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Help Coloradans Fight Cancer in Your Tax Return

  • Synopsis: Published: 2011-03-08 - Colorado taxpayers can show their support in the fight against cancer by checking line 37 on their 2010 income tax forms. For further information pertaining to this article contact: Breast and Women's Reproductive Cancers (BWRC) Fund.
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Help Coloradans Fight Cancer by Checking Line 37 on 2010 Tax Form.

Colorado taxpayers can show their support in the fight against cancer by checking line 37 on their 2010 income tax forms. All donations will go toward the Breast and Women's Reproductive Cancers (BWRC) Fund, the only cancer organization in the Tax Check-off Program.

Every year in Colorado, nearly 1,000 women are diagnosed with reproductive cancers and over 2,800 men and women are diagnosed with breast cancer. An estimated 17 percent of Coloradans are uninsured and many others have inadequate insurance coverage.

In 2008, the BWRC Fund was created to expand cancer education, screening, and treatment throughout Colorado. Competitive grants are awarded to organizations across the state to increase survival rates and improve the quality of life of Coloradans with these cancers.

The BWRC Fund has helped expand cancer education programs across the state. For example, Survivors Teaching Students, a program sponsored by the Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance (COCA), brings ovarian cancer survivors into the classroom with medical students with the goal of helping the students become more sensitive to the symptoms of, and risk factors for, ovarian cancer.

In 2010, the BWRC Fund awarded approximately $49,000 in grants. Colorado tax filers may have any amount of their refund check directed toward the BWRC Fund. "Even a contribution of $5 dollars makes a real difference for the fund," said Roxanne Johnson, executive director for the BWRC Fund.

For more information about the BWRC Fund, visit

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