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Disability News: World Coverage of Stories and Events

Updated/Revised Date: 2023-08-01
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Synopsis: Coverage, breaking stories, and regularly updated current disability news summaries with a prime focus on essential world issues concerning disabilities and those with disability. Disabled World News features disability items of interest, including community support programs, disability sports news and cultural happenings, along with informative issues of medical concerns, carer fact sheets, and related information. We also provide relevant details concerningĀ  new changes to accessibility laws and legislation, disability rights issues, and present some of the latest available clinical trials, medical research, discovery papers, and other publications.

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Latest Disabled World Disability News, Events and Information
Pollen Analysis May Explain When and How the Flow of Homo Sapiens Into Eurasia Happened thumbnail image.
A new study compares Pleistocene vegetation communities around Lake Baikal in Siberia, Russia, to the oldest archeological traces of Homo sapiens in the region.
Category: Anthropology and Disability
Publish Date: 2023-09-23
Health and Disability Fact Sheets Article.
Disabled World informative fact sheets in PDF format that relate to health and disability issues.
Category: Disabled World Information
Publish Date: 2023-09-18
Predicting Cognitive Scores by Utilizing Movie Watching FMRI and Eye Tracking thumbnail image.
Researchers unveil groundbreaking Attention-CensNet (A-CensNet), a fusion model that predicts cognitive scores by amalgamating movie-watching mfMRI and eye-tracking data.
Category: Medical Research News
Publish Date: 2023-09-16
A Different Way to See - Part 3 Article.
Choosing the best school environment for a child who is visually impaired takes research, observation, evaluation, and collaboration.
Category: Blogs - Writings - Stories
Publish Date: 2023-09-10
Food From Tobacco Owned Brands More Hyperpalatable Than Competitor's Food thumbnail image.
Research reveals food brands owned by tobacco companies appear to have selectively disseminated hyperpalatable foods to American consumers.
Category: Addiction and Substance Abuse
Publish Date: 2023-09-08 - Updated: 2023-09-23
Lower Jersey Numbers Make U.S. Football Players Appear Thinner thumbnail image.
Images of players in jerseys numbered from 10 to 19 look thinner than those in jerseys numbered from 80 to 89, even when body sizes were the same.
Category: Offbeat News
Publish Date: 2023-09-07
Plumbing Seals and Gaskets Can Leak Additives Into Drinking Water thumbnail image.
In this pilot study, researchers collected tap water from buildings and detected polymer additives at parts per trillion levels in every sample.
Category: Health and Disability
Publish Date: 2023-09-07 - Updated: 2023-09-10
Deficient and Discriminatory Conditions at Kings County Juvenile Detention Center Article.
Disability Rights California and Disability Rights Advocates investigation finds deficient and discriminatory conditions at Kings County Juvenile Detention Center.
Category: Disability Lawyers and Rights
Publish Date: 2023-09-05
Farms that Foster Habitat: Unlocking the Key to Food Security and Biodiversity thumbnail image.
This research implies diversified farming could be key for biodiversity, and biodiversity is key for food security.
Category: Food Security Information
Publish Date: 2023-09-04
Opportunities for Disabled Individuals in Media and Journalism Article.
Ability Today offers an opportunity for disabled people of all ages from across the UK to embark on a journey into the world of media and journalism.
Category: Disability Events - Public Notices
Publish Date: 2023-09-03 - Updated: 2023-09-05
Obesity Research Breakthrough Allows Fat Loss While Eating All You Want thumbnail image.
Researchers have major breakthrough in obesity research, discovering astrocytes control a cluster of neurons in the brain that regulates energy expenditure.
Category: Fitness and Nutrition
Publish Date: 2023-09-02 - Updated: 2023-09-03
Disabled People Are the Achilles Heel of US Political Elites Article.
Politicians need to pay attention to political rights of people with disabilities and disabled people need to be given equal rights to be elected to office.
Category: Disability News
Publish Date: 2023-09-02 - Updated: 2023-09-12
Printable Mood Associations Color Chart thumbnail image.
Printable color and mood association chart outlining the meaning and associations of various colors with different moods.
Category: Printable Data
Publish Date: 2023-09-01 - Updated: 2023-09-06
Braille Lego Bricks Now on Sale thumbnail image.Braille Lego Bricks Now on Sale thumbnail image.
Following an overwhelming response from around the world LEGOĀ® Braille Bricks are now available to purchase online.
Category: Accessible Games and Gaming
Publish Date: 2023-08-28
Berkeley Commission on Disability Members File Lawsuit Against City of Berkeley for Disability Discrimination Article.
The City of Berkeley fails to provide disability accommodations for Commission on Disability members to participate in the Commission.
Category: Disability Lawyers and Rights
Publish Date: 2023-08-25 - Updated: 2023-09-21
RehaDesign Announces Acquisition of WheelStarz Pediatric Wheelchair Accessories thumbnail image.
RehaDesign announces they have recently acquired WheelStarz Wheelchair Accessories, a brand offering innovative wheelchair accessories for kids.
Category: Disability Events - Public Notices
Publish Date: 2023-08-25
Parkinson's Disease Speech Accessibility Project Now Recruiting thumbnail image.
The Parkinson's speech accessibility project needs participants, especially those with related neurological conditions like MSA, PSP, CBD, and those who are post-DBS.
Category: Disability Events - Public Notices
Publish Date: 2023-08-24
Equity in Focus: Prayatna Nepal's Lalitpur Health Workers Orientation on Disability and Sexuality Article.
Paper by Jalasa Sapkota underscores how an inclusive and compassionate approach from healthcare practitioners can lead to improved healthcare outcomes and overall well-being for individuals with disabilities.
Category: Disability Sexuality
Publish Date: 2023-08-23
Printable Height to Weight Chart for Adults thumbnail image.
Printable height to weight conversion chart for female and male adults aged twenty(20) plus.
Category: Printable Data
Publish Date: 2023-08-22 - Updated: 2023-09-03
Hard-of-hearing Prefer a Different Sound When It Comes to Music thumbnail image.
Contemporary music can pose challenges for individuals with hearing impairments, but adjustments in sound mixing could potentially create a positive impact.
Category: Deaf Communication
Publish Date: 2023-08-22 - Updated: 2023-08-24
Height to Weight Chart for Female Children Aged 2 to 12 Years thumbnail image.
Chart illustrating the typical weight-to-height ratio for female children aged 2 to 12 years.
Category: Medical Calculators and Charts
Publish Date: 2023-08-21 - Updated: 2023-08-30
Average Height to Weight Chart for Male Children Aged 2 to 12 Years thumbnail image.
Growth chart showing the average height to weight ratio for 2 to 12 year old male children.
Category: Medical Calculators and Charts
Publish Date: 2023-08-21 - Updated: 2023-08-30
Height to Weight Comparison Chart for 12 to 23 Months Male Toddlers thumbnail image.
Chart showing the average 12 to 23 month old male toddlers weight in comparison to their height.
Category: Medical Calculators and Charts
Publish Date: 2023-08-21 - Updated: 2023-09-02
Printable Blood Sugar mg/dl to mmol/L Conversion Chart thumbnail image.
Conversion chart showing mg/dl to mmol/L blood sugar levels that can be printed.
Category: Printable Data
Publish Date: 2023-08-21 - Updated: 2023-08-31
Height to Weight Chart for Female Toddlers From 12 to 23 Months thumbnail image.
Chart showing the average female toddlers weight in comparison to their height.
Category: Medical Calculators and Charts
Publish Date: 2023-08-21 - Updated: 2023-08-30

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