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Disability News: North Carolina Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World North Carolina category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

  1. NC Advocates for People with Disabilities Sought for Hefner Award
    Outstanding north carolina advocates for people with disabilities are sought for 2012 Hefner award - Published: 2012-09-02
  2. Free Advocacy Training Program for North Carolinians with Developmental Disabilities and Families Seeks Participants
    Free statewide program that develops leadership skills and trains advocates for people with disabilities to voice views and influence policymakers is seeking applicants - Published: 2012-04-20
  3. Leadership Training Program Wins Support of NC Council on Developmental Disabilities
    North Carolina program to train future leaders of nonprofit organizations in the disability field has been extended - Published: 2012-03-30
  4. Money Follows the Person Makes A Child's Dream Come True
    A child living with complex medical needs will be moving from her current placement back to her family home - Published: 2011-12-01
  5. RHA Howell Employment Resources for People with Disability
    RHA Howell is a primary employment resource in North Carolina for people with disabilities - Published: 2011-09-05
  6. Addressing Critical Changes and Challenges - Health Care Providers Conference
    North Carolina Providers Council will hold a conference entitled The Change Imperative Retooling to Meet the Challenge October 4 to 6 at Sheraton Greensboro Hotel and Conference Center at Four Seasons in Greensboro - Published: 2011-08-30
  7. North Carolina Workers Compensation Benefits Changes
    Before the new law compensation for total disability was available for as long as the worker was disabled - Published: 2011-08-15
  8. NC General Assembly Strips Patients Rights
    A person who is disfigured or has lost the use of limb will not be able to recover more than an arbitrary amount for those injuries except in extremely unlikely circumstances - Published: 2011-06-12
  9. Charles Hines Wins Hefner Award from NC Council on Developmental Disabilities
    Charles Hines honored by NC Council on Developmental Disabilities as outstanding disability advocate - Published: 2011-03-22
  10. Court of Appeals Rules in Favor of Person with Disability
    DHHS denied Jonathan critically needed habilitation services based upon a staff re-write of one of the State mental health plans - Published: 2011-02-24
  11. Free Flu Shots for North Carolina's Youth
    Urgent Cares of America clinics offering free seasonal 2011 flu shots to children and youth ages 4 years through college students - Published: 2011-01-10
  12. Four More NC Counties Designated for Disaster Assistance
    Four additional counties have been designated for disaster assistance as part of North Carolina federal disaster declaration - Published: 2010-10-21
  13. North Carolina Developmental Disabilities Council Receives Two National Awards for Communications
    NCCDD and partner firm get awards for personalized brochure on the right and wrong ways of referring to people with developmental disabilities - Published: 2010-09-03
  14. North Carolina's Contributory Negligence Rules Outdated and Unfair
    North Carolina under contributory negligence plaintiffs are denied recovery in injury actions if they are found to at all at fault - Published: 2010-08-13
  15. North Carolina Social Security Claims Wait Times
    Disability Claimants waiting times for decision on social security disability benefit awards in North Carolina - Published: 2010-06-24
  16. Medical Equipment Industry to Tackle Access to Home-care at NCAMES Meeting - North Carolina
    NC native Erika Bogan, Ms. Wheelchair America 2010, to speak on benefits of mobility products - Published: 2010-06-01
  17. Park Ridge Hospital to Host Project C.A.R.E. - North Carolina Disability News
    Park Ridge Hospital North Carolina was recently selected to serve as the new host organization - Published: 2010-05-27
  18. Seclusion and Restraint in North Carolina Schools
    Disability Rights North Carolina report on dangerous use of seclusion and restraint in North Carolina public schools - Published: 2010-02-17
  19. Enable America Expands Operations in Raleigh, North Carolina
    Enable America improving employment opportunities for people with disabilities is expanding operations in Raleigh North Carolina - Published: 2009-09-17
  20. Newborns Screened for Cystic Fibrosis in North Carolina
    North Carolina joins a growing number of states currently screening newborns for Cystic Fibrosis - Published: 2009-04-14


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