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Chris Gustafson to Handle Autism Need in Pasadena

  • Synopsis: Published: 2010-04-28 - Wellspring Hires Chris Gustafson to Handle Autism Need in Pasadena California. For further information pertaining to this article contact: Wellspring.
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Wellspring Hires Chris Gustafson to Handle Autism Need in Pasadena...

Wellspring hires Chris Gustafson to handle cases of autism in children living in Pasadena and surrounding area.

Autism is the fastest-growing developmental disorder with roughly 1% of U.S. children affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder. Wellspring has experienced phenomenal success in the Thousand Oaks, Irvine and Los Angeles area in helping children reach their potential. By employing principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, the staff at Wellspring is changing children's behavior for the better and enhancing their lives.

Wellspring hired Chris because of his impressive sales and management background. In addition to his experience at driving sales in similar industries, Chris has an upbeat personality and highly regarding leadership skills. In this management role, Chris will be responsible for ensuring the Pasadena office is fiscally sound so clinicians can focus on the treatments for children with autism.

In previous positions, Chris managed multiple accounts, supervised large staff, exceeded numerous sales goals, oversaw the overall branch operations and successfully built and sustained strong business relationships. Parents of Chris's clients will appreciate his responsiveness, professionalism, positive outlook and his passion for making their child's needs his utmost priority. From fundraising and participating in the Autism Speaks' Walk for Autism to ensuring a case load is covered, Chris raises the bar on being deeply involved in the autism community. Known for his positive attitude, problem solving capabilities and catalyst for sales growth, Chris is a valuable asset to the Wellspring organization.

Wellspring is one of the fastest growing companies in California in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. Wellspring employs ethical and experienced professionals who are passionate about meeting the behavioral needs of their clients and improving their quality of life. Wellspring is committed to being at the forefront of the behavioral health services industry and a leader of autism treatment. The company is on the cutting edge of the latest research, updated educational plans, business trends and technology to ensure the success of its employees and its clients.

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