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Asia-Pacific Publications
Title of
Almost 100M Adults Have COPD in China Mainly Due to Smoking and Air Pollution2018/04/10
Collective Endeavors Towards Creating an Accessible Kathmandu Valley2017/09/07
Hong Kong Businesses Support Employees with Disabilities2015/12/022017/12/23
People with Disabilities in Hong Kong Twice as Likely to Face Poverty2015/01/192018/04/11
Asian Tsunami 2004: SAARC Academia Marks 10th Anniversary2014/12/312021/09/24
Japan Funds Disability Project in Jenin Refugee Camp2014/10/302017/12/23
Bill to Provide Accessible Pedestrian Traffic Signals2014/05/282021/07/11
Use of Lower Paid Contract Nurses in China May Compromise Patient Care2014/01/312021/09/09
For Disabled in China a Harmonious Society is an Inclusive Society2013/06/202022/01/27
Singapore Physically Disabled Exempt from Financing Restrictions on Vehicle Loans2013/03/172021/05/13
Diabetes Levels in Children Higher in China than U.S.2012/07/082017/12/23
Helping Disabled in Vietnam - Clinton Global Initiative2011/09/26
U.S. Provides Support for Disabled in Lao PDR2011/07/302022/01/27
Healthy Habits Linked to Chinese Child Obesity2011/07/122022/02/15
Leading the Way for Children in China2011/05/222017/12/23
Autism in South Korea Estimated at 1 in 382011/05/09
Nursing Home Boom in China2011/03/152017/12/23
Japan Earthquake Updates and Information2011/03/122017/12/23
ID Cards for Elderly and Disabled Persons - Fiji2011/01/29
Rapid Population Aging Will Raise Critical Challenges for Asian Governments2010/12/08
P&G Brings Live Well Collaborative to Singapore2010/09/29
Bali Campaign to Eradicate Rabies2010/09/21
Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Surgeons Changing Lives in Vietnam2010/09/212017/06/03
Canada-China Policy Dialog on Health2010/09/092017/12/23
China PharmaHub Introduces a Magic Bullet Liver Cancer Therapy2010/08/272017/12/23
Reportlinker Adds Electric Vehicles in East Asia 2011-20212010/08/25
Caring for Post-disaster, Disabled Children and Orphans - China Disability News2010/08/232017/12/23
Fall-Related Injuries Prevalent Among Elderly Population in ChinaInformative2010/08/062024/01/05
Pakistan to Create South Asia Disability Forum2010/08/03
Hold the Future joins East Meets West Foundation2010/07/28
Disabilities in Somalia - Disability Action Network2010/07/05
Vietnam Enacts First Disability Law2010/06/22
Project of Baosteel Providing Aids to Disabled in Yushu China2010/06/212017/12/23
Website for Disabled People Launched - Hanoi, Vietnam2010/06/21
Illinois Ophthalmologists Dedicate Facility to Serve Blind in Vietnam2010/06/18
Overview of Disability in China2010/03/162018/04/23
Wealth Buys Health - Even in China2010/03/152017/12/23
Disability in Japan: Overview and Statistics2010/03/142018/10/27
50 Million Vaccinated Against Deadly Brain Infection2009/10/06
World Vision Aid for Indonesia Earthquake Aftershocks2009/10/01
Death Penalty in Japan - EU Japan Summit2009/04/302017/12/23
Pakistan Urged to set up Centers for Autistic Patients2009/04/04
Health News from Asia World Stroke Day2008/11/012009/05/17
Disability and Asian Health News 20 Oct 20082008/10/202010/01/17
New Video Game uses Brain Waves2008/10/092009/01/12
Asian Health Disability and Seniors News - 6 October 20082008/10/062009/08/31
Asian Disability and Health News Weekly Roundup 1 Oct 20082008/10/012009/01/12
Half a Million Women Die per year from Childbirth Complications2008/09/262009/01/22
Personal Airbags for the Elderly2008/09/242011/08/27
Shortage of Doctors in Japan2008/09/212017/12/23

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