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Disability News: California Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World California category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

  1. Delays in California Caregiver Payments Hearing
    For years, California state has been hearing complaints that carers state-issued paychecks are often delayed for days or weeks in the In Home Support System - Published: 2016-10-31
  2. San Diego and San Francisco Juvenile Hall Investigations
    Disability Rights California issues findings of investigations into use of pepper spray and excessive use of room confinement - Published: 2016-02-27
  3. Gov. Signs New California Dyslexia Laws
    Decoding Dyslexia California comments on the benefits for public schoolchildren with dyslexia and their families of new California dyslexia laws - Published: 2015-10-17
  4. Cost-saving Program for Orthopedic Procedures at Californian Hospitals Falls Short of Goals
    Study finds cost saving effort in health care falls short of goals and bundled payment demonstration provides lessons for future - Published: 2014-08-07
  5. Adult Day Health Care Settlement
    Plaintiffs representing low-income people with disabilities reached a settlement in a federal lawsuit that challenged planned elimination of Adult Day Health Care as a Medi-Cal benefit - Published: 2011-11-20
  6. Call to Replace DMHC Leadership After Regulators Misrepresent Autism Settlement
    Consumer Watchdog calls on Governor Brown to replace Schwarzenegger-era regulators after DMHC officials misrepresented details of autism settlement with Blue Shield - Published: 2011-07-20
  7. Up to 220,000 Children in California Excluded from Health Care
    Restrictions on eligibility for health care reform programs will result in potential exclusion of up to 220,000 children from affordable health care coverage in California - Published: 2011-07-02
  8. Charlie Sheen Files $100M Lawsuit
    Charlie Sheen Files $100M wrongful termination lawsuit for breach of contract and violations of California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) - Published: 2011-03-11
  9. 4.7M Californians to Gain Coverage Under Health Reform
    Up to two-thirds of the 7 million uninsured residents in California will become eligible for health insurance coverage when health care reform is implemented in 2014 - Published: 2011-02-15
  10. Budget Cuts Leave Disabled Adults To Fend For Themselves
    Community support aims to keep Special Education programs alive for disabled adults despite budget cuts - Published: 2011-02-15
  11. California Depositing Disability Benefits to Debit Cards Instead of Issuing Checks
    Californians getting new state issued Visa debit cards instead of checks to access their disability benefits - Published: 2011-02-08
  12. Hud And Marin County Affordable Housing for Minorities and Persons With Disabilities
    Hud And Marin County Agreement Will Promote Affordable Housing Opportunities For Minorities And Persons With Disabilities - Published: 2011-01-05
  13. Plan to Fight Major Cause of Death in California
    The California COPD Coalition led by the American Lung Association in California released Strategic Plan to Address COPD in California - Published: 2010-11-18
  14. Over 400,000 Californians Affected if Unemployment Benefits Not Extended
    Statement released by Laphonza Butler President of SEIU ULTCW urging Congress to vote to extend unemployment benefits in California - Published: 2010-11-18
  15. Federal Poverty Guidelines Leave State's Seniors Destitute
    Data and research on what it really takes for seniors to make ends meet in each of California 58 counties - Published: 2010-09-14
  16. California Skilled Nursing Facilities and Residents Prepare for Dramatic Changes
    Nursing home residents to be interviewed and asked about their mood pain levels personal preferences and whether they want to be returned home or to another community-based setting - Published: 2010-09-09
  17. Urge Governor to Sign Bill Banning Discretionary Clauses
    AB 1868 legislation bans discretionary clauses in group life and disability insurance contracts - Published: 2010-09-08
  18. California's Juvenile Justice System Ill-Equipped to Care for Girl Offenders
    New report calls for better programs to serve rising numbers of delinquent girls - Published: 2010-08-28
  19. Injured Worker Compensation and Claims in California
    Injured California construction workers can rely on violations of OSHA regulations or California law to establish employers liability for work comp benefits or compensation - Published: 2010-07-31
  20. Nearly 20% of Californians Report a Need for Mental Health Services
    Study finds nearly 1 in 5 Californians report need for mental health services - Published: 2010-07-31
  21. San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom Commemorates ADA Anniversary
    San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom Commemorates The 20th Anniversary Of The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) - Published: 2010-07-28
  22. Pregnancy Discrimination in California - Mixed-Motive Defense
    Supreme Court questioning whether employers can assert a mixed-motive defense in cases of alleged pregnancy discrimination - Published: 2010-07-25
  23. Home-care Providers Union Blasts California Governor on ADA Anniversary
    California should be leading the way in implementing ADA historic civil rights breakthrough for people with disabilities - Published: 2010-07-25
  24. Home for Developmentally Disabled Seniors - California
    HomeAid Northern California recently dedicated Phase 1 of the Village at Walpert Center in Hayward - Published: 2010-07-20
  25. Justice Department Resolves Lawsuit Alleging Disability Discrimination by Ventura County, California
    Title I of the ADA prohibits employers from discriminating against a qualified individual on the basis of disability in job applications - Published: 2010-07-18
  26. School Nurses in Sacramento Tackle Low Meningitis Vaccination Rates
    School Nurses in Sacramento Tackle Low Meningitis Vaccination Rates - Published: 2010-07-13
  27. Study of California Groups Finds 20-Year Difference in Life Expectancy
    Study Finds 20-Year Difference in Life Expectancy For Some Groups in California - Published: 2010-06-28
  28. On Lok Hosts Conference to Explore Feasibility of PACE for Rural Seniors
    Policy Conference Brings Together Leaders in Eldercare To Advance Innovative Care Model in Rural California - Published: 2010-06-22
  29. Aging Sensitivity Training - Orange County
    Orange County Mediators Participate in Aging Sensitivity Training Provided by SCAN Health Plan - Published: 2010-06-17
  30. California Introduces New Homebuyer Tax Credit
    In an effort to stimulate the economy, California is offering first-time home buyers up to $10,000 in state tax credits - Published: 2010-06-16
  31. San Diego Seminars on Thyroid Diseases and Spine Pain
    San Diego Functional Medicine Present Two Seminars On Thyroid Diseases And Spine Pain By Dr. Datis Kharrazian And Dr Krage - Published: 2010-05-30
  32. Synopsis of Cuts to Senior Services in May Revise of California Budget
    The SCAN Foundation Provides Synopsis of Cuts to Senior Services in the May Revise of the 2010-2011 California Budget - Published: 2010-05-27
  33. California Gov's Proposal Morally Wrong and Economically Unhealthy
    200,000 low-income seniors and people with disabilities would lose only care available that allows them to live safely at home - Published: 2010-05-15
  34. May 6 Children's Mental Health Awareness Day Los Angeles
    Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic Urges Increased Focus on Healthy Development in Early Childhood - Published: 2010-05-06
  35. San Francisco Highest Rate of Liver Cancer
    Hepatitis B is one of the leading health disparities between Asians and non-Hispanic whites - Published: 2010-05-03
  36. San Francisco Bay Area Dentist Makes House Calls
    Home Care Dentist gets to the route of the problem for patients with chronic frailty mobility issues phobia or other concerns - Published: 2010-04-29
  37. Chris Gustafson to Handle Autism Need in Pasadena
    Wellspring Hires Chris Gustafson to Handle Autism Need in Pasadena California - Published: 2010-04-28
  38. Autism & Related Disorders Excellence in Employment Awards - California
    The Help Group hosts the inaugural California Senate Select Committee on Autism and Related Disorders - Published: 2010-04-28
  39. Medicare Denies Wheelchair Claim for Elderly Amputee
    Medicare denies wheelchair claim for elderly amputee from Yucca Valley California - Published: 2010-04-22
  40. Better Patient Safety in California Linked to Fewer Medical Malpractice Claims
    Reducing preventable patient injuries in California hospitals associated with corresponding drop in malpractice claims against physicians - Published: 2010-04-16
  41. Home-care Advocates Urge California to Stand up to Governor
    California Governor proposes to dismantle IHSS program which helps 450,000 low-income disabled senior and blind Californians stay at home - Published: 2010-01-09
  42. Disabled and Elderly California Residents Saved from Cut in Benefits
    130,000 disabled and elderly California residents breathed a sigh of relief on Tuesday - Published: 2009-10-22
  43. Schwarzenegger Honors Mother-In-Law While Cutting Vital Services
    Governor stopping the evictions of twenty mentally and physically disabled residents - Published: 2009-09-19


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