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Disability News: Stories, Events and Publications

  • Synopsis: Last Updated: 2017-05-15 - Disabled World News features a roundup of health and disability news articles and stories from around the globe focusing on issues relating to disabilities

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The Disabled World Disability News category covers the latest information affecting people living with a disability, their families, and carers. News includes community support programs, sports and cultural happenings, along with issues of medical concerns, current and future treatments available, and care options.

You'll also find documents relating to accessibility laws and legislation, disability rights issues, disability insurance news and updates, health care, special needs education, and some of the latest clinical trials and medical research findings.

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2017-09-25FDA Operation Pangea X Protects Consumers from Dangerous Online Prescription Drugs
2017-09-23South Africa Should Prioritize Implementing Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities
2017-09-22U.S. FDA Approves Gene Therapy for Treatment of Cancer and Life-threatening Diseases
2017-09-21Protein 3 Times Daily May Make Seniors Stronger
2017-09-21Surgeons Practice Brain Surgery on 3D Printed Brain Models
2017-09-20Comparison of Drug Cost Variation Between Drug Plans
2017-09-19CP Awareness: World Cerebral Palsy Day Friday 6th October 2017
2017-09-16Google Glass Holli App Assists Social Interactions for Children with ASD
2017-09-16Sports Telemedicine Save Families Time and Money
2017-09-15Why Do We Age - Why Didn't We Evolve to Live Forever
2017-09-14Eat Fat and Live Longer - High Fat Diet Increases Longevity and Strength
2017-09-13World's First Online Accessibility Hub Launches Globally
2017-09-13Nanoparticles from Tattoo Ink Travel Inside the Body
2017-09-12Facial Recognition Findings May Help Develop Conduct Disorder Treatments
2017-09-11Common Vocabulary Terms That May Seem The Same But Are Different
2017-09-11Is ADHD Associated with Lack of Regular Circadian Sleep
2017-09-08New Conditions Added to U.S. Social Security Disability Benefits Compassionate Allowances List
2017-09-07Collective Endeavors Towards Creating an Accessible Kathmandu Valley
2017-09-07LAUNCH:​ ​First​ ​Blind​ ​Dates - Did​ ​Sparks​ ​Fly​ ​or​ ​Does​ ​Cupid​ ​Need​ ​to​ ​Work​ ​on​ ​His​ ​Archery​ ​Skills?
2017-09-05Nanoparticles Injected After Spinal Cord Injury Limit Damage, Inflammation and Scarring
2017-09-04Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Medal Events Program
2017-09-03Efforts to Support Survivors in Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey
2017-09-03Lighthouse for the Blind-Saint Louis Acquires RapidFix Assets from Boss Products USA
2017-09-01Public Turns to Holistic Healthcare Models and Practices as U.S. Life Expectancy Declines
2017-09-01New Genetic Risk Factor for Developing Autism Spectrum Disorder Identified
2017-08-31Exclusion From School Can Trigger Long-Term Psychiatric Illness
2017-08-31Parents and Siblings Can be Teachers for Special Needs Kids
2017-08-30UN Criticizes UK for Creating 'Human Catastrophe' Over Disability
2017-08-29Births and Population Prevalence of Down Syndrome in Nine States
2017-08-28Pride in Disability and Self-identifying as Disabled Aids Overall Well-being
2017-08-28How Low Should LDL Cholesterol Go with Statin Therapy?
2017-08-25Why Do Patients with Shingles Feel Pain
2017-08-25Antipsychotics Commonly Prescribed for Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
2017-08-24Homeless Women at Disadvantage for Accessing Disability Benefits
2017-08-24Self-driving Autonomous Wheelchairs Are Coming

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3 - Engineering Students at Johns Hopkins Customize Stroller for Syrian Child with Special Needs - Johns Hopkins.
4 - UN Expert Claims After a Decade Disability Rights Still Lagging - Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights ( OHCHR ).
5 - Nearly 25% of Children Live in Conflict or Disaster Stricken Countries - U.S. Fund for UNICEF.

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