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Gloria Gaynor to Perform at Senior Expo and Health Fair Jacksonville Florida

  • Synopsis: Published: 2010-05-17 - Legendary Singer Hopes to Raise Awareness of Knee Osteoarthritis. For further information pertaining to this article contact: Ferring Pharmaceuticals Inc..

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Legendary Singer Hopes to Raise Awareness of Knee Osteoarthritis

Grammy Award winner Gloria Gaynor, whose hit songs have captivated the public for over 35 years, will perform at the City of Jacksonville's 14th Annual Senior Expo and Health Fair at the Prime Osborn Convention Center on May 19, 2010 to raise awareness of knee osteoarthritis (OA).

Ms. Gaynor, who has struggled with OA knee pain since 1984, was recently named national spokesperson for EUFLEXXA (1% sodium hyaluronate), a treatment for the pain of knee osteoarthritis. Her Jacksonville appearance will be the first in a series of engagements designed to draw attention to the widespread and potentially disabling problem of knee osteoarthritis, and the medical treatments available to help relieve the pain it causes.

In addition to performing, Ms. Gaynor will share her story, including the pain relief she has found with EUFLEXXA, and will meet with members of the public to answer questions and sign autographs. For those who would like to learn more about knee osteoarthritis and treatment for the associated pain, there will be medical presentations throughout May 19th and 20th at the EUFLEXXA booth. Dr. Kevin Vincent of the University of Florida will speak at the Expo on May 20, to present medical information and answer questions.

Ms. Gaynor experienced her first major success in 1975 with the classic song "Never Can Say Goodbye." She went on to record a string of major hits, most notably "I Will Survive," a Grammy Award winning song that has become an anthem for women around the world. Ms. Gaynor, also known as the Queen of Disco, celebrated the song's 30th anniversary in 2009.

Ms. Gaynor, who likes to say she remains a "survivor," was diagnosed with OA of the knee over 25 years ago. Since then she has tried a number of treatment options to manage the pain including exercise, various non-drug therapies, simple pain relievers and other forms of hyaluronic acid (HA) therapy until she found success with EUFLEXXA.

Ms. Gaynor was treated with a three-injection regimen of EUFLEXXA in 2009 and has joined the ranks of patients who were highly satisfied with treatment.

EUFLEXXA (1% sodium hyaluronate) is used to relieve knee pain due to osteoarthritis. It is used in people who do not get enough relief from simple pain medications such as acetaminophen or from exercise and physical therapy.


You should not receive this product if you have had any previous allergic reaction to EUFLEXXA or hyaluronan products. You should not have an injection into the knee if you have a knee joint infection or if you have skin disease or infection around the injection site.

EUFLEXXA is only for injection into the knee performed by a qualified doctor. After you receive this injection you may need to avoid activities such as jogging, tennis, heavy lifting, or standing on your feet for a long time (more than one hour). The safety and effectiveness of repeat treatment cycles of EUFLEXXA have not been established. The safety and effectiveness of EUFLEXXA have not been shown in people under 18 years of age.

Side effects sometimes seen when EUFLEXXA is injected into the knee joint were pain, swelling, skin irritation, and tenderness and these were generally mild and did not last long. Visit for full prescribing information.

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