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Disability News: Rhode Island

  • Synopsis: Last Revised/Updated: 2016-07-17 - Disability news stories and articles from Rhode Island including medical related press releases news and coming events

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Rhode Island Disability Resources

INSIGHT - Envision a world in which people are valued for who they are, not for what they see -

United Cerebral Palsy of Rhode Island

UCP Rhode Island has been supporting adults and children with disabilities living in Rhode Island since 1954 -

The Corliss Institute, Inc.

A unique adult deaf community where everyone "hears" with their eyes and "speaks" with their hands -

Rhode Island ATAP

The Rhode Island Assistive Technology Access Partnership (ATAP) is designed as a statewide partnership of organizations, each with a targeted assistive technology focus, working together to improve access to and acquisition of assistive technology for individuals with disabilities -

The Point

(401 462 4444) provides information, referrals, and help getting started with programs and services for seniors, adults with disabilities, and their caregivers -

Rhode Island Disability Law Center

Rhode Island Disability Law Center (RIDLC) provides free legal assistance to persons with disabilities -

Meeting Street

Meeting Street is where infants, preschoolers and children of all ages and abilities receive individualized attention from highly trained, dedicated educators, therapists, and staff who work as a team, sharing strategies and identifying solutions to bring out the best in each and every child -

Rhode Island Disability Statistics:

  • There are an estimated 155,000 people over the age of five who experience a form of disability in the state of Rhode Island.
  • Approximately 25,000 people, or 2.6% of the state's population, experience difficulties with activities of daily living, to include bathing, dressing, or moving around inside of their homes.
  • Around 87,000 people in Rhode Island have a form of work disability, while 31,000 people with disabilities in the state are employed.
  • Approximately 5,000 people with disabilities in the state are unemployed, and 44,000 are currently not in the workforce.
  • 2009 data indicates 4.2% of the population of Rhode Island are limited in their daily activities, an additional 7.8% have some other type of disability, and 88.0% have no reported disability.
Latest Rhode Island Publications
1 - DOJ Reaches Landmark Americans with Disabilities Act Settlement Agreement with Rhode Island - USDOJ Office of Public Affairs.
2 - Compassion Supporters Help with Medical Cannabis Cultivation for Disabled - Sensi Organic Solutions.
3 - Rhode Island Relay Mobile Captions Service(SM) for Residents With Hearing Loss - Hamilton Relay.
4 - Senate Passes Bill to Tighten Employee Classification Laws - Rhode Island - The State of Rhode Island General Assembly.
5 - 211 Rhode Island to Manage Aging & Disability Resource Center - Rhode Island Department of Elderly Affairs.
6 - Employee Misclassification Costing Rhode Island Millions - Rhode Island Disability News.
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