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Disability News: New York Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World New York category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2016-09-03Call For Congressional Approval of Bill for Much Needed Access to Critical Equipment
2016-08-02Deaths of Disabled Covered-Up in NYS - Demand for Federal Investigations
2015-01-10New York Winter Heating Costs Higher This Year
2014-11-06$625 in Home Energy Assistance for NY Households this Winter
2014-10-09$40 Million in Supportive Housing Awards for NY
2014-09-26Two Payments a Month Begins Oct. 1 for NY State SSI Recipients
2014-09-19Executive Order Establishing Commission to Create NY Employment First Policy
2014-09-19NY SNAP and Temporary Assistance Benefits Unavailable This Weekend
2014-08-31Nearly 1M NY Children Benefit from Child Support Services
2014-07-30NY Gov Signs Legislation Updating Accessibility Signage and Logos
2014-07-15NY Gov. Announces $3.2M in Grants to Expand College Access for Low-Income Students
2014-07-05Senior New Yorkers Should Plan for the Hurricane Season
2013-06-25Bill Fully Restores Cuts to NYS Programs for Developmentally Disabled Passes Senate
2011-12-06NY State May Waste Medicaid Dollars on Fluoridation
2011-11-21Persons with Disability Cared For by NY State - A Preview of Care under NY Medical Indemnity Fund
2011-05-24Eliminate Offensive Terminology for People with Developmental Disabilities Bill - Addabbo
2011-05-06Amending Public Health Law to Establish Medicaid Identification and Anti-fraud
2011-03-27Combating Underage Alcopop Abuse
2011-02-19Congress Examines Workers Compensation - NY
2011-01-30Summer Food Service Program - New York State Education Department
2011-01-03Senator Addabbo Introduces Bill to Enlarge Print on Election Ballots
2010-12-16Program for Upstate New York Children and Young Adults with Disabilities
2010-11-23Blind Man Fights to Stay in His Home
2010-09-07Addabbo: Governor Signs Bill for Polling Places to be Situated Directly on Public Transportation Routes
2010-09-03New York Governor Paterson Signs Domestic Workers Bill of Rights
2010-08-24NY Governor Signs Addabbo Bill To Expand Available Polling Places for Disabled
2010-08-19MTA Transit Cuts Challenged by Disabled New Yorkers and Their Advocates
2010-08-17Governor Paterson Vetoes 34 Bills Worth More Than $22.9 Million
2010-08-07Medical and Wage Coverage for Worker Injury or Illness in New York
2010-07-31New Yorkers With Disabilities Face Barriers to Voting: Advocacy Groups Sue for Discrimination
2010-07-14Justice Department Settles Remainder of Voter Registration Case with State of New York for Violating Rights of Students with Disabilities
2010-07-04New York State Application to Participate in Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan
2010-06-29Providing Students with a Safe Learning Environment
2010-06-21New York's New Tax Punishes Smokers
2010-06-20New York Needs "Complete Streets" Bill
2010-06-19Improving Quality Of Life For Seniors - New York State
2010-06-11Bronx Family Hope to Find Donor for Six Month Old Daughter with Leukemia
2010-06-102010 Independence Expo: Improving Life for People with Disabilities and Seniors - New York
2010-06-01In Victory for Low-Income New Yorkers, NYU Child Study Center Opens Door to Medicaid Patients
2010-05-20United Spinal Hosts Summit on Future of National Disability Rights - New York Disability Event
2010-05-18Assembly Passes Bing's Legislation to Ensure Fair Housing Opportunities for Disabled Individuals

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