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Disability News: Stories, Events and Publications

  • Synopsis: Last Revised/Updated: 2018-04-13 - Disabled World News features a roundup of health and disability news articles and stories from around the globe focusing on issues relating to disabilities.

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The Disabled World Disability News category covers the latest information affecting people living with a disability, their families, and carers. News includes community support programs, sports and cultural happenings, along with issues of medical concerns, current and future treatments available, and care options.

You'll also find documents relating to accessibility laws and legislation, disability rights issues, disability insurance news and updates, health care, special needs education, and some of the latest clinical trials and medical research findings.

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2018-05-21 : Turnstone Center Designated as Official Paralympic Training Site by US Olympic Committee - Community leaders and representatives from US Olympic Committee and US Association of Blind athletes announce official designation of Turnstone as a Paralympic Training Site for aspiring athletes
2018-05-18 : Help Your Child in School by Adding Language to The Math - Research by University of Washington reveals the more skills children bring with them to kindergarten, basic math, reading, friendship and cooperation, the more likely they will succeed in those areas in school
2018-05-17 : 50% of Retirees Saw Little or No COLA Increase in Net 2018 Social Security Benefits - Nearly 27 million U.S. Social Security recipients are going through a 3rd consecutive year of no net increase in their Social Security benefits
2018-05-17 : Turnstone Endeavor Games Concludes with National Records Broken - 2nd Annual Turnstone Endeavor Games concludes in Fort Wayne, IN after welcoming 150 athletes and coaches from 17 states
2018-05-16 : Spinning in Circles and Learning From Myself by Tsara Shelton - Spinning in Circles and Learning From Myself - Candid book by Tsara Shelton offers a unique and intimate narrative on parenting, autism, and growing up
2018-05-16 : St. Louis HELP Medical Equipment Donation Drive Generates Record-Breaking Results - St. Louis HELP collected 1,419 home health equipment items from 352 donors during its equipment donation drive
2018-05-15 : People Who Snore Suffer from Palate Nerve and Muscle Damage - Swedish research shows people who snore may have extensive tissue damage in nerves and muscles of the soft palate, which can create problems with swallowing and sleep apnea
2018-05-14 : How Our Ancestors with Autistic Traits Led a Revolution in Ice Age Art - Research reveals the ability to focus on detail, a common trait among people with autism, allowed realism to flourish in Ice Age art
2018-05-13 : Housing and Disabled People: Britains Hidden Crisis - Call for governments to take urgent action to make all new houses adaptable and accessible, as 365,000 disabled people say their home is not suitable for their needs
2018-05-11 : Instructional Design That Makes Sense for All Learners - Instructional design that makes sense for all learners by Elizabeth Barker-Voss, Kristin Basinger, Lauren Critchley, and William Stewart - University of Phoenix
2018-05-09 : Sashakt - Odisha State Campaign for Disability Inclusion and Divyang Rights - A multi-level, multi-stakeholder campaign to build awareness of disability issues, new law and support for inclusive and accessible Planet Earth
2018-05-08 : Kids with Intellectual Disabilities Spending Little Time in General Education Classes - Findings show over the past 40 years 55 - 73% of students with intellectual disabilities spend most or all of the school day in self-contained classrooms or schools and not with their peers without disabilities
2018-05-07 : Goalball UK Trials Revolutionary Portable Goalball Goals - Newly-designed portable goalball goals could inspire blind athletes and help the sport of goalball to grow across the United Kingdom thanks to a trial supported by Goalball UK
2018-05-06 : Disabled People, Disabled World and Disabled God - Disability Ethics research paper by Rev. S. Manohar Pradeep from Bangalore India regarding well being of persons with disability for moral theologians and ethicists
2018-05-04 : Treating Neuropathic Pain - A New Approach - Reseach results suggest that protein NOS1AP might be a valuable novel target in the development of more effective medicines to treat neuropathic pain
2018-05-03 : The Discrepancy in Accommodation Structures Between High School and College and its Effect on Students with Disabilities - Sueyoun Hwang writes on the trauma and trials of graduating from high school and the huge steps of entering college
2018-05-01 : Summer Camps Taking Action to Protect Children from Tick Bites and Lyme Disease - This summer Global Lyme Alliance and Ivy Oaks Analytics implement tick prevention program to more than 100 summer camps
2018-04-30 : List of ISO World Country Codes - Full list of ISO 3166 alpha 2, alpha 3, numeric, and international calling country codes, or country abbreviations, that represent world countries and dependent areas
2018-04-29 : CARD Reacts to CDC Announcement of 15% Increase in Autism Rate - Autism Speaks state that the new numbers indicate a persistent undercount of autisms true prevalence among the nations children
2018-04-29 : GDPR: Internet Privacy and Data Protection - An outline of the EU GDPR and Internet privacy and data protection changes on Disabled World
2018-04-27 : Music Activates Regions of the Brain Spared By Alzheimer's Disease - Researchers at the University of Utah Health looking to the salience network of the brain to develop music based treatments to help alleviate anxiety in patients with dementia
2018-04-27 : Potential Spread of Yellow Fever Virus to World Cities Mapped by Researchers - New analysis shows potential risk for yellow fever virus to spread to urban centres where it previously has not been seen
2018-04-27 : Prosthetic Arms Stimulate Nerves with Controlled Sensory Feedback - The idea is that we no longer want the prosthetic hand to feel like a tool, we want it to feel like an extension of the body
2018-04-27 : New Ads Feature Diverse Group of People with Disabilities - New PSA's featuring a diverse group of people with disability urge philanthropists to live up to their values on diversity, equity, access, and equality
2018-04-26 : Autism Prevalence Increases to 1 in 59 US Children - Report published in CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) Surveillance Summary shows about 1 in 59 eight year-old children in 11 communities across the United States identified as having autism in 2014
2018-04-26 : Yelp Reviews of Nursing Homes Tend to Focus on Staff Attitudes and Responsiveness - University of Southern California study finds Yelp reviews of nursing homes tend to focus more on staff attitudes, staff responsiveness and the physical facility itself than government reviews
2018-04-26 : Non-Invasive Spinal Stimulation Enables Paralyzed People to Regain Use of Hands - People with severe spinal cord injuries (SCI) regain use of hands and fingers after undergoing nonsurgical, noninvasive spinal stimulation procedure
2018-04-26 : How to Take Control of Your Facebook - Things you have control over that can help make your Facebook experience better for you
2018-04-26 : What if You Could Know Your Mild Cognitive Impairment Would Not Progress? - Researchers found in some mild cognitive impairment patients, real neuropsychological stability over a decade is possible and long-term stability could be predicted based on neuropsychological tests
2018-04-25 : Millennials Fail to Understand Dangers of Tanning - Millennials lack knowledge about importance of sunscreen and continue to tan outdoors in part because of low self-esteem and high rates of narcissism that fuel addictive tanning behavior
2018-04-25 : Appetite Loss After Exercising Explained - Study provides evidence that body temperature can act as a biological signal that regulates feeding behavior, just like hormones and nutrients do
2018-04-23 : Bias Keeps Women with Higher Body Weight Away From the Doctor - Study reveals past experiences with bias and discrimination and avoidance of doctors linked in women with higher body weights
2018-04-23 : Smart Hoteliers are Building a Healthier Future - As the global wellness movement continues to grow, hotels are examining how they can bring health, fitness and wellbeing to the guest experience.
2018-04-22 : Teaching Baby Sign Language - Nita, Show Us More - Nita and her parents teach ten essential signs in the context of a fun story, using repetition to encourage learning and to help break communication barriers between parents and preverbal children
2018-04-22 : MitoQ Novel Antioxidant Makes Old Arteries Seem Young Again - Seniors who took a novel antioxidant that specifically targets cellular powerhouses, or mitochondria, saw age-related vascular changes reverse by equivalent of 15 to 20 years within 6 weeks

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