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Americas Publications
Document TitlePeer
Reintroducing CVTA to Make Communication Tech Accessible for Americans with DisabilitiesN/A2023/07/25
Americans Falsely Denying Gun OwnershipYes2023/06/242023/06/27
Prohibiting Discrimination in Jury Service Based on Age and DisabilityN/A2023/03/31
Americans No Longer United by Threats from Common EnemyYes2022/12/032023/01/03
Senator Markey Calls for Biden Admin to Strengthen Protections for College and University Students with DisabilitiesN/A2022/11/302023/03/31
U.S. Deaths from Firearms Reach Unprecedented LevelsYes2022/11/302023/09/29
Americans Most Likely to Share Covid-19 Fake InformationYes2022/11/082023/01/04
Corporate Vampires Suck Ad CampaignYes2021/07/112023/09/21
2nd Round of Changes to Support Healthcare system During COVID-19 PandemicN/A2020/04/302023/09/14
Action to Support Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities during the COVID-19 PandemicN/A2020/04/302021/08/23
Millions of Americans with Disabilities Cannot Get Food During PandemicN/A2020/04/112022/01/24
Disability Discrimination Complaint Filed Over COVID-19 Treatment Rationing Plan in Washington StateN/A2020/03/242021/08/23
Trump Seeks to Slash Social Security Benefits for DisabledN/A2020/01/152023/09/28
ILCSC 43 Years of Independence - Awards Dinner a Big SuccessN/A2019/11/242023/10/05
JAR 914: Father Declares War on Duchenne Muscular DystrophyN/A2019/11/19
Disability Affects 74% of Likely U.S. Midterm Election VotersN/A2018/10/082019/02/10
Morgan's Wonderland Seeks Nominations for Outstanding Benefactors of Those With Special NeedsN/A2018/06/082023/09/17
Disability Information and Statistics for Central America and MexicoN/A2017/12/23
Urging Congress to Alter Federal Policies that Disadvantage People with DisabilitiesN/A2017/10/282018/03/15
Airport Security Experts, Disability Rights Advocates Call for Emergency Preparedness Training at Key AirportsN/A2017/10/182017/10/19
State Revenue Declines Lead to Cuts in Child Medicaid Benefits and Education SpendingYes2017/07/032023/09/21
Majority of Americans Still Suffer From Trump Election Results AnxietyN/A2017/04/202018/01/02
ASAN Condemns White House Autism ProclamationN/A2017/04/02
President Trump Signs Abraham Gun Rights Bill Into LawN/A2017/03/042023/12/11
Trump Issues Executive Order to Reverse Federal Agency ACA PoliciesN/A2017/01/24
Pentagon Case May Mean Billions for Women, Minorities, and VeteransN/A2016/12/12
U.S. Elections - Guide for American Voters with DisabilitiesN/A2016/11/032018/03/15
White House Event Celebrates Hiring of 100,000 Federal Employees With DisabilitiesN/A2016/10/272023/10/10
Bridging the Economic Divide for Americans with DisabilityN/A2016/10/252023/10/07
Hillary Clinton Vows to Protect Rights of People with DisabilitiesN/A2016/09/212023/03/17
High Intensity LED Street Lighting: Human and Environmental EffectsN/A2016/06/172022/06/04
Get Protected - Fake Emails From Social Security ScamN/A2016/02/09
Call for U.S. Ziplining Safety StandardsN/A2016/01/142023/10/26
Executive Actions on Gun Violence Violates Civil RightsYes2016/01/102023/06/24
Executive Actions to Reduce Gun Violence and Make Communities SaferYes2016/01/052023/06/24
Wells Fargo 25th ADA Anniversary EventsN/A2015/06/202021/08/16
Ending Lives of Disabled Infants by Denial of Health Care - Resign Now Peter SingerN/A2015/06/09
10% of Americans in U.S. Want to Move OutN/A2015/03/202020/09/30
Quadriplegic Teacher Faces Losing Career, Home, IndependenceN/A2014/12/312021/09/24
Persistent Barriers to Economic Success for Americans with DisabilitiesN/A2014/09/252020/12/17
Access for All: Agenda for Americans with Disabilities - 3 New BillsN/A2014/09/242016/11/10
Statement of Solidarity with Victims of Police Violence in FergusonN/A2014/09/102023/09/14
Call for Ratification of Disability TreatyN/A2014/07/222021/06/19
Swift Ratification of Disability Treaty Urged After Supreme Court DecisionN/A2014/06/09
U.S. Ratification of the UN CRPD Urged by AAASN/A2014/05/02
Counterfeit Contraceptives: 28% of Emergency Contraceptive Pills Falsified or SubstandardN/A2014/04/242021/07/30
Saying No to Sterilization of Disabled Children in ColumbiaN/A2014/03/212021/08/23
Implementing Medicaid Managed Care Without Harming Americans with DisabilitiesN/A2013/03/192021/05/12
Seniors Go Hunger Due to Cuts to US Food Stamp ProgramN/A2012/08/262021/08/08
Senate to Approve Ratification of Convention on the Rights of Persons with DisabilitiesN/A2012/05/272021/09/08
Canada Strengthens Ties With BrazilN/A2011/08/092017/12/23
U.S. Deaths Caused by Poverty, Low Education and Social FactorsYes2011/06/232023/04/17
U.S. Life Expectancy Falls Behind Healthiest NationsYes2011/06/152022/09/03
Brazil's Health Care System Expands CoverageN/A2011/05/102017/12/23
Leprosy in America May be Transmitted by ArmadillosYes2011/04/282024/02/13
HHS Plan to Reduce Health DisparitiesN/A2011/04/08
High Welfare Use by US ImmigrantsN/A2011/04/05
Creating Developmental Disabilities PolicyN/A2011/02/19
Mobility Providers Ask White House to Address Gross Mismanagement of Mobility BenefitN/A2011/02/10
Americans Financial Unpreparedness for Living Longer than ExpectedN/A2011/01/052016/04/15
Funded Status of U.S. Pensions Rises to 84.3 PercentN/A2011/01/05
President Signs Pedestrian Safety Enhancement ActN/A2011/01/05
Enable America Reaches New Heights in 2010N/A2010/12/172018/10/08
People with Disability Experience Double the Rate of Violent CrimeN/A2010/12/09
Is This the Wrong Time to be Disabled in AmericaN/A2010/11/112013/06/13
Americans Less Healthy Than English - But Live as Long or LongerN/A2010/11/052016/09/23
Guarantee Women's Access to Health Care - ArgentinaN/A2010/10/172017/12/23
American Life Expectancy Continues to Fall Behind Other CountriesN/A2010/10/072017/06/28
America, Land of the... ProsecutedN/A2010/08/22
Harold Dow a CBS News Correspondent has Passed AwayN/A2010/08/22
Cyclist Breaks World RecordN/A2010/08/21
Health Impact of Gulf Coast Oil Spill Hazardous but ImprovingN/A2010/08/16
Most Livable U.S. Cities for Wheelchair UsersN/A2010/07/26
Family Reunited After Wrongful Seizure of ChildN/A2010/07/22
Journey of Hope - Cycling Across the US for People with DisabilitiesN/A2010/07/22
Americans Believe Social Life Would Suffer More than Sex Life from Hearing LossN/A2010/07/21
Joni Eareckson Tada to Undergo Surgery for Breast CancerN/A2010/06/242015/02/16
Cleanlogic Adds Braille to Bottles of Body Wash and LotionN/A2010/06/17
OAS Participates in Opening of New POETA Center in PeruN/A2010/06/052017/12/23
Offset State Mental Health Crisis and End Disability BacklogN/A2010/05/17
U.S. Disability and Veterans Parking PrivilegesN/A2010/05/102019/07/22
Americans Live to Work But Don't Prepare for IllnessN/A2010/04/30
Sports and Music Stars Drive 6,000 Miles for COPDN/A2010/02/062010/07/08
The Arc Condemns White House Aides Use of R-WordN/A2010/01/282010/04/13
Great Lakes ADA Center Celebrates 19 Years of Americans with Disabilities ActN/A2009/07/252010/05/12

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