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Disability News: Colorado

  • Synopsis: Latest health and disability news from Colorado including Denver Colorado Springs and major cities and counties in Colorado State.

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Information and news regarding disabilities in the U.S. State of Colorado, including facts and statistics.

Colorado Disability Resources

The Resource Exchange Program

Options for people with developmental disabilities and their families, including residential, Family Support, Supported Living, vocational, transportation, case management and Early Intervention -

Assistive Technology Partners

Provides a unique integration of capabilities and services for persons with disabilities and associated professional affiliations -

Colorado Springs Independence Center

The CSIC provides a variety of services aimed at empowering people with disabilities to maintain their independence within the community, primary services include Peer Support, Advocacy, Independent Living Skills Training and Information and Referral -

Colorado Cross Disability Coalition

The CCDC is Colorado's only statewide organization run by and for people with all types of disabilities. Members consist of people with disabilities and their non-disabled coworkers, employers, family members, and neighbors, working together to support disability rights. The Colorado Cross Disability Coalition is a statewide organization dedicated to system change. Their goal is full participation of all persons with all types of disabilities in all areas of community living. Medicaid and health care issues are a major focus of the coalition's work. They also do ADA testing, sponsor a tenant's alliance, host community events, and have a rural organizing program -

The Exceptional Student Leadership Unit

The Colorado Department of Education provides a variety of sources of information for parents of children with disabilities that either live in Colorado, or are considering moving to Colorado State -

The Colorado Developmental Disabilities Council (CDDC)

An independently functioning council of advocates working for the implementation of public policies which promote the self-determination, independence, and community inclusion of Coloradoans with developmental disabilities -

The Division of Wildlife in Colorado

The State of Colorado is known around the world for its incredible array of outdoor recreational activities. The Division of Wildlife continues to work to provide people with disabilities with the opportunity to enjoy Colorado's wildlife. The Division provides accommodation permits, accommodating facilities, as well as disability licenses, making the outdoors more accessible and enjoyable for people with disabilities. The Division of Wildlife in Colorado continues to make opening the outdoors to people with disabilities a priority -

Disability Sports Colorado

Colorado Springs, home of the United States Olympic Committee, is also home to a number of resources for people with disabilities. From Special Olympics to the U.S. Association of Blind Athletes, Colorado Springs has much to offer people with disabilities.

Find out more information concerning Disability Sports, and sporting for people with disabilities in the Colorado Springs area -

Statistics: Colorado Disability

Latest Colorado Publications

  1. Bridges of Colorado Disability Services
    Overview of the Bridges of Colorado, and organization that provides quality services for people with disabilities.
  2. Recent Colorado Ruling Endangers Women's Health
    Company executives deny affordable coverage to employees for contraceptive services.
  3. Social Security Disability Benefits and Injured Colorado Workers Taxability
    Colorado injured workers who are potentially eligible for both workers compensation and Social Security disability benefits may face tax implications.
  4. Improved Stroke Care for Rocky Mountain Region
    Metro Denver residents will have vastly improved access to stroke neurologists with the expansion of a system-wide telemedicine program.
  5. Help Coloradans Fight Cancer in Your Tax Return
    Colorado taxpayers can show their support in the fight against cancer by checking line 37 on their 2010 income tax forms.

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