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A Response to "Putting Politics Before Patients" by the AARP

  • Synopsis: Published: 2010-04-15 (Revised/Updated 2010-06-25) - A Response to Putting Politics Before Patients by the AARP - Disabled World.

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While the intentions of the health care reform bill are noble; they are not adequate to meet the needs of people with disabilities in America today.

A Response to, 'Putting Politics Before Patients,' by the AARP.

Health Care Reform is something the nation of America very desperately needs; yet not through the form the current health care reform bill before this nation represents. The leaders in office are already talking about, 'fixing it,' before it has even passed. Like the Medicare, Medicaid, and VA Health care programs, the government will pursue a focus on cost-cutting and cost-effectiveness in relation to health care reform, something that means people with disabilities will face even more of the dreaded statement, 'Sorry, that particular medication, medical equipment, or medical service is not available or is too expensive.'

The intentions of the health care reform bill are noble; they are not adequate to meet the needs of people with disabilities in America today. In fact, this bill will further increase the woes of people with disabilities in America by placing not only a tax burden on us over a period of years without us receiving a single health care benefit in association with the bill; it will find us facing increasing denial of services once it does take effect years from now. President Obama is correct in one regard though; the status quo is not acceptable either.

While President Obama appears on television and in the news criticizing the human rights violations of other nations in the world today, he would be wise to remember that his own administration has signed the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. According to this very Convention, people with disabilities in America are entitled to the Right to Life, involvement in governmental processes, legal, and political representation. Every one of these rights is being denied through the health care reform process.

Kareem Dale has not said one word about health care reform to be noticed. There are no political leaders who can even say the words, 'People with Disabilities;' instead, we are grouped in with seniors in America, despite being this nation's largest minority at greater than 50+ million strong. People with disabilities in America have not been involved in the process of creating the health care reform bill before this nation; we have not even been asked what our opinion is. The health care reform bill will affect every single person with a disability in this nation, every single one of us; yet the President of the United States of America cannot say the words, 'People with Disabilities,' with any sense of regularity in regards to health care reform. Instead, there are discussions concerning, 'End of Life Counselors,' and the great expense of end of life care.

The reaction on the part of the State of Idaho is something that has been expected; there are thirty-seven other States in America that are considering following suit, taking similar actions. Why? Because they are aware of the poor-quality of this health care reform bill. The health care reform bill contains so much pork that it is irrelevant to health care issues. The leaders in office have turned their backs on vast populations in America, greater than seventy-percent of the population in total, who have said, 'No, we do not want this version of health care reform,' to include people with disabilities.

While President Obama gets up before this nation and states that some things are not relevant to health care reform, this administration includes student loans in the bill, something that has absolutely nothing to do with health care. He bribes politicians with water and rides on Air Force One in order to gain their votes. Nancy Pelosi does nothing less.

When a piece of legislation is worthy, there may still be some argument over the content of the bill, but nothing like what you are witnessing today in regards to the version of health care reform before this nation. The health care reform legislation that is before America today is junk, and the American people know it. It is not that we do not greatly desire health care reform, we do. We very greatly want health care reform. We do not want health care reform legislation filled with pork that violates the rights of people with disabilities and places us in a worse position than we were in before. We do not want health care legislation that finds the leaders of our nation bribing their way to a supposed victory and presenting us with tax woes for years before we even receive any health care benefits.

The leadership in this nation have set themselves up for a series of revolts by the States in this nation. They have set themselves up for a series of legal battles, and are attempting to worsen the health care situation for every single person with a disability in America, all while appearing to, 'make it better.' The health care reform legislation before this nation today is completely inadequate and steps on the rights of every single person with a disability in America today through a focus on cost-cutting and cost-effectiveness that will remove our rights to equality in this nation.

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