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Disability News: Massachusetts

  • Synopsis: Disabled World News presents the latest disability information and health related news from Massachusetts USA.

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Information of interest for persons with disabilities residing in, or visiting the State of Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Disability Resources

Asperger's Association of New England (AANE)

AANE is committed to providing a supportive, understanding community for individuals, families and professionals throughout New England -


A nonprofit research and development organization that works to expand learning opportunities for all individuals, especially those with disabilities, through Universal Design for Learning -

The Carroll Center for the Blind

The Carroll Center for the Blind, located in Newton, Massachusetts, is a private, non-profit agency which serves persons of all ages who are blind or visually impaired -

Cerebral Palsy of Massachusetts (CPMA)

Cerebral Palsy of Massachusetts exists to provide a continuum of community based services that supports the efforts of children and adults with developmental disabilities to live as independently as possible in the least restrictive environment -

The Federation for Children with Special Needs

Organized in 1975 as a coalition of parent groups representing children with a variety of disabilities, the Federation operates a Parent Center in Massachusetts which offers a variety of services to parents, parent groups, and others who are concerned with children with special needs -

The Arc of Massachusetts

The mission of The Arc of Massachusetts is to enhance the lives of individuals who have intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families -

Hydrocephalus Foundation

The Hydrocephalus Foundation, Inc. (HyFI) is a registered, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing support, educational resources and networking opportunities to patients and families affected by hydrocephalus -

Statistics: Massachusetts Disability

Latest Massachusetts Publications

  1. Massachusetts Governor Signs Naturopathic Medicine Bill
    Massachusetts Gov. signs bill S2335 to license Naturopathic Doctors in Massachusetts.
  2. Massachusetts Takes Aim at Alzheimer's Disease
    Advocates for Alzheimers patients were rewarded for their efforts as Massachusetts legislature enacted two separate bills this week.
  3. Increase in ER Use After Health Insurance Coverage Implemented
    Study shows implementation of health care reform in Massachusetts associated with increase in emergency department use.
  4. Rising Support for Massachusetts Health Reform
    Majority of Massachusetts residents support the health care reform legislation enacted in 2006.
  5. Federal Funding for Community Living Initiatives - Massachusetts
    Massachusetts will receive $110 million in federal funds over five years as part of the Money Follows the Person (MFP) program.

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