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Disability News: Texas Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Texas category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

  1. TxDOT Public Transportation for Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities Meeting
    TxDOT public outreach meetings regarding public transportation to enhance mobility for seniors and individuals with disabilities in rural communities throughout Texas - Published: 2017-01-09
  2. Accomable Launches U.S. Headquarters in Austin, Texas
    Global platform for finding adapted hotels and vacation rentals for disabled and elderly people launches in Austin, Texas - Published: 2016-04-01
  3. REVUP America Make the Disability Vote Count Campaign
    There are more than 56 million Americans with disabilities and 76 million baby boomers who will soon be coping with disability - Published: 2016-02-26
  4. Texas Court Denies Death Penalty Appeal of Intellectually Disabled Man
    Robert Ladd, an intellectually disabled person with an IQ of 67, denied stay of execution by Texas Court of Criminal Appeals - Published: 2015-01-27
  5. Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs v. Inclusive Communities Project, Inc.
    Statement from the Texas Apartment Association Regarding Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs v. Inclusive Communities Project, Inc. - Published: 2015-01-19
  6. Thousands of Disabled Texas Medicaid Recipients to Lose Access to Care
    Medicaid recipients including many people with disabilities set to lose access to care if Texas Health and Human Services Commission implements proposed rate cuts for therapy services - Published: 2011-11-24
  7. $4 Billion Medicare Cut Proposal - Texas
    Facilities throughout Texas rely on Medicare as well as Medicaid to ensure patients receive critical therapies and care - Published: 2011-04-29
  8. Children's Hospitals in Texas ask State Legislature to Maintain Medicaid Funding for Children
    Childrens hospitals in Texas are voicing concern about the major across the board cuts to Medicaid in the state - Published: 2011-02-23
  9. Elderly Texans Rally in Austin Texas
    Thousands of senior Texans rallied outside the state capitol calling for Governor Perry and lawmakers to stop the proposed state budget cuts - Published: 2011-02-08
  10. Proposed State Budget Cuts Threaten Closure of Non-Profit Nursing Homes in Texas
    Texas House budget leaders announced plans to slash the state budget designed to care for frail elderly Texans - Published: 2011-01-22
  11. Texas Medical Liability Reforms - A Model for the Nation
    New law has drawn more emergency and critical care physicians to Texas and improved patient safety - Published: 2011-01-21
  12. Medicare Wheelchair Policy Changes May Prevent Texas Beneficiaries Receiving Mobility Assistance Next Year
    Change in Medicare Wheelchair Policy May Prevent Texas Beneficiaries from Receiving Mobility Assistance Starting January - Published: 2010-12-21
  13. Enable America Supports NAWIC in San Antonio
    NAWIC is working to increase leadership skills and experiences women need to compete and succeed more effectively in todays challenging job market - Published: 2010-11-04
  14. Texas Seniors and Caregivers Urged to Press Candidates on Eldercare Funding Issues
    Before the election Texas Health Care Association urged seniors and caregivers in Texas to press state and federal candidates on eldercare funding issues - Published: 2010-10-20
  15. Dallas Area Seniors and Their Families - New Resources Available
    Dallas area seniors now have a new resource to help them age successfully - Published: 2010-10-03
  16. Free School Supplies Houston, Texas
    Project One Focus will distribute free school supplies to school-aged children in Houston Texas - Published: 2010-08-08
  17. Poll Shows Texas Residents Strongly Opposed to State Cuts to Seniors Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing Care
    New cuts of $25.6 million to Texas seniors rehabilitation and skilled nursing care - Published: 2010-08-02
  18. Medicaid Cuts Put Seniors Care at Risk and Places Texas Jobs in Jeopardy
    The impact of continued Medicaid and Medicare funding cuts is a growing squeeze on Texas seniors care benefits - Published: 2010-07-31
  19. Houston-Area Resident Sentenced to 21 Months in Prison for Medicare Fraud Scheme Involving Claims of Hurricane Damage to Power Wheelchairs
    Woman sentenced to 21 months in prison for medicare fraud scheme involving claims of hurricane damage to power wheelchairs - Published: 2010-07-25
  20. 3,000 Blind People Arrive in Dallas for NFB Convention
    Blind People Arrive in Dallas for what is Expected to Be Largest Disability Conference This Year - Published: 2010-06-28
  21. Construction Helps Disabled Veterans in San Antonio - Texas Disability News
    San Antonio hosting employment mentoring session for disabled veterans at Brooke Army Medical Center construction site at Ft. Sam Houston - Published: 2010-05-21
  22. New Medicaid Cuts Hurtful to Texas Seniors Care - Texas Disability News
    New Texas medicaid cuts equals double-whammy for texas oldest most vulnerable seniors and local jobs base - Published: 2010-05-19
  23. Centene's Texas Subsidiary Awarded New Contract
    Texas Health and Human Services Commission tentatively awarded Centenes Texas subsidiary Superior HealthPlan a new STAR+PLUS contract in the Dallas area - Published: 2010-05-17
  24. Texas Selects Amerigroup for Expanded STAR+PLUS Program
    Amerigroup Corporation expanded health care coverage to seniors and people with disabilities in Tarrant County Fort Worth Texas - Published: 2010-05-16
  25. Texas Man Builds Career after Recovering from Addiction
    Richard Lopez Builds Career at Goodwill After Recovering From Addiction Nameds 2010 Achiever of the Year - Published: 2010-05-03
  26. Houston Veterans Housing Program - Texas Disability News
    Houston will be targeting low-income veterans who own their homes as well as disabled veterans - Published: 2010-04-24
  27. A Trial Down in Texas Moves Closer
    The dietary supplement complaint against Utopia Silver owner Ben Taylor appears headed towards an inevitable trial - Published: 2008-01-01


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