At some point you or a loved one will need medical services and medical tourism becomes a life saving option.
Publish Date: 2008-09-06 - Updated: 2010-05-27

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