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Disability News: China

  • Synopsis: Roundup of disability news stories and articles from China and neighboring Asian countries including medical related press releases news and coming events.

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Disability News China

Latest facts and statistics, news, and information of interest for persons with disabilities in China.

Social attitudes towards people with disabilities have gone through a gradual, yet fundamental change in China since then, thanks to the active advocacy of people within the disability community in China, as well as governmental support for disability initiatives.

Disability Statistics China

China is a developing country in the world, so to a certain extent it is difficult to collect an accurate figures of the total number of people with disabilities.

China is the largest developing nation in the world today, with greater than sixty-million people who experience a form of disability.

The figure of people with disabilities quoted is taken from the results of the 1987 First National Sampling Survey on Disability.

According to the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of Disabled Persons, a disabled person refers to one who suffers from abnormalities or loss of certain organ or function, psychologically or in anatomical structure and has lost wholly or in part the ability to perform an activity in the way considered normal.

In 1987, a national sampling survey of disabled population was administrated in China. This was the first and only national survey of disabled population in China.

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