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Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Update

  • Synopsis: Published: 2010-05-06 - BP today provided an update on developments in the response to the MC252 oil well in the Gulf of Mexico. For further information pertaining to this article contact: BP.
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Update on Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Response - BP today provided an update on developments in the response to the MC252 oil well in the Gulf of Mexico.

Subsea Source Control and Containment

Work continues to attempt to bring the MC252 oil well under control, to stop the flow of oil and to contain the oil subsea.

A valve that had been attached to the end of a broken drill pipe, one of the three points from which oil was leaking, was closed. This has stopped the flow from this point, but is not expected to affect the overall rate of flow from the well. BP continues to use remotely operated vehicles to monitor the flow of oil from the other two leak points.

A containment dome was loaded aboard a transport vessel at Port Fourchon, Louisiana, and began its transport to the MC252 well site. The 40x24x14 feet steel vessel, which weighs almost 100 tons, is expected to be lowered to the seabed today.

The drilling of the first relief well, which began on Sunday May 2, continues. It is estimated that it will take some three months to complete.

Surface Spill Response, Containment and Shoreline Protection

Work continues to collect and disperse oil that has reached the surface of the sea and to protect the shoreline.

By mid-afternoon, twelve flights over the spill had been completed, delivering a total of 34,000 gallons of dispersant. During the day further in situ burning of oil on the surface of the water was carried out.

80,000 feet of boom was deployed during the day. This brought the total length of boom now deployed to protect the shore to over 100 miles.

More than 11,000 people have so far volunteered to assist in efforts to protect the coastline and in the clean up of any spill. More than 4,000 have already received training.

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