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Bridges of Colorado Disability Services

  • Synopsis: Published: 2015-12-04 - Overview of the Bridges of Colorado, and organization that provides quality services for people with disabilities. For further information pertaining to this article contact: Thomas C. Weiss at Disabled World.

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Quote: "Bridges of Colorado has a strong commitment to the rights, freedoms and dignity people with disabilities share with everyone."

The mission of Bridges of Colorado is to provide the services needed to permit individuals with disabilities, with the support of their family members and friends, to live, work and learn where they desire to within the community. The organization believes everyone with disabilities has the right to choose where and with whom they live and work. Bridges of Colorado has a strong commitment to the rights, freedoms and dignity people with disabilities share with everyone. They believe people with disabilities, with the support of their family members, can have the expectation of a full life as participating members of their communities. Bridges is committed to providing high-quality services to everyone they serve. The organization's commitment includes the following:

  • Consumer advocacy
  • 24-hour accessibility
  • An open door philosophy
  • Encouraging family involvement

Bridges of Colorado's core values include advocacy, quality staff members, respect, dignity, community life and consumers first. The organization also has five pillars to corporate culture which include:

  • Innovation: Being a company that innovates on purpose.
  • Quality: Always being committed to the provision of quality care.
  • Invested: Being a premier agency that values people and people value
  • Direct Care: Being an agency that continually recognizes direct care staff
  • Communication: Always maintaining a steady and effective flow of communication.

Bridges of Colorado Services

Bridges of Colorado provides quality services for people with disabilities. The organization is proud and excited to share information with others concerning their services and looks forward to working with people to make a positive impact on the lives of those around them. Where home and community based waiver and other programs for people with disabilities are concerned, Bridges of Colorado is a provider for the State of Colorado Medicaid Waiver Program. The waivers permit Bridges of Colorado to provide residential and community assistance to consumers, such as:

  • Supportive living services waiver
  • Childrens extensive services waiver
  • Developmental disability services waiver

The organization is certified to provide these services under the state waiver. The services are vital for people with disabilities and include:

  • Mentorship
  • Host home program
  • Community connector
  • Personal care alternative
  • Family caregiver program
  • Supportive community connection

Bridges of Colorado also honors private pay to provide services to consumers with disabilities, their family members and friends.

Bridges of Colorado Heritage

Bridges of Colorado is a family owned and operated agency created out of a mother's love for her son. Over the past fifteen years, the organization has transformed into a national company serving people with disabilities as well as seniors across America. By experiencing and fundamentally understanding the challenges people with disabilities in communities experience, Bridges of Colorado always keeps their focus on those they serve. The organization's service delivery model reflects understanding, passion and experience.

The CEO of Bridges of Colorado, Jonathan Burlison, continues to carry out his mother's vision of a world where people with disabilities have the same respect, rights and opportunities as everyone else. The organization values the advancements in technology and uses them to improve the way in which they provide services. Bridges of Colorado realizes the importance of a provider and has vowed to always provide the supports needed by consumers and family members. The organization is honored and privileged to be a reliable and invaluable resource for the people it serves.

Peggy Burlison

Bridges of Colorado understands there is no one more powerful than a mother who is on a mission to help her own children; this is where the story of the organization starts. Peggy Burlison, a mother of two sons, was told the options for her child with a disability were not the same as the options for her other child. A strong willed and highly educated woman, Peggy took this as a call to action and founded Bridges of Colorado. She desired to create an agency that would focus on advocacy and the provision of quality services. The organization instills in its employees the same passion Peggy had, which motivates them to always strive to do their best. The organization's team promises to provide the quality services Peggy would want provided to her own son.

Nick Burlison

Nick Burlison received a diagnosis of autism, yet has not allowed his disability to slow him down one bit. Nick greets everyone with a warm hug and an ear-to-ear smile - always telling jokes and playing tricks. He is gifted with an entrepreneurial spirit like his mother and brother. He owns and operates his own copy service. Nick uses his strengths to assist companies with projects such as printing employee handbooks or newsletters. He is an excellent example of personal fortitude and provides the Bridges of Colorado family with a guiding light and a reminder to take time to recognize the abilities of everyone.

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