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Disability News: Stories, Events and Publications

  • Synopsis: Disabled World News features a roundup of health and disability news articles and stories from around the globe focusing on issues relating to disabilities.

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The Disabled World Disability News category covers the latest information affecting people living with a disability, their families, and carers. News includes community support programs, sports and cultural happenings, along with issues of medical concerns, current and future treatments available, and care options.

You'll also find documents relating to accessibility laws and legislation, disability rights issues, disability insurance news and updates, health care, special needs education, and some of the latest clinical trials and medical research findings.

Get Published: We publish fundraising efforts and coming events, as well as outreach and disability/health awareness initiatives. To have information published on Disabled World see further down the page for news, articles, and event submissions.

  1. 2017 Warriors to Summits Expedition Team - 2017-04-20
    12 veterans with disabilities will attempt to summit Mount Brooks in Denali National Park and Preserve on September 11th.
  2. Majority of Americans Still Suffer From Trump Election Results Anxiety - 2017-04-20
    New study shows majority of Americans still suffer from election results anxiety as president Trumps's 100th day draws near.
  3. Beetroot Juice Before Exercise Aids Seniors Brains - 2017-04-19
    Study reveals drinking beetroot juice supplement before working out makes the brain of older adults perform more efficiently.
  4. Sonic Alert Day and Time Clock Helps Memory Loss Patients Know What Day It Is - 2017-04-18
    New day and time clock displays day of week, time and date without confusing abbreviations, reducing anxiety and confusion.
  5. 21-Gene Assay - Are Oncologists Jumping the Gun? - 2017-04-17
    Study uncovers discrepant decision making for use of 21-gene assay in women with cancer.
  6. Potential for Intellectual Disability Personalized Medicine as 26 Novel Genes Identified - 2017-04-16
    Study adds to growing knowledge of brain development and functioning and may lead to personalized treatments for intellectual disability and autism spectrum disorders.
  7. Visually-Impaired Children Experience Egg Hunt with Eggs That Beep - 2017-04-15
    ATF creates beeping eggs so vision impaired children can experience an Easter egg hunt.
  8. WHILL WeDrive - Free Online Community for Mobility Device Users - 2017-04-13
    WeDrive connects WHILL owners with people interested in trying mobility devices to independently set up test drives and share experiences.
  9. Grey Hair Linked to Heightened Heart Disease Risk in Males - 2017-04-13
    Study assessed prevalence of grey hair in patients with coronary artery disease and whether it was an independent risk marker of disease.
  10. Down Payment Main Obstacle for Renters Buying a House - 2017-04-12
    Almost 70 percent of renters in 20 U.S. metros say coming up with the down payment is holding them back from homeownership.
  11. Film Highlights Absurdity of 15 Minute U.K. Care Visits - 2017-04-12
    Satirical film starring Claire Sweeney highlights the indignity suffered by thousands of elderly people because of 15 minute care visits.
  12. Driving with ASD - 1 in 3 Teens Receive Drivers License - 2017-04-11
    First large-scale study on driving outcomes among adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders suggests families decision to drive occurs before learners permit.
  13. Compact DreamStation CPAP Sleep Apnea Device Makes Travel Easier - 2017-04-11
    DreamStation Go device is designed to simplify travel for patients living with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).
  14. Stumps and Cranks - An Introduction to Amputee Cycling - 2017-04-08
    Book includes amputee cycling tips on two wheelers, tricycles, recumbents, handbikes, tandems, unicycles, electric bikes, and specialized cycling forms designed for the disability market.
  15. PneuChair Compressed Air Powered Wheelchair - 2017-04-07
    PneuChair is a waterproof motorized wheelchair that runs entirely on compressed air instead of batteries and electronics.
  16. Epigenetic Clock Distinguishes Between Chronological and Biological Age - 2017-04-07
    Traditional clocks measure the passage of chronological time and age, an epigenetic clock can also measure biological age.
  17. KFC To Eliminate Use of Medically Important Antibiotics from Chicken Supply - 2017-04-07
    KFC U.S. announces by the end of 2018 all chicken purchased by KFC will be raised without antibiotics important to human medicine.
  18. Common Risk Factors That Impact Disability Rates - 2017-04-07
    University of Michigan research reveals reducing or eliminating 5 common risk factors could decrease prevalence of disability across the U.S..
  19. RidePIN Makes It Easier to Order Ride Sharing Transportation Services - 2017-04-06
    RidePIN ride sharing service does not require a Smart-phone or data plan and makes transportation accessibility easier, safer and more reliable.
  20. Where Does Blood Come From? How The First Blood Cells Form - 2017-04-06
    Understanding how the first blood cells are formed and how numbers and types of blood cells is regulated in development.
  21. Survey Reveals Patients Ready to Use Telemedicine - 2017-04-05
    New AASM data shows telemedicine solutions becoming more mainstream, increasing opportunity for use in specialty medicine.
  22. Parkinson's Awareness: 200 Years Since The Disease First Identified - 2017-04-05
    To mark 200 years since James Parkinson first identified the condition named after him, a new biography of this forgotten man will be published.
  23. Thousands of People With Autism Join SPARK Online Genetic Study - 2017-04-04
    SPARK, a new genetic study, aims to enroll 50,000 individuals with autism and their families to identify at least 250 genes that contribute to autism.
  24. When Should You Seek Emergency Medical Care - 2017-04-04
    Listening to your symptoms will alert you as to when you should seek emergency care.
  25. WalkinVR: Virtual Reality Controller for Disabled - 2017-04-04
    WalkinVR lets people with disabilities control all virtual reality movements using just the vr controller and its buttons.

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Latest Disability News Publications

  1. UN Expert Claims After a Decade Disability Rights Still Lagging
    States must urgently step up their work to ensure that persons with disabilities can take their place as equal members of society - United Nations human rights expert.
  2. Nearly 25% of Children Live in Conflict or Disaster Stricken Countries
    UNICEF states an estimated 535 million children live in countries affected by conflict or disaster, often without access to medical care, quality education, proper nutrition and protection.
  3. DEWA Inaugurates 1st Annual Conference for People with Disabilities
    Conference supports DEWA strategy to empower people with disabilities and contribute to integrating them into society as individuals capable of innovation and creativity.
  4. Holly Robinson Peete Speaks on Importance of Hiring People with Disabilities
    Holly Robinson Peete speaks at Gatepath Event on importance of hiring people with disabilities - Special announcement about son RJ landing job with Los Angeles Dodgers.
  5. UN Humanitarian Summit Endorses New Charter for Persons with Disabilities
    A new charter to significantly improve living conditions of persons with disabilities during emergencies has been endorsed at the United Nations World Humanitarian Summit.

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