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Disability News: Massachusetts Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Massachusetts category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

  1. Massachusetts Governor Signs Naturopathic Medicine Bill
    Massachusetts Gov. signs bill S2335 to license Naturopathic Doctors in Massachusetts - Published: 2017-01-15
  2. Massachusetts Takes Aim at Alzheimer's Disease
    Advocates for Alzheimers patients were rewarded for their efforts as Massachusetts legislature enacted two separate bills this week - Published: 2014-08-08
  3. Increase in ER Use After Health Insurance Coverage Implemented
    Study shows implementation of health care reform in Massachusetts associated with increase in emergency department use - Published: 2014-03-24
  4. Rising Support for Massachusetts Health Reform
    Majority of Massachusetts residents support the health care reform legislation enacted in 2006 - Published: 2011-06-07
  5. Federal Funding for Community Living Initiatives - Massachusetts
    Massachusetts will receive $110 million in federal funds over five years as part of the Money Follows the Person (MFP) program - Published: 2011-02-28
  6. Governor Patrick Announces Third Phase Of Pension Reform
    This proposal will build on pension reform legislation that closed loopholes and eliminated abuses in the public retirement system - Published: 2011-01-28
  7. Blind Massachusetts Residents Unable to Access Emergency Alerts
    Blind residents cannot access the service because registering involves a visual captcha - Published: 2010-12-07
  8. Bunker Hill Community College Grant to Help Low-Income Students
    Bunker Hill Community College will receive $276,608 federal TRIO grant to help low-income students and people with disabilities attend college - Published: 2010-08-24
  9. NLRB Decision Supports Quincy Medical Center in Negotiations with Nurses
    National Labor Relations Board determined Quincy Medical Center bargained in good faith in its recent negotiations with the Massachusetts Nursing Association - Published: 2010-08-01
  10. Captioned Telephone Services in Massachusetts
    Captioned telephone services will be available to the residents of Massachusetts - Published: 2010-07-31
  11. Housing Court-supported Tenancy Program Receives Positive Review - Massachusetts Disability News
    Program is highly effective in preventing homelessness among tenants with mental disabilities - Published: 2010-06-01
  12. Renewal of Contract with State of Massachusetts - CeltiCare
    CeltiCare Wins Renewal of Contract With the State of Massachusetts - Will continue to serve legal immigrants in Commonwealth Care Bridge Program - Published: 2010-05-16
  13. 15 Yrs of Practicing Social Security Disability Law - Keefe Disability Law Massachusetts
    Providing legal assistance to individuals with claims for disability benefits from Social Security - Published: 2010-05-04
  14. Water to Those in Need in Massachusetts
    Poland Spring Delivers a Half Million Bottles of Water to Those in Need in Massachusetts with 1.4 Million More on the Way - Published: 2010-05-03
  15. 59% Support Massachusetts Health Reform Law
    Massachusetts is facing impact of recession state budgetary fiscal problems and continued rising health care costs - Published: 2009-09-28


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