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Council Disability Leadership Group - Auckland, NZ

  • Synopsis: Published: 2011-06-02 - Auckland Mayor Len Brown has announced the membership of Auckland Councils Disability Leadership Group. For further information pertaining to this article contact: Auckland Council.
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Auckland Mayor Len Brown has announced the membership of Auckland Council's Disability Leadership Group.

Following a call for applicants, 11 people have been selected:

Red Nicholson,

Susan Sherrard,

Dr Huhana Hickey,

Rachel Noble,

Colleen Brown,

Don McKenzie,

Clive Lansink,

Terry O'Neil,

David Hughes,

Andrew Lubbe

Sarah Peary

Dr Hickey is the interim chairperson.

The group will identify and represent the interests of disability communities as they relate to council strategies, policies, plans and bylaws. Group members represent a range of organizations such as the New Zealand Foundation of the Blind, Deaf Aotearoa, and People First.

Len Brown said the formation of the group was another example of the council's inclusive approach giving all Aucklanders a voice on council affairs.

"The membership represents a range of strategic skills, experience, and knowledge of issues facing people with disability and we're fortunate to have such high-quality input for this important work."

Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse, the council's governing body liaison for the group, said: "We need to ensure that we plan the future of Auckland with our disability communities. It is no longer enough to simply consult as an afterthought. We have an excellent group to guide the process and I am looking forward to working together."

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