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Jordan Encourages Education and Rehabilitation for Disabled

Author: Placidway

Published: 2010-12-20

Synopsis and Key Points:

Jordan is setting an example in standardizing and demanding social educational vocational and rehabilitative care for the disabled.

Main Digest

Jordan is setting a global example in standardizing and demanding social, educational, vocational and rehabilitative care for the disabled.

According to Jordan's education laws, facilities, institutions and schools throughout Jordan are now required to implement free services and exemptions to the disabled for their benefit as well as to offer them opportunities to mainstream into society. These goals can be attained through higher goals and educational laws regarding disability rights, equal rights, and opportunities for the disabled.

According to the goals of Jordan's education laws ministry of social development, such goals not only benefit disabled individuals but expand educational laws in Jordan by:

Leading the Way

Jordan has created their own disability rights laws similar to and following the precedent established by the Americans with Disabilities Act, which also hopes to set precedence for the disabled at international levels.

Under these guidelines, Jordan wishes to ensure that children with disabilities are granted protection and assurance of adequate education until the age of 21. Goals proposed by Jordan want to assure that all children have access to free public education that prepares to meet their needs as well as offer the tools, training and support for such individuals to lead as independent lives as possible. Such education and support services are also aimed at helping disabled individuals find gainful employment.

A number of disabilities covered under the guidelines proposed by Jordan's disabilities programs including:

Special education and services focusing on the disabled aim to improve communication, cognitive, emotional, and physical development as well as offer teaching and services that help the disabled adapt to a variety of environments.

Even institutions of higher learning are not allowed to discriminate against any qualified individual, which is defined as an individual capable of completing essential educational programs with or without special and/or reasonable accommodations that the student may need to meet the technical as well as academic requirements of a specific learning program.

Accommodations for such individuals may include but are not limited to a change in the length of time the individual is permitted to complete the course or degree program, and adapting the manner through which some courses are offered.

Education For The Disabled In Jordan

According to Article 24, "States Parties recognize the rights of persons with disabilities to education. With a view to realizing this right without discrimination and on the basis of equal opportunity, States Parties shall ensure an inclusive education system at all levels and lifelong learning directed to:

Leading The Way In The Middle East

Jordan's stand on disability rights in the Middle East has made them a leader in such rights in this region of the world. Countries around the world are standing up and taking notice of this forward-thinking view, and looks to Jordan for guidance, advice and leadership in this regard.

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