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Chicago Center for Health & Wellness for Individuals with Disabilities - Disability News Illinois

  • Synopsis: Published: 2010-05-13 - Center for Health and Wellness will include education and assurance of primary health care services, oral health, nutrition, recreation and clinical/behavior health services. For further information pertaining to this article contact: Little City Foundation.

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Little City Foundation Opens First-Ever 'Center for Health & Wellness' in Chicago Area Providing On-Site Primary Healthcare and Oral Care to Individuals With Disabilities.

Little City Foundation (LCF) this week opened its Center for Health & Wellness with residents, parents, staff and key community partners including representatives from the Alvin H. Baum Family Fund, Northwest Community Hospital (NCH), Omron Electronic Components LLC, Omron Foundation and others.

Formed with the goal of improving the health, wellness and overall quality of life of the Little City Foundation community, the Center for Health and Wellness will foster an organized and systematic effort to include education and assurance of primary health care services, oral health, nutrition, recreation and clinical/behavior health services.

The Center, with the help of its community partners, will collectively assure conditions in which people can experience healthy lifestyles through program offerings that include cooking and nutrition classes, therapeutic recreation and fitness programs, health education, treatment planning and diagnostic services.

Through the development and use of clinical quality and health indicators, the Center will monitor and track the curative and preventive impact of its program offerings, including reductions in unnecessary hospital and emergency room visits.

"Little City's emergency room visits have already gone down by 10 percent since we hired a dedicated advanced practice nurse from Northwest Community Hospital in January," commented Little City Executive Director Shawn E. Jeffers. "The difference this on-site facility will have in the health and quality of life for our most vulnerable citizens will be astounding."

Community members gather around a joyous Executive Director Shawn E. Jeffers and Little City Resident Nick Diederich who would cut the ribbon at the Center for Health & Wellness dedication with key partners

NCH Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer Mike Zenn recognized his team of medical professionals who contributed their first-class medical expertise to the Center and to the people of Little City.

Key partners like Little City's Advanced Practice Nurse Kim Hogan (pictured above), hired through NCH, applaud the efforts of everyone who made the facility a reality

Rebecca Novales, Vice President of Finance & Administration at Omron Electronic Components LLC, continued the dedication and read a letter from Omron Executive Nigel Blakeway, who played a critical role in the establishment of the Center. Takuji Yamamoto, Chairman and CEO, Omron Management Center of America, Inc. (OMCA), continued the dedication by sharing captivating insight on Omron's mission and what the dedication meant to Omron on their Founder's Day (May 10). And Yoshiyuki Okada, Chief Operating Officer of Omron Electronic Components LLC, concluded with his thought on corporate social responsibility.

Joel Friedman, representative of the Alvin H. Baum Family Fund, also shared his goals and what he expects the Center for Health & Wellness to accomplish.

The dedication concluded with blessings from leaders of different religious faiths and a ribbon-cutting that included the key community partners, Little City board members, residents, parents and staff.

Little City's Center for Health & Wellness will not only serve Little City's hundreds of residents and participants, but will eventually become available to the entire Chicago area population of people with disabilities

To support individuals with autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities, visit

For complete information, visit or contact Lisa Reyes at or 847-221-7825.

For more than 50 years, Little City Foundation has developed innovative and personalized programs to fully assist and empower children and adults with autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities. With a commitment to attaining a greater quality of life for Illinois' most vulnerable citizens, Little City actively promotes choice, person-centered planning and a holistic approach to health and wellness. Little City's ChildBridge services include in-home personal and family supports, clinical and behavior intervention, 24/7 residential services and special needs foster care and adoption. Little City's LifePath Adult Services offers a variety of residential options, employment opportunities, home-based services, case management, day supports, Special Olympics, an award-winning Center for the Arts and more. The organization has a 56-acre campus in Palatine and offices in Chicago. Visit

Based on a therapeutic community approach, Little City Foundation introduced its first-ever Health & Wellness Center initiating a holistic approach to wellness on Little City's 56-acre Palatine campus. The Health & Wellness Center provides primary medical and oral healthcare to hundreds of individuals with autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities throughout the Chicago area. A dedicated advanced practice nurse, part-time dentist, full-time dental hygienist and complete nursing staff provide specialized healthcare in addition to nutrition and related training. The Health & Wellness Center supports Little City's Strategic Plan and overall approach to a high quality of life for the individuals it serves.

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