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Advocates for American Disabled Individuals Provides Assistance to Arizona Individuals with Disabilities

  • Synopsis: Published: 2016-03-05 - AADI calls for Arizona individuals with disabilities to reach out if they need compliance assistance or day-to-day quality of life improvement help - Advocates for American Disabled Individuals (

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Quote: "Individuals with disabilities need to be made aware of the services and benefits that are now available to them, and the work that is being done to obtain the equal opportunities they so justly deserve."

Discrimination by organizations against individuals with disabilities is all too common. It is important for people with disabilities to seek support in standing up against businesses that create barriers preventing or violating their civil rights. It is also all too common that many Americans with disabilities go without items that they need, which thereby prevents them from living their lives freely and actively. Advocates for American Disabled Individuals (AADI) (, is taking a stand and working tirelessly to assure equal rights and opportunities for individuals with physical and/or mental disabilities in Arizona. Additionally, the primarily self-funded Advocates for American Disabled Individuals Foundation provides immediate resources for people who are looking for assistance in both of these areas.

Advocates for American Disabled Individuals (AADI) announced today that they, as advocates for individuals with disabilities are actively searching for individuals with disabilities who are experiencing discrimination or general hardships, and is opening its doors to immediately work with those who reach out. AADI seeks out commercial locations and businesses that are not compliant with current ADA Requirements or not accommodating to the needs of individuals with disabilities and works to immediately take action against violators. The end goal is to strongly increase awareness of the plight of individuals with disabilities when it comes to all businesses throughout Arizona. AADI encourages those with disabilities to step forward with concerns about such issues so that the organization might be able to step in and work together to effect changes.

An equally important goal of the Advocates for American Disabled Individuals Foundation is to help improve the lives of the disabled by providing them with legal counsel, walkers, leg braces, lifts, electronic walking assistors, wheelchairs, transportation, assistance with medical bills, as well as addressing other needs that might arise. The growing Foundation's goal is to help three to four individuals with disabilities a day, and is extremely determined to increase awareness of their services and benefits among the disabled community. They aim to quickly bring about a wide range of benefits for individuals with disabilities, as well as to gain unprecedented equal access for millions of individuals with disabilities. A very large portion of Advocates for American Disabled Individuals Foundation's proceeds are directly utilized to improve the lives of individuals with disabilities, as well as other wide spread charitable efforts and missions. In fact, the Foundation is 100% managed by volunteers.

"Advocates for American Disabled Individuals is an unmatched entity working to advance equal rights for those with disabilities," states Monique Tatum, the AADI Public Relations Spokesperson. "Advocates for American Disabled Individuals Foundation as a great gift to the disabled community. Their determination to get the word out about their services and benefits makes them a strikingly devoted source and advocate for individuals with disabilities looking to receive equal accommodations within commercial locations, as well as assistance with day to day struggles. AADI has sparked an extremely important movement that must be made public. Individuals with disabilities need to be made aware of the services and benefits that are now available to them, and the work that is being done to obtain the equal opportunities they so justly deserve. All they have to do is reach out."

Advocates for American Disabled Individuals is using a multi-pronged approach to cause rapid and wide spread change among the many Arizona-based businesses that do not accommodate the rights of the disabled. This approach includes advocacy, litigation, structured negotiations, community education, and media for reform in systems, practices and facilities which discriminate against and cause obstacles for people with disabilities. AADI has filed numerous enforcement actions, and along with their attorneys, are proud to have nearly a 100% success rate of bringing about compliance in all of their cases. They are also actively and aggressively providing support for Arizona-based individuals who require help dealing with various aspects of their disabilities, and welcome individuals with disabilities requiring assistance in any aspect of life.

For more information on Advocates for American Disabled Individuals visit To apply for assistance from AADI please email

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Advocates for American Disabled Individuals and the Charitable Foundation were formed in January of 2016 and are located in the area of Phoenix, AZ, and serves to advance equal rights and opportunity as well as remove barriers for people with disabilities of all types. Their mission strongly promotes increasing awareness of their services within the disabled community. By taking affirmative action towards commercial and business locations that are not ADA compliant they are quickly bringing about a wave of compliance. AADI Foundation is also a growing resource for any individual with a disability looking to receive help with various issues relating to their disability, including but not limited to wheelchair access, obtaining legal counsel, medical expenses, and much, much more. AADI aims to help improve the lives of 3 to 4 individuals with disabilities per day, and encourages any person with a disability in need of assistance to connect with the organization.

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