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Disability News: India Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World India category. Though some documents may have since been updated, or revised, they are still listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Disability News: India Publications

2018-05-09 : Sashakt - Odisha State Campaign for Disability Inclusion and Divyang Rights : A multi-level, multi-stakeholder campaign to build awareness of disability issues, new law and support for inclusive and accessible Planet Earth.

2018-05-06 : Disabled People, Disabled World and Disabled God : Disability Ethics research paper by Rev. S. Manohar Pradeep from Bangalore India regarding well being of persons with disability for moral theologians and ethicists.

2015-09-23 : Insurance for Disabled in India - Swavlamban Health Insurance Scheme : Swavlamban Health Insurance Scheme Group Mediclaim Policy for persons with disabilities in India.

2015-01-12 : Math Kits for Students with Vision Disabilities - Delhi University : To make solving numerical problems easier for students with vision disabilities, DU is developing specialized mathematical kits to make it easier to study the subject.

2014-12-16 : Braille Dina Panjhika - Odia Braille Calendar India : Calendars are provided free to people with vision disabilities, all schools for the blind as well as students with vision disabilities.

2014-12-04 : Free Education for Children with Disabilities in India : Free education will soon be offered to children with disabilities 6 - 18 years old as mandated by the Right to Education (RTE) Act.

2014-11-28 : Vicious Cycle of Homeless Mentally Ill Women in India : Study by Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine researcher documents how homeless, mentally ill women in India face a vicious cycle.

2014-11-15 : Global Film Fest on Disability - Delhi, India : International festival showcasing films and documentaries made on disability issues to be held in Delhi, India, Nov. 24 to 26.

2014-08-27 : People with Disabilities In India to get Universal Identity Cards : Proposed exercise to identify persons with disabilities in India and issue them id cards.

2013-06-22 : New Program Improves Quality of Life for Women with HIV/AIDS in India : Researchers found a new intervention program significantly improved patients adherence to anti-retroviral therapy and boosted their immune-cell counts and nutrition levels.

2013-02-21 : Rapid Rise of Alzheimer's Disease Predicted in China and India : Emerging countries such as India and China expected to see rapid increase in Alzheimer cases during the coming years.

2012-09-06 : Witch Hunts in India Still Kill Women Today : Witch hunts in Jalpaiguri India fueled by tribal workers belief in existence of witches and need of poor illiterate population to make sense of rampant diseases in villages with no doctors or medical facilities.

2011-05-29 : Changing the Indian Culture - Reporting Adverse Drug Reactions : Focusing the attention of the medical community on the importance of Indian adverse drug reporting to ensure maximum patient health in India.

2010-12-12 : Railways Provide Facilities for Disabled - Disability News India : Air conditioned Garib Rath trains have been provided with Air conditioned disabled friendly compartment and toilet in the power cars.

2010-12-06 : Educational Rights of Children with Disabilities - Disability News India : Steps taken by the Government of India for implementing educational rights of children and the disabled section of society.

2010-12-05 : President Calls upon Private Sector to Provide Employment Opportunities to Persons with Disabilities - India : Private sector to come forward and provide employment opportunities to persons with disabilities in their establishments and industries.

2010-11-26 : International Day for Persons with Disabilities on 3rd December - Disability News India : Information on schemes for the welfare of persons with disabilities and concessions available to them in India.

2010-11-15 : Simplified Procedure for Issue of Disability Certificate - Disability News India : Amended rules enable a simplified and decentralized procedure for issue of disability certificate.

2010-10-20 : India and Korea Sign Social Security Agreement : India and Republic of Korea signed a Social Security Agreement (SSA) in Seoul today.

2010-10-05 : Reducing TB Cases in India : Public awareness campaign aimed to bolster the eradication of tuberculosis in India.

2010-09-22 : Tej Kohli Foundation - Corneal Transplants : Tej Kohli Foundation announced it would cover cost of monthly corneal transplants being carried out by Niramaya a Gurgaon based NGO.

2010-09-17 : Marwah Studios Disability Script Writing Workshop : A writing workshop was organized on disability at Marwah Studios in association with International Public Broadcasting Forum.

2010-09-15 : New Treatment for Rabies Advances After Successful Trial in India : Rabies therapy treatment took an important step forward with positive results from a Phase 1 study.

2010-09-14 : Honoring the Unsung Heroes of India - Reliance Industries & IBN18 : Reliance Industries Limited India's largest private sector enterprise in partnership with IBN18 honored 24 Real Heroes of India.

2010-06-21 : 20% of Deaths in Bangladesh Attributable to Arsenic in Drinking Water : Study finds arsenic linked to more than one-fifth of deaths in parts of Bangladesh.

2010-05-27 : Arsenic Groundwater Poisoning in Asia : Scientists offer solutions to arsenic groundwater poisoning in southern Asia.

2010-05-23 : Dental Check-up Camp in Shambhu by Surya World Institutions of Academic Excellence : Lack of hygiene and awareness plagues the dental health of rural people of Punjab.

2010-04-14 : Better Access to Cell Phones than Toilets in India : People in India have better access to a cell phone than to a toilet and improved sanitation.

2009-08-03 : Children with Disabilities Left Out of Education : An editorial about children with disabilities in India being left out of education.

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