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Reed Group Releases Version 6.1 of MDGuidelines - Colorado Disability

  • Published: 2010-06-09 : MDGuidelines.
  • Synopsis: Reed Group version 6.1 of online platform of industry-leading return-to-work guidelines

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Reed Group, Ltd. announced today that it has issued version 6.1 of, its online platform of industry-leading return-to-work guidelines.

The new release includes updated content based on changing medical trends, a text-only version for use with mobile devices and by the visually impaired, and the addition of Colorado State Guidelines.

MDGuidelines 6.1 has updated content in 179 monographs as well as updated RBRVS (Medicare fee data) and HCUP data (hospital length of stay and cost data). It also offers nine new topics and new tables to reflect treatment advances and responses to user requests.

For example, return-to-work durations have been shortened for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction to reflect current medical trends. James B. Talmage, M.D., chair of Reed Group's Medical Advisory Board, explains why patients recover more quickly from this injury: "Over the past five years, open reconstruction has been basically abandoned, and essentially, all isolated ACL reconstructions are now done arthroscopically. Also, there is more use of motion control bracing which helps to protect the new ligament."

"Trends such as these dramatically change the expectations that employees and employers should share, so that the employee can return more quickly to productivity," says Reed Group President, Guidelines, Jon Seymour, M.D. "Without this kind of updated information, users would be attempting to navigate changed terrain with out-of-date maps. At MDGuidelines, we constantly strive to provide the most up-to-date, medically accurate information available."

Another feature of MDGuidelines version 6.1 is EasyAccess, which provides the same information as the fully graphic MDGuidelines, but primarily in text for faster loading with mobile devices (e.g. iPhones, Blackberrys) and devices used by the visually challenged.

MDGuidelines version 6.1 also includes the State of Colorado Treatment Guidelines, which are well-established evidence-based guidelines utilized in workers' compensation injuries. Content from the Colorado Guidelines has increasingly been considered for adoption by other states legislating the use of guidelines for reimbursement of treatments in workers' compensation cases.

Reed Group is the world's most trusted source of return-to-work information, helping companies improve employee absence outcomes. Reed Group's data, tools, customized solutions, and case management services help reduce absence incidence and duration, and get employees back to normal, healthy lives and full productivity. Reed Group is headquartered in Westminster, Colorado. More information at and

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