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Grants for West Virginia Child Advocacy Centers

  • Synopsis: Published: 2010-06-07 (Revised/Updated 2010-06-10) - West Virginia Governor Announces $1.1 Million In Grants For Child Advocacy Centers - West Virginia News.

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West Virginia Governor Announces $1.1 Million In Grants For Child Advocacy Centers

Gov. Joe Manchin will award more than $1 million in Child Advocacy Center (CAC) grant funds at a 3:00 presentation on Tuesday, June 8, at the Culture Center. These funds are awarded to local non-profit child advocacy centers across the state to address the growing problem of child abuse and neglect.

"Children are our most precious resource," Gov. Manchin said, "so it is our responsibility to do whatever we can to keep them out of harm's way."

Awards focus on a multi-disciplinary response to investigation, treatment and prosecution of child abuse cases by providing such services as advocacy, education, forensic interviews, evaluations and referrals.

The 2010 Legislature re-appropriated funding to implement a system of child advocacy centers throughout the state. This funding is intended to provide grant relief to advocacy centers in need of supplemental financial assistance.

Funds were awarded to the following:


Child and Youth Advocacy Center - $100,000

Funds will provide the facility, the staff and support necessary for a coordinated multidisciplinary response for the investigation and intervention of allegations of child sexual abuse and severe physical abuse in Greenbrier County.

Contact: Ms. Ann Weikle Phone: (304) 645-4668

Hancock, Brook

Hancock-Brooke County Child Advocacy Center, Inc. - $35,000

Funds will be used to provide and coordinate child centered, site based services to victims of child maltreatment in Brooke and Hancock County. Funds will also ensure each case has the full support of the multidisciplinary team, making certain each child receives services that will protect them from further harm and trauma.

Contact: Ms. Tammy Lewis Phone: (304) 723-0083


Harrison County Child Advocacy Center - $100,000

Funds will be used for a child-focused, facility-based program in Harrison County where representatives from many disciplines meet to discuss and make decisions about investigation, treatment, and prosecution of child abuse cases to prevent further victimization of children.

Contact: Ms. Irene Malfregeot Phone: (304) 622-0375

Jefferson, Berkeley, Morgan

Childrens Home Society of West Virginia - $100,000

Funds will be used for a child focused program that encourages a multidisciplinary team approach to the investigation and treatment of child abuse, in turn strengthening and coordinating the community's response to child abuse in Jefferson, Berkeley, and Morgan County.

Contact: Ms. Victoria Slater Phone: (304) 596-2022


CAMC Health Education and Research Institute, Inc. - $35,000

Funds will be used to expand services at the Kanawha County center in order to become accredited by the National Children's Alliance.

Contact: Ms. Maureen Runyon Phone: (304) 388-2391


Logan County Child Advocacy Center, Inc. - $35,000

Funds will provide site-based services to victims of child maltreatment and ensure each case has the full support of the multidisciplinary team, thereby decreasing trauma and increasing support in Logan County.

Contact: Ms. Beth Cook Phone: (304) 792-6261


Marion County Child Advocacy Center, Inc. - $35,000

Funds will be used to provide a safe place in Marion County for children who are victims of sexual and physical abuse to have their stories clearly heard and begin the healing process.

Contact: Mr. Arnold Triplett Phone: (304) 333-3936


Stop the Hurt, Inc. - $35,000

Funds will be used to enhance and strengthen McDowell County's multidisciplinary team approach to investigation, prosecution, and providing direct services to children of abuse and neglect.

Contact: Ms. Latasha Dotson Phone: (304) 436-1600


Child Protect of Mercer County, Inc. - $100,000

Funds will be used to expand and improve services by hiring additional staff, providing training opportunities to the multidisciplinary team and staff, and improving intervention and prevention programming at the Mercer County Child Advocacy Center.

Contact: Ms. Shiloh Woodard Phone: (304) 425-2710


Burlington United Methodist Family Services, Inc. - $35,000

Funds will be used for a facility-based community partnership which provide intake, investigation, and follow-up services for victims of child abuse ages 3-17 in Mineral County.

Contact: Ms. Amber Talley Phone: (304) 788-2342


Monongalia County Child Advocacy Center, Inc. - $100,000

Funds will be used to provide center-based services to child abuse victims including forensic interviews and evaluations, advocacy, education, referrals, therapy, and coordinating Monongalia County's multidisciplinary response to investigations and interventions for child abuse victims.

Contact: Dr. Laura Capage Phone: (304) 598-0344


Nicholas County Family Resource Network - $35,000

Funds will be used to provide the Braxton, Webster and Nicholas Counties multidisciplinary investigative team a child friendly environment for children who have been sexually or severely physically abused.

Contact: Ms. Robin Brown Phone: (304) 872-4707


Harmony House, Inc. - $100,000

Funds will be used to provide victim services such as advocacy, forensic interviews, and mental health and medical referrals/services for children in Ohio and Marshall County.

Contact: Ms. Leslie Vassilarios Phone: (304) 230-2205

Raleigh, Fayette, Wyoming

Just for Kids, Inc. - $130,000

Funds will be used to provide and coordinate a more humane, culturally competent, site-based, multidisciplinary team centered investigation and intervention for Fayette and Raleigh County children alleging criminal abuse.

Contact: Ms. Celi Van Dyke Phone: (304) 255-4834

Randolph, Tucker

Randolph-Tucker County Children's Advocacy Centers - $35,000

Funds will be used for a staff person, provide training opportunities to the multidisciplinary team and other staff members, and strengthen the overall program at the Randolph and Tucker County Child Advocacy Centers.

Contact: Ms. Sharon Bedford Phone: (304) 636-2214


REACHH-Family Resource Center - $35,000

Funds will be used for a program coordinator and victim advocate to ensure services will be expanded and to further the Summers County Child Advocacy Center on its path toward accreditation.

Contact: Ms. Kristal Straub Phone: (304) 466-2226


Tyler County Commission - $35,000

Funds will be used to reduce the traumatic effects of abuse, protect children from maltreatment, seek justice for child victims, investigate abuse as a team and strengthen the community's ability to nurture children, while keeping the comfort and safety of the child the first priority in Tyler and Wetzel County.

Contact: Ms. Shawna Griffin Phone: (304) 652-2122

Upshur, Lewis

Mountain CAP of West Virginia, Inc. - $35,000

Funds will be used to provide a unified system of response to allegations of sexual or severe physical abuse and/or neglect, while also providing a safe neutral child-friendly site where additional trauma for the victim is significantly reduced in Lewis and Upshur County.

Contact: Ms. Kim Perrine Phone: (304) 472-1500


West Virginia Child Advocacy Network - $50,834

Funds will be used for state staff to nurture and support the growth, development, and continuation of Child Advocacy Centers and multidisciplinary teams in West Virginia communities to better serve children and families when concerns of child abuse arise.

Contact: Ms. Emily Chittenden Phone: (304) 414-4455

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