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Disability News: California Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World California category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2016-10-31Delays in California Caregiver Payments Hearing
2016-02-27San Diego and San Francisco Juvenile Hall Investigations
2015-10-17Gov. Signs New California Dyslexia Laws
2014-08-07Cost-saving Program for Orthopedic Procedures at Californian Hospitals Falls Short of Goals
2011-11-20Adult Day Health Care Settlement
2011-07-20Call to Replace DMHC Leadership After Regulators Misrepresent Autism Settlement
2011-07-02Up to 220,000 Children in California Excluded from Health Care
2011-03-11Charlie Sheen Files $100M Lawsuit
2011-02-154.7M Californians to Gain Coverage Under Health Reform
2011-02-15Budget Cuts Leave Disabled Adults To Fend For Themselves
2011-02-08California Depositing Disability Benefits to Debit Cards Instead of Issuing Checks
2011-01-05Hud And Marin County Affordable Housing for Minorities and Persons With Disabilities
2010-11-18Plan to Fight Major Cause of Death in California
2010-11-18Over 400,000 Californians Affected if Unemployment Benefits Not Extended
2010-09-14Federal Poverty Guidelines Leave State's Seniors Destitute
2010-09-09California Skilled Nursing Facilities and Residents Prepare for Dramatic Changes
2010-09-08Urge Governor to Sign Bill Banning Discretionary Clauses
2010-08-28California's Juvenile Justice System Ill-Equipped to Care for Girl Offenders
2010-07-31Injured Worker Compensation and Claims in California
2010-07-31Nearly 20% of Californians Report a Need for Mental Health Services
2010-07-28San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom Commemorates ADA Anniversary
2010-07-25Pregnancy Discrimination in California - Mixed-Motive Defense
2010-07-25Home-care Providers Union Blasts California Governor on ADA Anniversary
2010-07-20Home for Developmentally Disabled Seniors - California
2010-07-18Justice Department Resolves Lawsuit Alleging Disability Discrimination by Ventura County, California
2010-07-13School Nurses in Sacramento Tackle Low Meningitis Vaccination Rates
2010-06-28Study of California Groups Finds 20-Year Difference in Life Expectancy
2010-06-22On Lok Hosts Conference to Explore Feasibility of PACE for Rural Seniors
2010-06-17Aging Sensitivity Training - Orange County
2010-06-16California Introduces New Homebuyer Tax Credit
2010-05-30San Diego Seminars on Thyroid Diseases and Spine Pain
2010-05-27Synopsis of Cuts to Senior Services in May Revise of California Budget
2010-05-15California Gov's Proposal Morally Wrong and Economically Unhealthy
2010-05-06May 6 Children's Mental Health Awareness Day Los Angeles
2010-05-03San Francisco Highest Rate of Liver Cancer
2010-04-29San Francisco Bay Area Dentist Makes House Calls
2010-04-28Chris Gustafson to Handle Autism Need in Pasadena
2010-04-28Autism & Related Disorders Excellence in Employment Awards - California
2010-04-22Medicare Denies Wheelchair Claim for Elderly Amputee
2010-04-16Better Patient Safety in California Linked to Fewer Medical Malpractice Claims
2010-01-09Home-care Advocates Urge California to Stand up to Governor
2009-10-22Disabled and Elderly California Residents Saved from Cut in Benefits
2009-09-19Schwarzenegger Honors Mother-In-Law While Cutting Vital Services

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