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Disability News: New Mexico

  • Synopsis: Last Revised/Updated: 2015-03-05 - Recent news stories and articles from New Mexico including medical related news and coming events in New Mexico State

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Facts, statistics, news, and information of interest for persons with disabilities residing in or visiting the State of New Mexico.

New Mexico Disability Resources

New Mexico Governor's Commission on Disability

Committed to improving the quality of life of all New Mexicans with disabilities, the New Mexico Governor's Commission on Disability addresses social integration, economic self-sufficiency, political resolve, physical and program accessibility, and full participation in the benefits of life and rights of all individuals -

New Mexico Technology Assistance Program (NMTAP)

NMTAP offers free services to New Mexicans with disabilities to help them get the assistive technology (AT) services they need -

New Mexico Commission for the Blind

Mission is to enable persons who are blind to achieve vocational, economic and social equality by providing career preparation, training in the skills of blindness and above all, promoting and conveying the belief that blindness is not a barrier to successful employment, or to living an independent and meaningful life -

New Mexico School for the Deaf

Provide a bilingual (American Sign Language and English) learning environment that includes direct, on-going access to communication and language in and out of the classroom with both peers and adults -

UNM Center for Development and Disability

The mission of the CDD is the full inclusion of people with disabilities and their families in their community -

Statistics: New Mexico Disability

  • There are an estimated 298,000 people in the state of New Mexico over the age of five who have a form of disability.
  • Approximately 59,000 people, or 3.4% of the state's population, experience difficulties with performing activities of daily living such as dressing, bathing, or getting around inside of their homes.
  • There are around 157,000 people in the state who have a form of work disability, and around 66,000 people with disabilities in New Mexico who are employed.
  • Around 13,000 people with disabilities in the state are unemployed, while 94,000 are currently not in the workforce.
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