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Disability News: Japan

  • Synopsis: Disability news stories and health articles from Japan and neighboring Asian countries including related press releases and coming events.

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Latest facts and statistics, news, and information of interest for persons with disabilities in Japan.

The philosophy underlying Japan's objectives is an inclusive society where everyone respects the individual differences people have while supporting one-another.

Japan's Basic Plan related to people with disabilities keeps the concepts of rehabilitation and normalization from the New Long-Term Program while declaring the goal of creating a society in which people with disabilities have the same rights and treatment as non-disabled persons, as well as the same opportunities and self-determination to both participate and share in the nation's responsibilities.

Medical care for the Japanese dates from the introduction of traditional Chinese medicine around the 6th century. Today the medical facilities, hospitals, and health care in Japan are among the world's highest level in many respects.

On January 20, 2014, the government of Japan ratified the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, a step many advocates considered long overdue. Adopted by the UN General Assembly in December 2006 and brought into force in May 2008, the CRPD bans all forms of discrimination on the basis of disability and requires the parties to the treaty to provide necessary accommodation to persons with disabilities.

Under six welfare acts, including the Public Assistant Act, Child Welfare Act, Act on Welfare of Physically Disabled Persons, Act on Welfare of Mentally Retarded Persons, Act on Social Welfare Service for Elderly, Act on Welfare of Mothers with Dependents and Widows, services are provided to people with needs of such services.

The welfare system according to the type of disability (physical disability, mental retardation, mental diseases) caused the difference that the level of the facilities accommodation and the user-charge of the medical expense are different in each type of disability.

Since the number of people in Japan with physical disabilities, people with mental retardation, and people with mental diseases amounts to 3,663,000, 547,000, and 3,233,000 respectively in the middle of the 2000s, it is necessary to unify systems and to reduce differences between the systems by the kind of disability.

Statistics: Disability in Japan

Statistics related to people with disabilities in the nation of Japan are staggering. Roughly one in 20 people in Japan has some disability or another. The population of people with disabilities continues to grow in proportion with non-disabled population of Japan. For example; the year 1999 in Japan found:

  • Japan's total population of - 126,000,000 people
  • Disabled population - 7,510,000 (5.9%)
  • Physically disabled - 2,933,000
  • Visually Disabled - 305,000
  • Limb Disability - 1,657,000 people
  • Internal-organ conditions - 621,000
  • Multiple disabilities - 179,000

Latest Japan Publications

  1. Japan Funds Disability Project in Jenin Refugee Camp
    Japanese government funds project for Developing the Prosthetic and Orthotic Fabrication and Rehabilitation Facilities for the Disabled in Jenin Refugee Camp.
  2. Japan Earthquake Updates and Information
    Recent updates and information regarding the earthquake in Japan including nuclear power plant condition.
  3. Disability in Japan
    The nation of Japan has a new, long-term program for government measures related to people with disabilities.
  4. Death Penalty in Japan - EU Japan Summit
    FIDH partner organization in Japan call upon the European Union to put issue of death penalty in Japan at the top of agenda.
  5. Shortage of Doctors in Japan
    Lately an acute shortage of doctors in Japan are leaving hospitals unable to treat even emergency cases.

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