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Recognition for Nevada State Mental Health Hospital

  • Synopsis: Published: 2010-04-01 (Rev. 2010-05-16) - Nevada State mental health hospital receives national recognition for patient treatment. For further information pertaining to this article contact: Nevada Department of Health and Human Services.
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Nevada State mental health hospital receives national recognition for patient treatment.

The Substance Abuse & Mental Health Service Administration announced this week that Dini-Townsend Hospital on the campus of Northern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services was one of ten honorees from across the country that has "made remarkable strides towards preventing the use of seclusion and restraint practices."

SAMHSA has made it a mission to reduce and eventually eliminate the use of seclusion and restraint practices in behavioral health care settings, which is also a goal of the state Division of Mental Health and Developmental Services.

"Our focus for seclusion and restraint reduction was the creation and maintenance of violence-free and coercion-free mental health treatment environments," said Rosalyne Reynolds, the hospital administrator. "Over the past decade we have become more comprehensive, integrated and recovery-oriented."

One of the major changes the hospital implemented to further this goal was in 1995 by changing hospital-wide training systems from an intervention-based model to a prevention and response model. Since that change was implemented, length of stay at the hospital has declined from an average of several months ten years ago to 11-26 days over the past two years.

"Since the change, the hospital has committed itself to continuing with the prevention-based training, which has helped us maintain this positive result over the past decade," Reynolds said.

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