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Individuals and Businesses Gain Access to Group Medical Coverage Obamacare Alternative

  • Synopsis: Published: 2014-12-12 - Competitively priced plans as alternative to Obamacare made possible by federal government Professional Employer Organization legislation - Benefit and Compensation Consultants (

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Benefit and Compensation Consultants (BCC) now offers small business owners and individuals, including Medicare-eligible individuals, quality medical coverage from a leading nationwide insurer that until now only large employers could provide. These innovative, competitively priced plans are a great alternative to Obamacare and made possible by the federal government's Professional Employer Organization (PEO) legislation.

"Our medical plans are true group plans, which previously were only available to employees of large companies" stated Joel Levy, founder of BCC. "They cover everything top-notch plans should, from day-to-day medical needs, regular preventive care, and expensive diagnostic testing. Moreover, these plans financially protect subscribers against the high cost of treating serious injury or illness. Best of all, interested parties may switch to any of our programs at any time, even if they have recently renewed their coverage."

Why Sign Up

Every BCC medical plan includes the following features:

  • An insurance carrier that is one of the nation's leading providers with one of the largest local and national provider networks
  • Capability for subscribers to keep their own doctor
  • Comprehensive coverage with no lifetime maximum
  • Prescription drug coverage, state and federal mandated services
  • Premiums not based on age, sex, zip code, smoker/non-smoker status, or health history
  • Premiums don't increase with age
  • No medical questionnaire to complete
  • No need to disclose your personal financial information
  • Referrals not needed to see a specialist
  • Premiums are paid with pre-tax dollars, which cannot be done with an insurance company
  • Coverage also available for spouse and children
  • Life insurance
  • Range of voluntary plans to enhance coverage
  • Plus many additional benefits usually only offered by large employers

The finest in group health insurance, even for those not in a group.

Who Should Sign Up

BCC medical plans are designed specifically for:

  • Small-business owners
  • Self-employed professional, such as a: lawyer, CPA, doctor, dentist, or other professional in private practice
  • Freelancer or independent contractor
  • Medicare recipients
  • Individuals receiving 1099 income, losing Cobra coverage, or have been shocked by a renewal increase in their current medical coverage
  • Anyone without medical coverage at work
  • Anyone unhappy with their current medical coverage
  • Anyone concerned about the personal information they are required to reveal to obtain Obamacare or individual coverage

How It Works

BCC's medical coverage operates as a Professional Employer Organization (PEO). Created by federal legislation, a PEO is designed to specifically help small businesses and individuals get the services and coverage they need.

As a PEO, BCC combines its clients into a larger group, allowing it to offer group coverage not normally available to small businesses and individuals. By combining clients into a larger group, BCC leverages the power of the group into lower premiums and better coverage.

(For more information on PEOs, visit the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations' website at

Easy Enrollment

Getting started in a BCC medical plan is easy. All that is needed is to establish a relationship with the BCC PEO, then select a plan. An "Enrollment Package" file can be obtained by request at

BCC also works with insurance brokers and other professional advisers. Please contact us to learn about the programs we can offer your clients.


Benefit and Compensation Consultants' medical coverage is currently available in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Full-Range of Business Services

The BCC PEO offers small-business owners a full range of additional services. These include:

  • Payroll
  • Comprehensive benefit plan design, implementation, and administration
  • Compliance with federal and state regulations as well as labor laws
  • HR and employment services
  • Medical claim audits

For more information about BCC business services, email or visit

Founded in 1991, Benefit and Compensation Consultants (BCC) is an actuarial benefit compensations and human resource consulting firm and insurance brokers. Its clients range from small privately held companies to large public companies. Clients also include high net-worth individuals, and professionals such as attorneys, CPAs, health-care professionals, and business people (i.e., real estate brokers, financial planners, insurance brokers, etc). BCC also has served a number of not-for-profit clients and religious institutions, universities and school districts, state and local governments, and teaching hospitals.

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