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Houston Veterans Housing Program - Texas Disability News

  • Synopsis: Published: 2010-04-24 - Houston will be targeting low-income veterans who own their homes as well as disabled veterans. For further information pertaining to this article contact: Rebuilding Together - Houston.
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Rep. Al Green Secures Funding for Rebuilding Together - Houston Veterans Housing Program.

Rebuilding Together - Houston, a leader in preserving affordable housing for low-income homeowners, announced today that it will be receiving a $400,000 grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), specifically designated for Rebuilding Together - Houston's Veterans Housing program.

U.S. Congressman Al Green was instrumental in securing the funds for Rebuilding Together - Houston that will expand its capacity to provide home repairs to Houston's low-income and disabled veterans who are also homeowners. The repairs will be made free of charge. The grant is a part of the fiscal year 2010 federal funding legislation for the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

"Houston is home to many of our nation's retired armed services heroes," said Jim Fonteno, Board Member of Rebuilding Together - Houston. "It is important that we help them stay in their homes, safe and secure. We will be providing the repairs and modifications that they could not otherwise afford."

Rebuilding Together- Houston will be targeting low-income veterans who own their homes, as well as disabled veterans who need modifications made to their homes so that they can live more easily with their physical limitations. Rebuilding Together will leverage the federal funds with both skilled and unskilled volunteer labor and donated materials, creating more than four dollars in the value of repairs accomplished for every dollar spent.

Gary Officer, President and CEO of Rebuilding Together said, "I am grateful to Congressman Green for his steadfast support for the efforts of Rebuilding Together. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to those who have served our nation in uniform, and this partnership between the federal government and Rebuilding Together is a fitting way to make good on that debt."

Rebuilding Together - Houston is pleased to be receiving such a significant grant, and is ready to work on behalf of America's veterans. Rebuilding Together - Houston will leverage up to four times the dollar amount of federal funds spent at qualified veteran addresses by connecting sponsored volunteer crews that restore house exteriors, ramp building teams that improve access, professional contractors that restore roofs, repair interior systems, install accessible bathing facilities, and more at the project sites.

Rebuilding Together - Houston is a "core services" charity. Through the support of corporate sponsors, local businesses, faith-based organizations and the hands-on work of over 5,000 volunteers, Rebuilding Together - Houston renovates and repairs hundreds of homes annually with a market value of nearly $5.4 million - free of charge to the homeowner. Rebuilding Together -Houston's focus is the delivery of essential home repairs and modifications to improve the overall condition of the home, eliminate health and safety hazards, and improve energy efficiency so that the homeowner may continue to live in warmth, safety, and independence. Rebuilding Together - Houston is part of a network of more than 200 Rebuilding Together affiliates nationwide. Collectively, Rebuilding Together affiliates rehabilitate over 10,000 homes and nonprofit facilities annually with a market value of nearly $100 million. For more information, visit Rebuilding Together - Houston's website at

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