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Southeastrans Innovative Mobile Solution to Assist Medicaid Patients

  • Synopsis: Published: 2011-07-14 - Real time data collection process establishes best practices throughout the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Program - Southeastrans.

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Eases Tracking of Medicaid Patient Trips to Maintain Integrity and Efficiency in the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Industry.

Atlanta based transportation management company Southeastrans has launched an industry-first solution, the Net InSight Mobile App. The user-friendly solution promotes transparency and accountability via a real-time data collection process that establishes best practices throughout the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Program, all while helping transportation providers to reduce paper waste.

The Net InSight mobile solution will benefit the state and its taxpayers, as it will significantly diminish the ability to commit fraud within Medicaid transportation programs. The solution is designed to help the Southeastrans' network of non-emergency medical transportation providers to proactively track and manage trips in real-time, run a variety of detailed reports, and electronically submit data for payment. Initial roll-out of the system has begun in Georgia; it will extend to other regions by the end of 2011.

"Shipping companies have been tracking packages for years, but transportation providers are often unable to provide accurate, timely information about passengers," said Steve Adams, President and CEO of Southeastrans. "People are intrinsically more valuable than packages, so it is absolutely essential that caregivers and loved ones are able to have real-time information regarding the whereabouts of medical transports often involving medically fragile people. This is why we developed the Net InSight solution."

Setting the Standard for an Essential Service

The solution is comprised of two core components: a computer tablet such as an Apple iPad® running the Net InSight application and an interactive web portal. These components are fully integrated with Southeastrans' transportation management system, which is used to coordinate over 2 million trips annually under its partnership with the Georgia Department of Community Health. Southeastrans provides the iPad, the mobile application, and the necessary cellular connectivity to participating transportation providers free of charge.

"While these individual technologies have been available for quite some time, pulling them together to create a cohesive system is what makes the Net InSight solution unique to the medical transportation industry," said Jim Degliumberto, Southeastrans' Chief Information Officer. "At Southeastrans, we're dedicated to continuous innovation that will help us and our partners provide the best, most effective and accountable service to our communities."

Paper reimbursement forms are tremendously inefficient, yet standard, in the non-emergency transportation industry: they are often completed in a tedious process at the end of the day, which can result in inaccurate or missing information regarding passenger trips. The Net InSight application for the iPad ties in with Southeastrans' InSight online portal, and replaces paper trip reimbursement forms with e-forms. Each entry is associated with a time-stamp and a geocode, which ensures data integrity. While devices may be shared between drivers on different shifts, each driver is provided with secure login credentials and must log in for their own shift.

About Southeastrans - Southeastrans, Inc. was founded in 2000 as a transportation management company specializing in efficient and innovative delivery of human transportation services. Southeastrans manages a range of transportation programs including Medicaid non-emergency medical transportation, human service center transportation, and managed-care organization transportation services. The company's management methodologies have demonstrated tremendous success in reducing program costs, improving transportation service quality, and in building comprehensive and reliable transportation provider networks. For more information, visit

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