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Disability News: Vermont Document List

  • Synopsis: This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Vermont category.

Publication List:

NOTE: Though articles may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

  1. Statement on Passing of Senator Jim Jeffords - NCD
    National Council on Disability statement on the passing of Senator Jim Jeffords - Published: 2014-08-19
  2. Vermont Gov. Signs First Death-with-Dignity Law
    New Vermont law will let dying and mentally competent people determine when they have endured enough suffering and empowers them to end their lives with dignity - Published: 2013-05-20
  3. Vermont Comprehensive College Support Program for Students with Autism
    Mansfield Hall mission is to empower students with disabilities to successfully earn a college degree, develop authentic living skills, and transition to a productive career and independent lifestyle - Published: 2013-01-28
  4. Vermont's Voters May Cast Votes Using the Vote-by-Phone Technology at the Polls
    Vermont polling booths will be equipped with an option for Vermonters who have difficulties filling out a paper ballot - Published: 2010-10-28
  5. Vermont One of Three States to Receive National Grant for Youth with Autism
    Vermont Receives National Grant for Serving Youth with Autism - Published: 2010-09-03
  6. Vermonters Attend Obama ceremony for New ADA Rules
    Vermonters were at the White House to witness President Obama publicizing the long-awaited and updated ADA Standards for Accessible Design - Published: 2010-07-31
  7. JEN Associates to Provide Medicare-Medicaid Analytical Services in Vermont
    Vermont Selects JEN Associates to Provide Medicare-Medicaid Analytical Services - Published: 2010-06-09


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