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Disability News: Asia and Surrounding Countries Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Asian News category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2017-09-07Collective Endeavors Towards Creating an Accessible Kathmandu Valley
2014-12-31Asian Tsunami 2004 - SAARC Academia Marks 10th Anniversary
2014-05-28Pass Bill to Provide Accessible Pedestrian Traffic Signals Lawmaker Urges Congress
2013-03-17Physically Disabled Exempt from Financing Restrictions on Motor Vehicle Loans - Singapore
2011-09-26Helping Disabled in Vietnam - Clinton Global Initiative
2011-07-30America Provides Support for Persons with Disabilities in Lao PDR
2011-05-09Autism in South Korea Estimated at 1 in 38
2011-01-29ID Cards for Elderly and Disabled Persons - Fiji
2010-12-08Rapid Population Aging Will Raise Critical Challenges for Asian Governments
2010-09-29P&G Brings Live Well Collaborative to Singapore
2010-09-21Bali Campaign to Eradicate Rabies
2010-09-21Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Surgeons Changing Lives in Vietnam
2010-08-25Reportlinker Adds Electric Vehicles in East Asia 2011-2021
2010-08-03Pakistan to Create South Asia Disability Forum
2010-07-28Hold the Future joins East Meets West Foundation
2010-07-05Disabilities in Somalia - Disability Action Network
2010-06-22Vietnam Enacts First Disability Law
2010-06-21Website for Disabled People Launched - Hanoi, Vietnam
2010-06-18Illinois Ophthalmologists Dedicate Facility to Serve Blind in Vietnam
2010-04-09Disability Inclusive Development in the Pacific and Asia - Disability Events
2009-10-0650 Million Vaccinated Against Deadly Brain Infection
2009-10-01World Vision Aid for Indonesia Earthquake Aftershocks
2009-04-04Pakistan Urged to set up Centers for Autistic Patients
2008-11-01Health News from Asia World Stroke Day
2008-10-20Disability and Asian Health News 20 Oct 2008
2008-10-09New Video Game uses Brain Waves
2008-10-06Asian Health Disability and Seniors News - 6 October 2008
2008-10-01Asian Disability and Health News Weekly Roundup 1 Oct 2008
2008-09-26Half a Million Women Die per year from Childbirth Complications
2008-09-24Personal Airbags for the Elderly

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