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Disability News: Minnesota

  • Synopsis: Last Revised/Updated: 2015-03-05 - Latest disability news stories for Minnesota USA including medical and health related information and updates

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Information and news for persons with disabilities residing in the State of Minnesota.

Minnesota Disability Resources

Minnesota STAR Program

STAR's mission is to help ALL MINNESOTANS with disabilities gain access to and acquire the assistive technology they need to live, learn, work and play -

Sight & Hearing Association

The Sight & Hearing Association is a nonprofit organization with a mission to enable lifetime learning by identifying preventable loss of vision and hearing in children -

Brain Injury Association of Minnesota

Our mission is to enhance the quality of life and bring the promise of a better tomorrow for all people affected by brain injury -

Minnesota Children with Special Health Needs (MCSHN)

Minnesota Children with Special Health Needs (MCSHN) provides statewide leadership through partnerships with key stakeholders including families, children and youth with special health care needs (CYSHCN), providers, public health and other state and/or community organizations for the purpose of improving the access and quality of, health care and other service systems that are designed to meet the needs of CYSHCN and their families -

PACER Center

The mission of PACER Center (Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights) is to expand opportunities and enhance the quality of life of children and young adults with disabilities and their families, based on the concept of parents helping parents -

The Minnesota Governor's Council on Developmental Disabilities

The mission of the Minnesota Governor's Council on Developmental Disabilities is to provide information, education, and training to build knowledge, develop skills, and change attitudes that will lead to increased independence, productivity, self determination, integration and inclusion (IPSII) for people with developmental disabilities and their families -

Goodwill Easter Seals of Minnesota

The mission of Goodwill/Easter Seals Minnesota is to assist people with barriers to education, employment and independence in achieving their goals -

Statistics: Minnesota Disability

  • There are an estimated 578,000 people in the state of Minnesota over the age of five who have a form of disability.
  • Approximately 94,000 people, or 2.0% of the state's population, experience difficulties with performing activities of daily living such as dressing, bathing, or getting around inside of their homes.
  • There are around 291,000 people in the state who have a form of work disability, and around 137,000 people with disabilities in Minnesota who are employed.
  • Around 27,000 people with disabilities in the state are unemployed, while 139,000 are currently not in the workforce.
Latest Minnesota Publications
1 - U.S. District Judge Has Extended Visit at Minnesota Disability Service Provider - The Wallace Group.
2 - Autism Speaks Collaborates On Prevalence Investigation Of Autism In The Somali Population In Minneapolis - Autism Speaks.
3 - Medicare Instability Harms Seniors Access to MN Clinics - Minnesota Medical Association.
4 - Minnesota to Host 2015 Summer National Senior Games - National Senior Games Association.
5 - Learn, Ask, Vote: 2010 MN-CCD Hosts Candidate Forums across Minnesota - Minnesota Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities.
6 - Benton County Sheriff's Department Agrees to Improve Access for Deaf - Minnesota Disability News - Minnesota Disability Law Center.
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