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Disability News: Stories, Events and Publications

  • Synopsis: Last Updated: 2017-05-15 - Disabled World News features a roundup of health and disability news articles and stories from around the globe focusing on issues relating to disabilities

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The Disabled World Disability News category covers the latest information affecting people living with a disability, their families, and carers. News includes community support programs, sports and cultural happenings, along with issues of medical concerns, current and future treatments available, and care options.

You'll also find documents relating to accessibility laws and legislation, disability rights issues, disability insurance news and updates, health care, special needs education, and some of the latest clinical trials and medical research findings.

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2017-07-21Clues to Ghost Species of Ancient Human Discovered
2017-07-21New Model to Support Workers with Disabilities
2017-07-19Amputee Model Breaking Barriers in Fashion and Shattering Stigma of Disability
2017-07-17Females with Autism Show Greater Difficulty with Everyday Tasks Than Males
2017-07-17Advice on Traveling with a Catheter
2017-07-142017 Veterans Wheelchair Games Cincinnati
2017-07-12Cats and Cows Protect Children From Allergies and Asthma on Farms
2017-07-11Mounting Evidence Reveals Antioxidant Fisetin a Natural Plant Compound May Reduce Mental Effects of Aging
2017-07-10Brain Training and Brain Games Have No Effect On Decision Making or Cognitive Function
2017-07-10Cyprium Copper-Infused Luxury Towels that Destroy Bacteria
2017-07-10New Insights Into CRPS a Chronic Pain Condition
2017-07-07Nations to Receive Para Ice Hockey Equipment - Actualising the Dream Project
2017-07-07Camp Inspire for Ventilator-dependent Children
2017-07-06Do Blind People Express Emotions the Same Way as Sighted People
2017-07-05Initiative Empowers Disabled Gamers to Shape the Future of Accessibility in the Video Game Industry
2017-07-04One Million Wheelchairs Donated to People in Developing Nations
2017-07-03U.S. Seniors Fail to Get or Seek Help From Pharmacists and Doctors on Drug Costs
2017-07-03State Revenue Declines Lead to Cuts in Child Medicaid Benefits and Education Spending
2017-06-30Early Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder May Be Possible
2017-06-292017 Michigan Fireworks Free 4th of July at Select State Parks
2017-06-29Update to Building Accessibility Standard Provides Greater Accessibility for Persons with Physical Disabilities
2017-06-29Senate Health Bill Buries Biggest Medicaid Cuts Using Insufficient Inflation Adjustment
2017-06-28Wheelchair Revolution: Wheelchair Prototype Features Innovative Propulsion System
2017-06-28Probiotic Beer Boosts Immunity and Improves Gut Health
2017-06-28Aspirin Reduces Risk of Pre-Eclampsia in Pregnant Women
2017-06-27We Rock the Spectrum - Autism and Special Needs Resource Fair - Los Angeles
2017-06-26Taking Eye Fatigue Out of Virtual Reality With New 3D Display
2017-06-24Yemen Cholera Outbreak Is The World's Worst
2017-06-23NAELA President's Statement on the Senate Health Care Reform Legislation
2017-06-23Non-profit Provides Assistance Dogs Free of Charge to People with Disabilities
2017-06-22Census Bureau Facts and Statistics Show Senior U.S. Population Is Still Growing
2017-06-21Athletes Warned About Consuming Clenbuterol in Meat Products
2017-06-21Mini-Strokes - Understanding and Knowing the Warning Signs
2017-06-20Vision for Accessible Transportation in Canada
2017-06-20Still Left Behind - Pathways to Inclusive Education for Girls with Disabilities

Editorials: Our Editorials section includes Political, Technology, and Veterans opinion pieces.

Latest Disability News Publications

  1. Unprecedented Conference on Rights of Persons with Disabilities at UN
  2. Engineering Students at Johns Hopkins Customize Stroller for Syrian Child with Special Needs
  3. UN Expert Claims After a Decade Disability Rights Still Lagging
  4. Nearly 25% of Children Live in Conflict or Disaster Stricken Countries
  5. DEWA Inaugurates 1st Annual Conference for People with Disabilities

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