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Disability News: World Coverage of Stories and Events

Updated/Revised Date: 2022-10-11
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Synopsis: Coverage, breaking stories, and regularly updated current disability news summaries with a prime focus on essential world issues concerning disabilities and those with disability.


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Disabled World News features disability items of interest, including community support programs, disability sports news and cultural happenings, along with informative issues of medical concerns, carer fact sheets, and related information. We also provide relevant details concerning  new changes to accessibility laws and legislation, disability rights issues, and present some of the latest available clinical trials, medical research, discovery papers, and other publications.

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If you know of an interesting disability-related news story, event, assistive product release or update, or an informative publication that you consider will be of interest to persons with disabilities, then please see the Disabled World contact details and submission guidelines page for further information on news, reviews, and publications submission.

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Latest Disabled World Disability News, Events and Information
UAE Praised for Inclusive Agenda thumbnail image.
The 5th AccessAbilities Expo in Dubai from 9-11 October will introduce the newest technologies and latest innovations to visitors from the UAE and the wider Middle East region.
Category: Middle East and UAE Disability News
Publish Date: 2023-05-29

This article explores the inherent challenges and notable significance of comprehensive sexual education in empowering women with disabilities.
Category: Disability Sexuality
Publish Date: 2023-05-29

Research into barriers and challenges disabled tech professionals face when obtaining certifications.
Category: Disability Employment
Publish Date: 2023-05-24

By observing mechanisms of embryonic development and comparing anatomy of existing species, researchers can develop theories on how embryonic structures may have evolved or been modified over time.
Category: Anthropology and Disabilities
Publish Date: 2023-05-24
Siblings With Autism Share More of Their Fathers Genome Not Their Mothers thumbnail image.
Research finds that in families that have two or more children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) the siblings shared more of their father's genome.
Category: Autism Information
Publish Date: 2023-05-22

A study by UC Davis MIND Institute researchers and others finds an autism screening tool used widely in the U.S. and around the world is effective but has limitations.
Category: Autism Information
Publish Date: 2023-05-20 - Updated: 2023-05-21

The added sensation of temperature feedback is another step towards building bionic prosthetics for repairing the human body.
Category: Prostheses - Prosthetics
Publish Date: 2023-05-18
The Number of World Farms to Halve by 2100 thumbnail image.
Consolidation in farming can lead to improved labor productivity and economic growth with a larger workforce in non-farm employment and improved management systems.
Category: Food Security Information
Publish Date: 2023-05-16

New paper introduces ethics framework for the responsible use, design, and governance of Generative AI applications in healthcare and medicine.
Category: AI and Disabilities
Publish Date: 2023-05-16
mRNA Universal Influenza Vaccine Clinical Trial Begins thumbnail image.
A clinical trial of an experimental universal influenza vaccine has begun enrolling volunteers at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina.
Category: Clinical Trial Research
Publish Date: 2023-05-15

Study finds people who believe they have a core essence that drives their likes and dislikes were more likely to be drawn to people with similar interests.
Category: Disabled Dating
Publish Date: 2023-05-14

International Paralympic Committee (IPC) decision on suspension of NPC Russia and Belarus to go back before the IPC General Assembly in September.
Category: Disability Sports News
Publish Date: 2023-05-12

The discourse surrounding disability and its effects on personal growth and autonomy deserve more focused attention and nuanced contemplation.
Category: Blogs - Writings - Stories
Publish Date: 2023-05-12 - Updated: 2023-05-29

Declining rate of inflation points to a significantly lower COLA for next year, after the 8.7% COLA in 2023 the highest in 40 years.
Category: U.S. Social Security
Publish Date: 2023-05-10 - Updated: 2023-05-11

Study finds the key obstacle is with sidewalks and other infrastructure that wheelchair users need to get from home to bus stops and from bus stops to their destination.
Category: Public Disability Transport
Publish Date: 2023-05-10

Deaf Weight Wise in partnership with the local Deaf community adapted an existing evidence-based weight loss program for use with Deaf sign language users.
Category: Dieting and Diet Plans
Publish Date: 2023-05-08

An artificial intelligence tool has identified people at the highest risk for pancreatic cancer up to three years before diagnosis using the patients medical records.
Category: AI and Disabilities
Publish Date: 2023-05-08

Nir Shrestha writes on the topic of Disability Inclusive Local Governance: Practices and Challenges in Nepal.
Category: Blogs - Writings - Stories
Publish Date: 2023-05-06
Limitless Champions: Fantasy 3D Miniatures with Disabilities thumbnail image.Limitless Champions: Fantasy 3D Miniatures with Disabilities thumbnail image.Limitless Champions: Fantasy 3D Miniatures with Disabilities thumbnail image.Limitless Champions: Fantasy 3D Miniatures with Disabilities thumbnail image.
Wyrmworks Publishing announces Limitless Champions, the largest, most diverse line of disabled fantasy miniatures ever made.
Category: Accessible Games and Gaming
Publish Date: 2023-05-05 - Updated: 2023-05-06
Using Organoids to Studying Fetal Intestine Development thumbnail image.
Findings suggest that transplanted human intestinal organoids (tHIOs) are a proxy for studying the development of the human fetal intestine.
Category: Organoids
Publish Date: 2023-05-04 - Updated: 2023-05-18
FSHD1 Rare Neuromuscular Disorder Diagnosis Brings Answers for Teen thumbnail image.FSHD1 Rare Neuromuscular Disorder Diagnosis Brings Answers for Teen thumbnail image.
A rare neuromuscular disorder diagnosis of Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy (FSHD) brings long awaited answers for teenager.
Category: Muscular Dystrophy (MD)
Publish Date: 2023-05-01
Noninvasive Brain Decoder Can Transcribe Stories in the Mind thumbnail image.Noninvasive Brain Decoder Can Transcribe Stories in the Mind thumbnail image.
New artificial intelligence (AI) system can translate brain activity while listening to a story, or silently imagining telling a story, into text.
Category: The Human Brain
Publish Date: 2023-05-01

As a sister, mother and teacher I have witnessed the evolution of special education from institutional placements to inclusive settings.
Category: Blogs - Writings - Stories
Publish Date: 2023-05-01
BIAAE ABLE Assembly for Students, Artists and Educators Past Event thumbnail image.BIAAE ABLE Assembly for Students, Artists and Educators Past Event thumbnail image.
Berklee Institute for Accessible Arts Education (BIAAE) hosted ABLE Assembly: Arts Better the Lives of Everyone Conference and events April 21-23, 2023.
Category: Disability Events - Public Notices
Publish Date: 2023-04-29
Research by Texas A&M Redefines Mammalian Tree of Life thumbnail image.
New research uses the genomes of 241 species and can be used to support both animal and human health outcomes.
Category: Anthropology and Disabilities
Publish Date: 2023-04-29

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